RE:2 and 1.5 Similarities

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
Hey guys, as some of you have probably already noticed, there's a few similarities between RE 1.5 and RE2 Remake.

I've made a quick video about this, hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to discuss anything 1.5 + Remake 2 related right here on this thread as well.

Excellent buddy! although admittedly I stopped the vid shortly after it started as I am trying to avoid all gameplay vids lol!

I'll watch trailers but really want to keep gameplay as fresh as possible when I fire this bitch up in Jan of next year.

I'm sure you did a great job though as always man.

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
Thank you for your support buddy! :)

Yeah, I totally understand. I also didn't want to watch the Demo gameplay but I just got very curious about it hahah

Looks fantastic!
cool similarities between the re2make and these scrapped concepts from capcom...

spoilers ahead...

This also made me think of... the elements RE2make is recycling from the first remake (the defensive knife), re 3 (gun powder), re: outbreak (secret passage for escaping under the rpd hall statue), and the sections from the E3 presentation from RE2make where the player advances through the dark using a flashlight reminded me of resident evil 4 beta (3.5) where leon uses the flashlight.

end of spoilers...

One thing that i had imagined for a moment is that since crimson heads where in Remake but RE 2 already has lickers... what kind of new threats they could include in the RE2make to make things a little bit more challenging?

and i thought about the zombie dogs... turning into crimson dogs!

later if you kill them using pistols, machine gun, bow gun (standard arrows), or even the knife.

what if during Claire scenario for you to properly kill dogs you need to make sure and use the grenade launcher with flame rounds or the bow gun with explosive tips? That certainly would be a totally unexpected thing for players.
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