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Virus Rank The Viruses / Other Infectious Material



How would you rank the viruses / other infectious material from most to least favourite?

These articles list all of them as of now.

Edit: T-phobos and mold arent available on project umbrella however they still exist on biohaze.

They can be read here. Cadou isnt created anywhere as of now though.
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1. C-virus

My favourite one without a doubt. It's a combination of 2 previous viruses ( g-virus and t-veronica ) and ı feel that it expands them well. There's even enhanced variant that makes the mutations even more dramatic and insane than ever before. I overall like the monsters as well as the variety. I also like being able to play as piers when he's mutated and use his powers in gameplay.

2. T-veronica

I find the backstory about it very unique. Not to mention it's utilized in 2 different weather types that could have resulted in its effects being different. I find alexia and manuela as interesting adapters and ı'm also a big fan of their singing. I find v complex very intimidating as well. The others are alright but not as interesting as previously mentioned ones.

3. G-virus

2nd most iconic one after t-virus. Birkin's mutant forms are badass, my favourite one is his 3rd form. I also like curtis' mutant forms in degeneration. The other g mutants ı find more generic though, especially the ones in re2 2019 where they were utilized way too much. The best thing about it is sherry. Being able to play as her in re6 with regenerative health ( Even if it is slow and not exclusive to her. ) is very interesting.

4. Progenitor

The most important virus in the series. It created all life on earth. Many of dangerous agents are based on it and this is very important storywise. Its fantastical aspect makes the mutations possible in the 1st place. The best thing about it are lisa's mutant form as well as blob encountered in re5 lin. I would have preferred it to be utilized more in re5 rather than being outshined by plaga and uroboros, the former being overused and the latter being unnecessary.

5. T-virus

The most iconic virus. It's the one that's utilized more than others. The most iconic monster are zombies but my favourite ones are lickers. As for favourite tyrant, my favourite are the ones in damnation. A special strain that is worth mentioning which ı really like is t-jccc203. It has one of my favourite stalker monsters in the series which is al lester, also known as axe man.

6. Ne-alpha parasite

The parasite used on t-103 tyrant which became nemesis. The backstory about it is interesting but ı think it could have been told better. Regardless it created one of the most iconic monsters in the series.

7. T-abyss

While ı dont like most monsters, ı find the virus still interesting due to its backstory. It's more related to sea and dreaming the possibility of it infecting oceans is very terrifying. My favourite monsters are scarmiglione, farfarello, scagdead, malacoda as well as norman's mutant form.

8. Plaga

This is where it would go into not liking territory for me. While ı like some monsters, ı find this parasite overall cheap due to not being confirmed to have a progenitor virus link at the time it was introduced for the 1st time. I find ganados and majinis fought in games overall generic. Plaga head mutations ı overall like in re4 but not so much in re5. As for dominant ones, ı only like mendez's and krauser's mutant forms. Other monsters that ı like are executioner majini, garrador, popokarimu, novistador, verdugo, u-8, regenerador and iron maiden. However ı really like it in damnation where it's utilized the best imo. It confirms progenitor virus connection for me by making licker betas ( lickers infected with progenitor virus ) being controlled by rebels infected with the parasite.

9. Uroboros

The only things ı like about it are reaper and revenants. I dont really like anything else about it. I find the existence of it overall unnecessary. Re5 should have utilized progenitor more and it didnt need to come back in rerev2. The tentacle designs in re5 ı find really generic and boring. I also cant stand that jill had to be utilized in its development by the virus inside her activating and producing antibodies, which are being used to decrease the lethal nature of it. More forced reason for her to be captured and become wesker's slave for 3 years.

10. T-phobos

I find the whole " fear " concept about it really cringy. It feels like a forced as well as an exaggerated way to add horror aspect to a game. I still like generic afflicted but ı dont really like any of the other monsters really.

11. A-virus

I find this virus a forced way to make vendetta an unnecessary re4 fanservice type of movie. It's the only virus in the series which is a mix of a virus ( t-virus ) as well as a parasite ( plaga genes ) . I dont have a problem with this, especially for trying something new but ı still would have preferred c-virus from re6 to appear in the movie rather than an unnecessary los iluminados revival. That being said, ı like the way zombies are controlled as well diego, maria and ariego along with rebecca's speech to arias. Enhanced variant is pointless though and zombies turning back to normal human at the end is very cringeworthy, especially considering the possibility of some infecteds eating human flesh. Their minds would be messed up by this. They would surely need a lot of professional help.

