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General RE comes in pairs

I came to realize that this franchises mainline games feel more like they come in pairs rather than trilogies, when it comes to gameplay style and mechanics. Save for the stories which are either self contained or elaborated on briefly.


Of course there are exceptions such as OG RE, CVX and RE6 but for the most part this series has felt more like a 2 parter throughout, unless games after Village break this habit of development.

What are your thoughts and do you think this franchise would benefit from a different approach for developing multiple games alongside each other?
Do you think chronicles games could be paired with each other?
Yes they are a couple as well. They compliment each other by covering RE0-CV retellings, so they are a decent alternative for players who can't stand tank controls but I personally not a big fan of them. I wish the original scenarios were adapted into the mainline games but oh well.
Reimaginings can be paired with each other as well right?

Can ı ask why recv cant be grouped with re2 and re3? I mean it reuses quite a good amount of assets from re2. Re3, despite looking like re2 dlc, has more unique features than recv tbh. Hell to do even better, survivor can be grouped with those 3 games too. We can also add survivor 2 since it looks like a dlc for recv.

I dont see why re1 cant be grouped with remake and re0 either. Re1 and remake arent that different from each other, remake is more of the same when it comes to re1.

Honestly from all mainline entries; ı think re6 is the one that couldnt be paired with any entry. Makes sense since the game is more unique and different from others. I think capcom wants to make the game stand out more from others by making re7 very different from it. I mean re6 is already a masterpiece and there isnt really anything to improve it. Rather than making re7 more similar to re6, ı think it makes more sense to make the game the way it is.
From canon entries; ı find re1, recv ( without x alterations ) and re6 the most unique ones.

Re1 started the series along with iwao being in charge, recv is the 1st spinoff in the series with unique story themes and re6 feels like the sequel that realizes its potential the most compared to previous ones. It even has both director and writer returning for the 1st time in a numbered game. It straight up feels like an end despite not being intended that way.

My pairings would be:

Re2 / re3

Survivor series

Remake / re0

Outbreak series

Re4 / re5

Chronicles series

Revelations series

Umbrella corps / re engine entries

I would have preferred if raccoon was concluded as one long episodic game similar to outbreak games and re6. I also think that stretching it into multiple days is unnecessary. It should have been concluded in 1 day.

I dont find survivor series that interesting. I find dead aim the worst game in the series with a few aspects ı like there. I still find their background lore intriguing but the playable protagonists act boring. Honestly ı wished leon and ada appeared in dead aim if not replace those wannabes. I dont understand the decision of 4 year time skip either. That annoys me more than re4's intro which ı dont find it as annoying as many do.

I think remake and re0 get hurted by the gamecube deal. But ı guess ı'll take re0 cause mikami's 2002 script is barebones from a story standpoint except lisa trevor. I adore her as a tragic antagonist. I wished she got her own game without being part of mikami's barebones nature. But re0 still gets hurted more cause it's a prequel who doesnt seem to be taken seriously. I think it connects well to iwao's script but ı wished it wasnt a prequel. As much as ı dont like to say it; from gamecube era games, ı think re0 is the black sheep of the series as much as ı like the game.

Re4 and re5 feel like code plagas spinoffs that are labelled as new numbered entries. I think re4 is more " unique " in the sense that it's barebones while also feeling fresh and new. I think it saved the series but ı still cant agree with mikami's writing. I think it's the black sheep from numbered sequels. Re5's premise is more compelling but at the same time; ı still find it more wasted due to the way wesker is portrayed there. And it doesnt improve enough from re4 imo.

I grouped chronicles games together due to them being on-rail shooters. I would have preferred if darkside chronicles didnt carry the " chronicles " title and got a different name instead. I like suga's retellings quite a lot. They improve a lot from re2 and especially recv imo. I dont take umbrella chronicles seriously save for story info in the files along with wesker's and hunk's extra playable portions. For all ı care; the entire game feels more like a simulation experiment wesker is repeating from umbrella archives. The events might have actually happened differently. And " umbrella " title is referring to wesker's one introduced in re4. It seems suga wanted to expand leon's mind state and ı find that more interesting than his actual journey. I find sacred snakes quite boring. I would have preferred wxc to be concluded along with hcf unit. I think hidalgo family would still exist except they would be captured as test subjects for testing t-veronica. I find wesker acting out of character in 2002 portion. Regardless ı prefer darkside chronicles over umbrella chronicles by a long mile.

I find rerev games' existence redundant. I never made " Horror good, action bad! " complaints and ı dont take those seriously. I think they are alright games with interesting aspects for what they are but ı find them lacking compared to re5 and especially re6. And ı'm still bothered by patricia ja lee and alyson court not returning to voice jill and claire. They also have the worst localizations in the series imo. Rerev2 suffers the worst from this. I also would have preferred if the 2nd game got a new name similar to darkside chronicles which wouldnt carry the " chronicles " title. I prefer the 2nd game.

Umbrella corps / re engine ( simulation ) entries feel like follow up from re4 and umbrella chronicles in regards to wesker's vision. I grouped them together cause re engine is following from umbrella corps. They also feel like re4 quite a lot, especially the entries released after re7. I wonder when wesker will reach for the moon using re engine...

There's also non-canon games. Gaiden and reorc. I like those from a pure story standpoint. I think they are also unique entries as much as ı'm not a big fan of their gameplay. I find reorc's " simulation " premise more interesting than umbrella corps and re engine.

There's also more entries but ı can forget them quite easily. From canon non-game entries; ı only find suga's story scripts interesting along with re6 prequels.
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