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RE:3 RE:3 Announcement Trailer

Here's the theme for nemesis. What do you think about it?

This map is not from Remake. It's an old one from the 5th Anniversary book.
I had the idea that UBCS members use this map for their mission planning and designed a photo for it couple of years ago. Seems CAPCOM is using the same idea for Remake 3 now. :cool:


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A. Wesker

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
Found some interesting details about the game, there's a lot here, from gameplay to cutscenes

WARNING ☣ potential spoilers

- Leakerbro from the previous thread here. I'm all for shitposting but Drain Deimos aren't cut and neither are hunters or the worms. Haven't seen spiders though

- She barely talks during gameplay. When Nemesis chases her she pants a lot and yells but there's no expletives. She drops an F bomb in the diner when Carlos defends Umbrella and she recants the Mansion incident, but it sounds like they listened to the Claire critique.

- Ivies aren't in and you see ONE Licker in RPD and it disappears when you come back down the stairs, you expect to confront in and BAM, Nemmy has found you. No lickers thereafter and I got to play until the clock tower fakeout

- No, but killing him prevents him pursuing you in that particular area. He's very tanky, you get a magnum in RPD and it has more kick than Leon's did in RE2 and yet it took 8 headshots to down the prick.

You can dodge.

We couldn't select a difficulty but two bites put me into caution, felt like Standard, there were other guys testing the other modes but I just got given a standard build that ends at Clock Tower, likely because at the time they hadn't done Carlos' parts yet.

- I answered this two threads back but his death is similar to the OG but the reasons he's there are different. The radio guy from RE2 tells people there's evac at RPD, Jill races there after a survivor named Nicole dies and nu-Dario Rosso locks her out in a rage, she has nowhere else to go so she heads to RPD. You follow Brad's footsteps for a bit as citizens flee a last stand scenario outside of RPD. When you arrive, Nemesis kills the half dozen RPD cops left, Brad backs up and draws his S. Edge to shoot at Nemesis, and gets his head crushed in Nemesis' palm. Jill shoots until her Glock is empty and then grabs Brad's SEdge in a cutscene, running into RPD in FPV. You then resume control inside and she laments that his STARS card is outside, then remembers that Chris likely left his behind in his office, so that's your next objective.

-They explain that Irons confiscated hers, Barry's and Rebecca's belongings in this version, which is why her Samurai Edge got replaced and why they make a big deal out of her grabbing Brad's in a panic. Chris had skipped town before Irons came down hard on them. They remix how you acquire Barry's magnum as a result, with Jill obtaining her lockpick from inside the photo frame of her dog and using it to break into Barry's desk

-I answered this too. Never saw them because the build ended at clock tower, but I met Drain Deimos who look more like black lickers mixed with the Reapers from RE5, so the reptile monster in the trailer isn't a deimos, has to be a hunter, so look forward to that.

-There's points in the cutscenes where she looks genuinely frightened when nemesis is on the prowl, and she gives a vicious and angry performance when Carlos is ignorant to Umbrella's involvement. There's also a scene where she's in REmake attire and flashing back to the mansion, which is what the scene of her in front of the mirror in the trailer is the start of. I didn't see it in the costumes menu but it's a safe bet it's in since aside from classic, there's two other costume slots. Her voice actress is very, very good though.

-I'll elaborate a little. I went to a total of 8 save rooms I'd say? And in three of them, which were what felt like hours apart, there's a munitions case with a workbench beside it. Jill can make a set amount of enhanced ammo of her choice as a one time use kind of thing, but that's it. You can still make ammo with gunpowders, though, it's a 1-1 port of REmake 2's gunpowder system.

-The intro isn't very long but it's basically just an autistically detailed justification for why she explodes out of the building in the original. This time it's because she's holed up with some survivors in the apartment since it's harder for the dead to get into, but Nemesis is deployed on the street outside and breaks through the doors. The zombies pour in and kill the civvies while Nemesis pursues you. It's a hybrid of cutscene and gameplay and that scene where she faces the camera in the trailer transitions into OTS with zombies on the street chasing her.

-The pads look thinner but it's basically as close to the costume as the RE3 OG costume DLC is, some small tweaks but overall a 1-1 model. The hat looked a bit funky with some clipping on the hair in the cutscene but as it was 4 months ago, I can see that being fixed by now. I wish they would let me come back to play the current build because it always sucks playtesting a good game because you never really get to finish them until the game's out for everyone else.