12. Kodoku

It's pretty much a continuation of re5 lin's files involving spencer and alex. The monsters are alright except zili which ı find very cringy, even more so when due to the fact that her decapitated head still attacked the characters despite being blown up. Other than that though, not that noteworthy, at least for me due to the reason that ı dont like alex wesker that much.

13. Cadou ( An article dedicated to it isnt created by evil resident as of now. )

Pretty much the parasite form of mold. The overall very cheap aspect of it applies here. However ı still like it more than mold due to increased monster variety even though ı find them a mixed bag.

14. Cameron

I dont remember much of 4d-executer movie however from what ı've seen, ı like the design of its monsters. Cameron ı find really scary. However there is barely any variety here and it's really lacking.

15. T+g virus

My least favourite virus without a doubt. The monsters related to it are really boring. And ı dislike morpheus strongly as well, his gender changing stuff ı find really unnecessary. He should have been simply a beautiful looking male tyrant. The variety is really lacking here once again.

16. Mold

My least favourite infectious material without a doubt. The backstory of it isnt really that convincing and it doesnt feel like it has a progenitor virus connection. The monsters are overall boring as well with boring designs as well as low variety. I like jack but ı find his mutant forms unnecessary.

There are more listed in that wiki article but ı dont feel like they are worth covering.
1. T-Abyss
I'm a sucker for Dante, and the fact that most of the creations of this virus are named after characters in his book just feels neat. It also has its own unique form of mutation like C, G, and T do: most of its mutations have an aquatic theme to them.

2. T-Virus
Always gonna be a good one for me because of how popular the games its in are. With a theme of making small things bigger and being one of the more unstable in terms of mutations and its genes, it has the most versatility.

3. G-Virus
You see this guy with a big arm? Slap an eye on the arm. You see this monster that came out of someone? Slap an eye on that. "Slaps Stage 5 G Birken" This bad boy can fit so many eyes on it.

4. C-Virus
With a theme of insects and its owm versatility, this gets it a high ranking.

5. Las Plagas (4)
I just like it because its sort of a knockoff of the anime Parasyte The Maxim, whos manga came out before 4.

6. Uroboros
Named after the ancient symbol Ouroboros, it both references the eternal struggle Chris and others are in trying to deal with Bioterror, and it looks decently cool. However, not cool enough to be in the top five.

7. Plagas (5)
Its neat, and looks unnerving to see come out of the Majini's mouth. The control plagas are interesting too, since they seem to be affected by the host's surroundings, like Irving's mutation taking the form of a crocidilian after he goes into the water.

8. Progenitor
Putting it this low is only because it only makes things either aggresive or bigger, and we have only seen it twice: Zero and the Lickers in 5. Its neat as a starting point for the other viruses, but overall there isnt really too much depth, since it is only the starting point.

9. T-Veronica
Its pretty neat to see its effects, but each of its mutations feel mostly disjointed from each other, except for burning blood in true specimens, and shades of green. It has a bit of plant theme, but I'm not too sure what to think about it.

10. T+G
I wouldnt say I hate the Morpheus transformation, I just find it silly, especially when you see it and you are supposed to be intimidated, I cant help but laugh.

11. T-phobos
While the virus reacting to fear is neat, as your health in certain situations can be affected by your mental state, it ultimately just doesnt have much going for it due to the fact that the enemies are pretty much aggresive zombies. Feels more like The Last of Us in my opinion due to how the gameplay feels.

12. Koduku
The survival of the strongest aspect is neat, however as we only really see three mutations, two of which seem like Nemesis clones, the third not looking like either of the first two, it just feels like it only fits what the writer wants it to fit.

13. A-virus
Friendly zombies (if you're the one deploying them). Nuff said.

14. Ne alpha parasite
Its neat, but we only see it once in canon, the only other time is when you inject it into Nemesis in O.R.C.. I want to see it more, but I dont think we will.

15. Cameron
The properties of the virus make it seem like a knockoff of John Carpenter's The Thing. Feels less impactful here though.

