RE:3 Directors Cut

I honestly don't think the game is any smaller than RE:2. This is all due to the difference in design: if RE:2 is designed around exploration and backtracking, RE:3 uses linear episodes with a fast pace. Because of this difference, you complete both games in a very different amount of time.

I think if developers prioritized traditional design more often and would not abandon the clock tower, they would receive much less criticism.

But maybe Capcom really intends to add something, since the game does not stop receiving new branches in Steam.

To be fair, other RE Engine titles also receive branches, but RE:3 still receives more.
Re2 2019 is seen bigger to many mainly cause it has 4 scenarios. It cut plenty of stuff and made quite amount of changes storywise too. It's bloated imo, ı only need 2 more focused scenarios rather than 4.

With re3 2020, they seem to have more of a focus between a remake and reimagining when compared to previous game and that makes it more focused imo.

The way re3 2020 is designed when compared to re2 2019 reminds me of re7's not a hero and end of zoe episodes. It even has a special knife unlockable just like end of zoe has for joe. The shop system is also nice, ı like how infinite rocket launcher can be unlocked without having to beat the game in special conditions. Re2 2019's method of unlocking infinite rocket launcher is unnecessarily difficult. I never did it and ı still didnt buy the unlock stuff dlc either.

I've seen a lot of people saying the game is like re6 but ı still dont understand. Just cause it has a lot of action, setpieces and qtes or less exploration doesnt mean the game is like re6. There are great amount of differences between both games. I already explained this with more detail in previous post.

A lot of people put their focus unnecessarily on horror and adventure elements and think all re games should have extreme focus on this while disliking action for the sake of it. I think they should let capcom experiment rather than making all entries the same. Not to mention re3 back in the day seems to be criticised for having a lot of action. According to true fan article anyway.

Steam updates are probably just small patch additions to the game. I wouldnt put much thought on them. It's a finished product just like past recreations.

I'm not against people criticising the game. But ı'm getting the feeling that just like re6, the criticisms can feel too much. It makes more sense to criticise other recreations as well. None criticises remake on the internet for example. Recv and re0 are criticised but not remake.
Remake also cuts stuff anyway. Sure it's very faithful to re1 while reimaginings make more drastic changes when compared to it but ı still dislike remake more than re3 2020 personally. And the game doesnt improve from re1 enough imo.
Sadly, I don't think this dreamy director's cut is even happening. :(

Capcom should have just kept in the gas station, clock tower and dead factory in the first place.
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