-I wasn't allowed to stray off the beaten path by the reps at the playtest event, but of what I did played, it has an Evil Within 2 sort of approach to Raccoon, but since the city is on lockdown, there's convenient military roadblocks in certain places. Nemesis can clear some dynamically by exploding them, you can open one with a crowbar you find in a garage, and you can also use fire escapes to cross through highly zombie populated streets unhindered, though Drain Deimos lurk on higher elevations. It's basically a huge version of Claire's orphanage street segment in 2make

-Don't take my word for it since it's likely it just wasn't in my build, but Mercenaries didn't show up anywhere on the main menu, nor did "extra modes", only "Start Project Resistance" which was greyed out as you can choose to install it separately, which we weren't able to

-Though she knows by RPD Nemesis is after her, it's actually Nikolai prior to the train car section who details it's called the NEMESIS T-Type and it's directive is to hunt members of STARS and eliminate any surviving members of RPD should it hinder its directive. You get a flashback cutscene where Nikolai and some of the other Monitors for Umbrella are observing an operating room where Spencer is gleeful about the NE parasite adapting to a Tyrant.

-There's some revamps of old puzzles, and the two gems to get to the cable car are in new locations, there's also two new puzzles off the top of my head: one in a fairground while Nemesis is pursuing you, there's a key hidden inside one of those ball toss booths that you need to use to start a merry go round to spin it around that has a body with a keycard around the guy's neck. Then there's another in a movie theatre to open a safe and get a key to the parking garage outside of it. I enjoyed them.

-He uses tentacles during combat but it seems to be random, but I did see a guy next to me in a similar area be killed by tentacle impalement, so I think your death animation is tied to what Nemesis has out, because one of my deaths he just blew me in half

-It's more like an abridged version of events. Jill doesn't detail much, just seeing "monsters straight out of her nightmares", being betrayed by Wesker, and how her, Brad, Chris, Rebecca and Barry were the only ones who make it out. You only see Brad from the front, Chris, Barry and Becca from the back as they put their hands in the air to hail Brad's chopper. Seems like it's just blended Chris and Jill's story into that weird mix they did with RE2make's scenarios.

-The blockade with the cops dying happens in the RPD cutscene this time, and instead of zombies killing them, the zombies are killing fleeing civvies while the cops protect RPD because they're awaiting evac. Nemesis kills the cops instead because they're in the way of Brad who's pussying out behind them. Jill arrives on scene and Brad gets face crushed, then you flee in a cutscene and take Brad's s-edge.

-This is something I can give a big answer on. Yes, and they spit acid sometimes too. There's zombies in civvy clothes, zombies in RPD, UBCS uniforms - both of which are basically bulletproof aside from headshots, there's zombies in patient gowns and lab coats and there's a couple guys in army fatigues when you're nearing clock tower as well.

There's also two dog models now, not just the one from RE2make which IS one of the two models

-They're implied at points but some are gone, like Nemesis in RPD, you don't fight him. Jill tries in the cutscene, gets BTFO and grabs Brad's samurai edge and flees.

In the movie theatre you can either go through Nemesis, or detour and escape through a screening room full of zombies. You can also shoot a gas leak in the diner to immediately down him but prevent you ever going back into the diner again, which has some good s*** in the back, or you can fight him with AI Carlos.

-You also don't see Wesker despite Jill mentioning him, which made me think at the time maybe Capcom doesn't have plans to bring him back since now would've been a great time to test the waters with his new look
He could be hiding in the REmake Epilogue Files (if there are any)

-I can offer some dev lore on this question though, a jap who was testing the game asked them about crimson heads and the translator said they tried to see if at the very least the ghost survivors' invincible paleheads would work, but they felt it clashed with having Nemesis be indestructible himself so they never made it beyond proposal

-They can still tank shots but with the inclusion of yellow herbs and the fact Jill gets a pretty sizeable arsenal early on, they're more environmental hazards than mobs to take out. Nemesis and Deimos occupied the bulk of my ammo count. Zombies I just started using fire escapes to avoid or kiting them around the abandoned vehicles, they're vicious in interiors though, they double lunge like in RE2 hardcore but I'm pretty sure the build was on standard, so while not as spongy, I think the game overall is just plain harder.