16. Cadou
8: Hey can I copy your homework?
4: Sure, but make a few changes so you dont get caught.

17. Mold
... do I really need to explain?
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Mold and its vectors (Black God, Cadou and Eveline) are probably my favorite pathogen in the series. It reminded me of the old titles that were more focused on science fiction and knowledge from real nature than the later ones, which allowed the characters to shoot plasma underwater and do other literally impossible things.

The Plaga parasite, by contrast, is my least favorite pathogen. It doesn't make that much sense to me, and the borrowed design doesn't help me love it.
I don't really have a favorite, mostly the viruses each have their own merits, but some should definitely just be the same thing instead of a new one or just not exist given lack of creativity in my opinion. I don't care for any of the forms of t-Veronica. And t-Abyss has some of the worst monster designs in the series with few little exceptions. C-virus is good for the most part but goes ridiculously overboard with Simmons and Ubistvo mutations for my taste. Some of the best viruses like Uroboros and t-Phobos don't get used enough and have name conventions that I think would better fit B.O.W.s.
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1) G-Virus
My favorite virus since I am a huge sucker for body horror. The way this virus operates is also very disturbing as the host seemingly never stops mutating until they become a new life form and die. It pays homage to Alien and The Thing. The way G-larva rips out of people in OG RE2 was gruesome and all the stages of Birkin were some of the best monster designs in the series. The G-Mutants were creepy, especially in RE2 2019. Sherry also becomes a G-Human after being cured by the DEVIL vaccine; giving her high regenerative powers which I found neat. I feel this virus has more going for it and should be revisited again in a later title.

2) T-Virus
The most well known and has the most strains to date of any virus. My head spins when I look through this viruses history and how many times it has changed hands. It enlarges animals, creates zombies, dozens of mutant varieties, Tyrants, and also super humans with the right genes like Albert Wesker and Lisa. I won’t bother listing all the different types but I will say this virus has the most diverse monster creation of any virus to this day, and without it Resident Evil wouldn’t have been the same. Whenever a new virus is introduced they almost always rely on this one as a building block. It's one of the best.

3) Las Plagas
This parasite seems to be a hybrid as it spreads via spore infection and egg injections. There are many types that have varying effects on hosts and can create many different creatures like Regenerators and U-3. The first types cannot handle sunlight but later types can, so it's faults have been corrected throughout its development. It even uses sound to form a symbiotic relationship with other creatures such as the Licker. It’s history and continuous development intrigue me more than any other parasite or fungus in the series.

4) C-Virus
I liked the monsters this virus produced, but some of them were downright silly. When you have bee stingers sprouting out of someone's head and organic chainsaws that’s ridiculous. However I really liked the Rasklapanje's, Ustanak, and Haos. The advanced strain goes even more off the rails with seemingly no rules to its mutations, but at least it makes some sense compared to later infectious bioweapons. The ability for it to clone was perhaps the scariest part of it, as you don’t know how unstable a copied human brain can become in the long run like what happened to Carla. I like how it was developed through the G and T-Veronica. This virus felt like a send off to the series’ virology roots and features many prior mutations seen in other games.

5) T-Veronica Virus
The bug virus as I like to call it, although it seemed to be a hybrid with plant characteristics. I thought it was interesting how blood became combustible and the Steve monster was menacing. The virus took on more plant-like traits in Operation Javier through Jabberwock’s and V-Complex. It was an interesting virus yet at the same time it felt underdeveloped and needed more time to become more reliable. The fact hosts have to transplant organs to bypass a 15 year long cryogenic sleep to be compatible was ridiculous.

6) NE-a Nemesis Parasite
I like this parasite a lot for creating Nemesis but that’s about it. There really is no other creatures that this parasite has helped to create except for smarter more capable Tyrants. It was underdeveloped and seemed to have no control once it was released into a battlefield. The mutations it caused to Nemesis were more varied in RE3 2020 which I appreciated. It just seems bland outside of Nemesis itself and it was its only purpose. Whether it is genetically altered synthetic Las Plagas remains to be seen until RE4 is remade.

7) Uroboros Virus
The most threatening of any virus since there has been no vaccine produced as of yet. This was Albert Wesker’s legacy but I felt the monster designs in RE5 were lacking behind it. I liked it more for the story that was built around its production, but it was simply going to be a planet killing virus much like how the C-Virus was intended to be. The monsters in Rev 2 were more freaky and cool, which is what I felt this virus desperately needed to set itself apart. Black tentacles spewing oily crap everywhere felt uninspired.

