RE 3,5


What do you think about this version of re4? Do you think the actual game should have been more similar to this or do you prefer the actual product we got?

Me personally; ı prefer the final version. They were planning to kill leon in this which is the reason why ı'm not a big fan of 3,5.
I like how you don’t have to escort Ashley through the whole game but that’s about it. The supernatural stuff was too Silent Hill like and the fact the game had a light and dark world would have made it more annoying to backtrack and find key items probably.

The switch between static and third person seemed interesting but I imagine that would of become disorientating. Progenitor was apparently going to be in this along with Spenser. The atmosphere seemed more intriguing than the final product. Overall I am glad they scrapped this, I just wish Mikami wrote a better story for the game.
Actually I did like 3.5. I wanted Resident Evil 4 to be just like it, but more completed. I loved the mansion or castle where the Hook Man lived. Spooky!
I'm definitely sure the game could offer great fear factor, atmosphere, pace, and exploration, but I don't find the combat system and enemies inspiring, to be honest. I mean, the enemies aren't bad at all, they just aren't related to body horror, that is, to the fear of something biological, and this is one of my important preferences. In my opinion, Dimitrescu's daughters are a better example of how to use the same idea with a ghost-like stalker, since they are not hallucinations, but real mutants with real biological mutations.
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