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General RE comes in pairs

I came to realize that this franchises mainline games feel more like they come in pairs rather than trilogies, when it comes to gameplay style and mechanics. Save for the stories which are either self contained or elaborated on briefly.


Of course there are exceptions such as OG RE, CVX and RE6 but for the most part this series has felt more like a 2 parter throughout, unless games after Village break this habit of development.

What are your thoughts and do you think this franchise would benefit from a different approach for developing multiple games alongside each other?
Do you think chronicles games could be paired with each other?
Yes they are a couple as well. They compliment each other by covering RE0-CV retellings, so they are a decent alternative for players who can't stand tank controls but I personally not a big fan of them. I wish the original scenarios were adapted into the mainline games but oh well.
Reimaginings can be paired with each other as well right?

Can ı ask why recv cant be grouped with re2 and re3? I mean it reuses quite a good amount of assets from re2. Re3, despite looking like re2 dlc, has more unique features than recv tbh. Hell to do even better, survivor can be grouped with those 3 games too. We can also add survivor 2 since it looks like a dlc for recv.

I dont see why re1 cant be grouped with remake and re0 either. Re1 and remake arent that different from each other, remake is more of the same when it comes to re1.

Honestly from all mainline entries; ı think re6 is the one that couldnt be paired with any entry. Makes sense since the game is more unique and different from others. I think capcom wants to make the game stand out more from others by making re7 very different from it. I mean re6 is already a masterpiece and there isnt really anything to improve it. Rather than making re7 more similar to re6, ı think it makes more sense to make the game the way it is.
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