8) Progenitor Virus
Basically the prototype and base for all existing viruses. I will give it credit where its due but outside of body enlargement and superhuman strength, there is not much else going for this virus by itself. It helped kickstart everything and supposedly helped evolve Las Plagas, The Mold, and life itself in this universe.

9) T-Abyss Virus
This one was meh to be, only a few monsters I actually found to look cool and grotesque. The Ooze overall was bland and boring but Jack Norman and the sword/shield wielding shark enemies looked cool. It has yet to be seen if this virus will return but I wouldn’t be mad if it didn’t.

10) Cameron Virus
Basically The Thing virus which is potentially not a bad thing since I love body horror, but it was introduced in a early CGI short film. I feel this virus would fit better in a much later title when the virology in the series had more time to advance. I think it’s a cool concept but I feel it needs more originality.

11) T-Phobos Virus
Alex Wesker’s crazy take on T, but through the effects of fear on the human body. It utilized the fight or flight system to infect its hosts and it seemed to create mutant humans and Tyrant like creatures. Overall though I felt it was bland and was only used as a plot device, nothing noteworthy to mention that it helped create that stands out. It was merely a tool for Alex’s end game plans to switch bodies through her technology.

12) T-JCCC203
Simply an off-shoot of T which was used to cure cancer. It was a failed virus but the history behind it was intriguing enough. It ended up becoming a plant based virus in the wild and the story behind it was tragic. It was just ok but I did like how it payed homage to the failed concepts of a cancelled RE title where a plant based virus would invade Raccoon City.

13) T+G Virus
A one off virus that could cause gender alterations and electric powers… yeah no thanks. There is also little to no scientific explanation behind it. We only saw how it effected Morpheus and some other creatures but at the end of the day, its forgettable.

14) A-Virus
This virus didn’t really produce anything that noteworthy besides obedient zombies and mutants which I found silly. This virus seems to have a lot of faults, especially when Rebecca developed a vaccine for it mere weeks after it was first discovered. Arias and Diego fused together somehow and then zombified victims magically were cured despite their advanced stage into infection. Not a great virus.

15) Kodaku Virus
Another unreliable virus that seemed to take way too long to strengthen, as it has to jump from host to host after they proved who was a stronger specimen. It made Tyrants on a budget and that was about it really. Some of the Tyrant’s in Heavenly Island were cool though but it was underdeveloped and only had one sample before it was decimated. The fact Alex abandoned it shows how it was essentially a failure.

16) Cadou Parasite
A parasite made from the mold that helped create the E-series strand. This was Miranda’s legacy work that she used to try and revive her daughter through Megamycete. The infections this parasite has in its hosts I felt went overboard much like the C-Virus with electromagnetic powers, dragon mutations, and hallucinations through plants. There's even werewolf and vampire like mutations. The whole science behind it was all over the place and felt even less developed than many of the previous infections of the series. This one doesn’t sit well with me, and gives more of an excuse to add more X-Men like powers to the series in a more frequent manner. It even allowed Miranda to live for hundreds of years. Not sure how this one will sit later down the road.

17) The Mold (E-Series)
Utilizing test tube children infected with this infectious mold to wipe out the enemy I thought was interesting. However, I really disliked the monster designs behind it as there was literally almost to no variety between them. The hosts also became unstable if they weren’t treated regularly, which triggered all the events in RE7. Humans seemed to become super human like successful Uroboros hosts, but at the cost of losing their minds and bodies to Eveline. The host controlling the mold also had accelerated aging so I feel this whole E-series project was a gigantic failure.

18) T-Howard
Not much to say about this one either. Seemed underdeveloped and the one host to make any sort of splash was Mary Gray, who seemed to turn into a super human like Wesker did, at least for a little. It increased intelligence as well. It’s whatever.
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Here's gaia virus article created by evil resident. I still havent watched this and ı have no interest since it doesnt seem to have any connection to canon re lore to the point making me wonder if it's even canon or not but the article is still pretty good imo.


So after thinking about this, ı've come to the conclusion that plaga and mold arent connected to progenitor at all. I got the impression that they are origin parasite and bacterium respectively. I really tried to figure out a progenitor connection for them but they apparently dont.