-That infection mirror scene happens because she flashbacks to the mansion incident and laments that she's felt like she's just existing ever since, feeling like a part of her died in the mansion because she can't go back to a normal life anymore. She says a remix of the "farewell to my life, farewell to my home..." line because of it

-The dodge is just on R1, there's no prompt on screen or any RE6 s***, if a zombie is just about to grab you, tilt the left stick while you hold R1 and Jill will dodge, but she can only do a dodge once every five seconds, to prevent OG RE3 levels of spam. You also can't dodge Deimos head grabs and Nemesis head grabs, you have to wriggle your stick (again, no prompt, they just expect common sense or a defense item) to get free.

-She's very tough from the onset and tries to pull Dario through his grief over this Nicole lady's death. She also calls Brad out for the mansion and calls Carlos a "f****** corporate lapdog" for defending Umbrella, she's pretty great. The only time she displays fear is when Nemesis is around, but there's a bit of smugness when the gas station explodes because she thinks there's no way he survived it. She also doesn't let Nikolai talk down to her. With zombies she makes sounds of exertion but no HOLY s***!!!!!! or GET AWAY!!!!!! like Claire did, just pants and grunts from dodging and combat.

-He does and it's a bigger explosion this time and he's the one responsible for destroying Nemesis' limiter coat after the gas station explosion broke his antibody pump (I think that's what Nikolai explained it was for, something about stabilising the NE parasite from taking over the tyrant part of the brain). He also has a flashback scene of the UBCS being BTFO by Deimos and zombies.

-There are flash grenades, frag grenades and a taser which is very useful on Deimos because it puts them on their back where their bug flesh is soft and easy to damage. I saw a yellow grenade at one point but I couldn't get to it.

Caffeine Addict

Personally, I think I'm gonna like this more than the RE 2 remake. Not that the RE 2 remake was by any means bad, but Capcom did skimp on a lot of things.

I'm also happy that Jill and Nemesis have a minor back story this time. We all knew how William Birkin came to be, so why not Nemesis as well?

I think my weapons of choice for the zombies and other enemies, will be the shotgun or assault rifle. I'm keeping the magnum for Nemesis, and the acid rounds for the Hunters and the Brain Suckers. Explosive rounds, I think I'll also reserve for Nemesis. Anything like exploding grenades and flash ones should be kept for hordes, because I think you're gonna get ambushed a lot in this game, and may want to stun them as opposed to going the Chuck Norris route.

Do you think the zombies will still be bullet sponges again? If so, this will make the game extra solid. I see the city itself as one big puzzle, and planning your way around will be necessary, since I think Nemesis will attack you at random, much like Mr. X did.
OK, Im in trouble!! Gamestop said it will close all stores soon. RE3 Collectors Edition is available only in Gamestop worldwidely.
OK, Im in trouble!! Gamestop said it will close all stores soon. RE3 Collectors Edition is available only in Gamestop worldwidely.
Yeah, I'm a bit worried myself but I went and preordered the collectors edition yesterday since I have RE2's and I want that Jill statue next to my Leon statue. I put the minimum of $25 down so I guess if worse comes to worst, at least I didn't put the full amount down.
it seems Nemesis will start off as T-103 the apartment section of the trailer looked like a Normal T-103 suit when he crashes down and the fire illuminate him which explains why Nemesis Stars' voice was low in that scene and why he wasn't running and his creation/origin scene added in the game.
They still have to honour advance orders, but they could suspend them, so I'd place your order fast.

Gamestop have said that all pre-orders should be canceled by buyers (and the advance fee will be returned), all gift cards should be used ASAP (because they become worthless), and so on... There's isn't even anything RE3 related on the website. I think they will quit within a month.
Yeah, I'm a bit worried myself but I went and preordered the collectors edition yesterday since I have RE2's and I want that Jill statue next to my Leon statue. I put the minimum of $25 down so I guess if worse comes to worst, at least I didn't put the full amount down.

Hard Google translate: “GameStop will stop pre-ordering future products and users will be asked to show their purchase receipt at our store for a full refund of pre-order cash deposits. With respect to Advance Bookings on Exchange Value, users will be offered the following purchase discount on the full exchange price "
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