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RE4 RE 3.5


What do you think about this version of re4? Do you think the actual game should have been more similar to this or do you prefer the actual product we got?

Me personally; ı prefer the final version. They were planning to kill leon in this which is the reason why ı'm not a big fan of 3,5.
I like how you don’t have to escort Ashley through the whole game but that’s about it. The supernatural stuff was too Silent Hill like and the fact the game had a light and dark world would have made it more annoying to backtrack and find key items probably.

The switch between static and third person seemed interesting but I imagine that would of become disorientating. Progenitor was apparently going to be in this along with Spenser. The atmosphere seemed more intriguing than the final product. Overall I am glad they scrapped this, I just wish Mikami wrote a better story for the game.
Actually I did like 3.5. I wanted Resident Evil 4 to be just like it, but more completed. I loved the mansion or castle where the Hook Man lived. Spooky!
I'm definitely sure the game could offer great fear factor, atmosphere, pace, and exploration, but I don't find the combat system and enemies inspiring, to be honest. I mean, the enemies aren't bad at all, they just aren't related to body horror, that is, to the fear of something biological, and this is one of my important preferences. In my opinion, Dimitrescu's daughters are a better example of how to use the same idea with a ghost-like stalker, since they are not hallucinations, but real mutants with real biological mutations.
While definately a neat concept, I prefer what we got. It feels grounded in what Resident Evil set up with the idea of bioweapons, but with a parasite that can be controlled and can take orders. It also keeps the cheese factor since it has an action parody theme to some of its concepts, and I dont see where you could do that with 3.5.
I dont understand why leon was chosen for arresting spencer. He wasnt in spencer mansion at all. I think spencer was going to mutate at one of the builds and ı guess there was gonna be a boss fight or something?

Personally ı prefer chris and jill going to his estate for arresting him like in re5 lin but it didnt feel like it was executed well at all. Since wesker was one step of them the whole way by killing spencer before he was launched from the building with jill herself.

I wonder what would happen to leon there if he was chosen instead? I think he was going to be infected with progenitor virus and ıdk if there could be a vaccine where he could stop the infection spreading his body or not but that seems to be brought back with leon being infected with plaga instead.

I used to believe sherry was gonna be there as a follow up from re2 and wesker's report 1 to be rescued by leon but that seems to be a misconception. They were planning a new blonde character it seems. Both re4 and re5 followed this idea with the way ashley and jill were handled in their respective games. Personally ı dont like the way they are executed at the final build of the games but jill received a fate so much worse than death. She didnt deserve this.
Leon worked for an agency that is fighting Umbrella, so the arrest of the Umbrella founder was his prerogative. The presence or absence of his involvement in the incident at the Spencer Mansion is irrelevant.

And Spencer wasn't in 3.5 at all. Just his castle.
I also wonder about ada. Was she even going to appear in this? I mean leon appears so it makes me curious about ada too.

If ada wasnt going to appear in this; then it seems this is another aspect suga carried on from sugimura, that being making leon appear in his 1st 2 entries he worked on as a writer without ada. 1st degeneration then operation javier part of darkside chronicles.

Leon also appeared in gaiden without ada but ı dont think sugimura worked on that as a writer nor it is canon. So it doesnt count.
I wonder if they took gaiden into account for re3,5. Leon turns into a bow at the end and ı dont really remember it well but ı still like its story despite it not being canon. I wonder if they planned for the actual one to survive its events or not. They might have planned to do an " ada " trick like in re2.

I think it would have been also much more affected by recv's x alterations and ı guess that's another reason why ı'm not a big fan of re4's prototype versions. Did kato work at them? Was it going to take wesker's report 1 much more seriously despite it not featuring sherry?

Dead aim feels a lot more like re3,5 but it also reminds me of one of the planned ideas for re3. Mainly hunk being featured on a ship. Rerev trailers take this into account but the final game is changed and hunk doesnt appear.

I would have liked leon to be in dead aim along with ada. Ada not being in dead aim and operation javier bothers me a lot more than jill not being in recv. The " Heroes never die! " title fits to returning characters more than new ones. If leon and ada appeared in dead aim; that would increase bruce's and especially fong ling's chances of appearing in re6. T+g virus' potential might also be much more expanded.
I wonder how the series would continue if dmc1 became a spinoff set in re universe. It feels like a re game and ı see it as more " survival horror " than every entry in the series. I feel that dmc3 could have started its own series as the actual dmc1 while the following games would be sequels to it. Basically dmc1 would become 2nd entry after dmc3 would become 1st while dmc4 and 5 when combined would be 3rd entry as an episodic series.

Re6 also feels like a dmc game due to suga working on dmc4 before moving on to re series as a writer. Personally ı think peak dante was in dmc4 and ı find re6 peak re due to suga working on it as well.

I find nothing about the whole " Too much action " excuse so ı wouldnt have minded if dmc1 became a spinoff set in re universe. At the very least it could have been in place of dead aim in my eyes.
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