I think capcom made them the way they are to make them more stand out differently from many progenitor based agents. Especially for mold.

With c-virus in re6, the potential of progenitor seems to come into reality more than any other agents based on it, especially when they are compared between each other. So ı guess with re7, they wanted a more clean state, strengthening the game's " reboot " / " reset " kind of feeling.

Progenitor still created all life on earth so technically they are " created " by progenitor but they arent part of its family.

This also applies to cadou which is pretty much the parasite form of mold.

Honestly now ı like them even less. Since ı'm a big fan of progenitor virus and them not being part of its family kinda decreases my interest in them automatically.

Yes they might have " realistic " aspects when compared to real life science but this isnt exclusive to them. All dangerous agents are based on real life science anyways. I would say a mix of realism and fantasy. Not just one or other.
I would have to disagree on that front since both have originated in Africa. The strongest hint to this is the murals in RE5 that show that there was a Plaga outbreak in the Ndipaya as depicted below. There had to be some symbiotic relationship between the virus and parasite to help it grow and evolve into what we see when it’s rediscovered in RE4.


As for the mold I am indifferent, that one to me can go either way whether it was influenced by Progenitor or not. We still don’t know why the main source formed in an underground cave in Romania which isn’t even close to the source of Progenitor.


I would have to disagree on that front since both have originated in Africa. The strongest hint to this is the murals in RE5 that show that there was a Plaga outbreak in the Ndipaya as depicted below. There had to be some symbiotic relationship between the virus and parasite to help it grow and evolve into what we see when it’s rediscovered in RE4.

View attachment 1716

As for the mold I am indifferent, that one to me can go either way whether it was influenced by Progenitor or not. We still don’t know why the main source formed in an underground cave in Romania which isn’t even close to the source of Progenitor.
Sorry for the late reply; ı didnt know what to reply for a long time until something came into my mind recently so ı want to explain it to you now.

I see your points and ı dont mind people theorizing about plaga and mold / cadou being connected to progenitor if they want but after thinking about it, ı still dont agree.

For mold and cadou ı already explained but for plaga ı have another reason why ı think it being a origin parasite would be more likely. I think it's cause of ne-alpha parasite which is actually based on progenitor imo. With plaga; it could be that the devs wanted a more unique take that's not related to anything. Even if plaga is based on a virus, it doesnt have to be progenitor. Couldnt it be anything else? I mean veronica virus ( as well as abyss virus with rerev after re4 ) exist and it's not based on progenitor. It's another origin virus. Plaga being based on progenitor would be a weird decision cause if they wanted to do that; then why not do it in a way that expands from ne-alpha parasite instead?

This recent thought about ne-alpha parasite is also what ı realized recently. While ı think plaga is its own origin species these days; ı still wished that with re4, they wrote the game's story in a way so that its infectious material was based on ne-alpha parasite. That way it could feel more like an evolution from past rather than feeling more cheap.

Now ı wished more that they expanded from ne-alpha parasite rather than leaving it alone for it to collect dust and would probably never ever be used again. It's a shame; ı thought g-virus and t-veronica were expanded well with c-virus but ı dont think the same will happen for ne-alpha parasite.
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It’s more so the Plaga evolved from it so both at some point have coexisted thousands of years prior to the events of RE, so it was one of the first natural bio weapons that were not made by humans unlike the NE-a parasite. Whether they decide to retcon NE-a origins so it’s linked to Plaga will remain to be seen when a REmake 4 is made.

So I agree that Plaga is a natural bio weapon; just that it’s hard to dismiss the murals found in RE5 depicting the Plaga outbreaks among the Ndipaya. There should be more parasites like Plaga in the world if it was a natural phenomenon for their rapid evolution, it’s a mad coincidence both Progenitor Flower and Plaga came from the same region in Africa.

That would be cool to do more with NE-a, we need another Nemesis like game I feel that is a better game than what we got recently.
We still don’t know why the main source formed in an underground cave in Romania which isn’t even close to the source of Progenitor.
Viruses are too exponential in nature to set boundaries for themselves. Even now we are still experiencing another global pandemic. Any viruses spread, mutate and then eventually die. This is the viral life cycle.

It's the same with the Progenitor Virus. This is a relic of the "RNA world", which should not have survived since those prehistoric times, but survived because it found its "cradle" in these flowers.

