RE:5 and RE:6

Is capcom gonna reimagine re5 and re6 in the future? I mean they are planning to reimagine re4. ( Though ı still find it weird that they arent planning to reimagine recv. ) Not to mention re5 and re6 sold a lot. Sure they get a lot of hate from fanbase but ı would like to believe that the hate is loud minority.

It solely rides on the sales of REmake 4 and its reception. I mean, if they can actually pull a master stroke and cut out the fat from these titles and not the meat like REmake 3 did, then I say go for it. They need to take their time and stop with this yearly release nonsense though.

It would be interesting how they could inject more horror themes into REmake 5. Perhaps feature more unique mutations of Uroboros instead of throwing hundreds of generic Majini henchmen at us all the time. I was always upset how much content from the beta didn’t make it into the final game.

As for a REmake 6, they can certainly cut out a lot and have a more refined story that has less filler. All those vehicle sections and swimming were completely unnecessary besides the fighter jet section and maybe the Ada chase on the jeep. I always liked how the campaigns intersected with one another so they better not abandon that like REmake 2 did.

RE5 and RE6 were made with a completely different vision from the RE Engine Capcom of today, so it could completely backfire, plus they have a bad habit of cutting back on budgets. I would rather see REmake CV, REmake 0, and perhaps a RE-REmake before they even consider touching the latter again.
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Honestly ı dont mind that much that they cut stuff from reimaginings nowadays. Since they arent canon and more of a what if takes similar to reorc, ı guess that can excuse the cut content.

I wonder what changes they will make when reimagining re5 and re6 with a what if alternative take similar to reorc.


No I hope not. I dont want RE4 to be remade, why should I be interested in RE5 and RE6 getting remakes? That's absurd.
Yeah, they hold up fairly well too visually so I don’t see the reason. Perhaps a super low resource port with modern mechanics, better textures, etc. but not a full on remake. If they had rebooted the series sure, but seeing as they didn’t and started with RE:2 and fit it into what we already had, now there’s little to no reason.
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