In the Resident Evil universe, viruses have driven the evolution of all life forms on the planet. The virus that Alexia found in the queen ant even contained the genetic information of the mantis. Similarly, genetic information that is similar to that of extinct fish of the Permian period was transferred from the Abyss virus to the Scagdead enemy, which caused a characteristic cellular mutation:



Why haven't Lickers changed much after being infected with the Progenitor Virus? Because these creatures have reached their evolutionary dead end, so the virus has nowhere to develop them, except to enhance their sense of smell and reproductive system.

And why is the Progenitor Virus called this way, and Spencer mentions it in that letter to Miranda as "the key to evolution"? Previously, it was called the Clay Virus, as if referring to Prometheus, who created people from clay. Or, although it's an English thing, it was called the Mother Virus because mothers give us life.

This is the virus that caused everything. And that's why it can work with people, animals, plants, fungi, and so on. No real virus is capable of such an interspecific infection, because it needs a certain compatibility with the host. But the Progenitor Virus was compatible with such a huge variety of life forms.

The developers also chose Africa as a place of events for a reason. They referred to the hypothesis that this continent was the place where humanity came from, and the tribe that lived there could even be older than the Sumerians.

So yeah, I agree that the Plaga parasite may be related to the Progenitor Virus. Especially when we see their remains in the kingdom.

But no, I do not agree that mold cannot have a connection with the Progenitor Virus. If we recall the effect of the virus on the leech, it taught the animal to steal genes, thereby the leech was able to absorb the genetic information of Marcus' corpse and get his memories and thoughts.

Surprisingly or not, this is the same thing that mold does. Each intracellular fungus steals information from the cell. And Miranda's abilities on katakana are described in the same way as those of leeches.

I mean, she's basically the Queen Leech both in terms of biology and in terms of referring to the Jesus character.
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While on the topic of gene transferring. How exactly does the Plaga influence mutations? I know it has been hinted that they were experimented and enhanced with some form of the T-Virus, but it was never explained in detail. Plaga type 2 made them seem to have taken heavy doses of steroids and the type in Damnation created zombies again.

I am also unsure how the NE-a parasite could have such radical mutations, especially in RE:3 when the main goal was to simply have a more controlled Tyrant. Makes me wonder how a Tyrant and Cadou would interact with one another.

RE has always been more rooted in virology which was one of the main reasons why I like this franchise more than any other. So it is new to me how other organisms can replicate and share similar characteristics to virus’
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How exactly does the Plaga influence mutations?
I have to revisit these titles, but I doubt the Plaga parasite could cause mutations to begin with.

We have parasitic worms in nature that cause extra limbs in frogs. But this is not because they rewrite their DNA, but because they create cysts that interfere with the development of limbs.

Any source at least in Biohazard 4 mentions that any mutations, whether gigantism or chimerism, are the results of some genetic experiments.

"Through genetic modifications to a parasited human, the host eventually grows to four times larger than a normal man."

"A life form created by combining human, reptile and insect genes with the Plaga."

So if you're asking me, I'm appealing to the fact that Luis actually mentioned the virus. He told Leon that he had seen the strain in the lab where he worked. The only thing that's not true about this is that he worked for the police and saw the strain there, but in fact he was a cult researcher. You can see that he is trying to help Leon and guide him, but without exposing his involvement.

Makes me wonder how a Tyrant and Cadou would interact with one another.
There is no actual difference between the Cadou parasite and mold, because the parasite is just a vector of it. The same way Eveline was. Their bodies produce these tissues and spread them. And can also control them.

And the mold we saw in Louisiana is generally confirmed to be virus-powered. Because, again, the organization was doing genome editing, so they needed an RNA tool.

So you can easily imagine where Saddler and Jack got their Birkin-like eyes from.
My old foe stabbed me in the liver again:

"A B.O.W. created by combining the genes of different creatures and administering the Plaga parasite to remove the segregation between the different cells."

I once had a not very pleasant history with this book because of this quote:

"The mysterious woman Ada who joins Leon in the struggle is another who seeks the G-Virus. She appeared to lose her life in the game, but in truth she was saved by a member of the same organization, Wesker, and she continued acting covertly. This fact is in 'BIO4' and the organization's name is revealed in 'BIO5.'"

In other words, the book gives us direct confirmation that the rival company that owned the HCF was TRICELL. And this is the reason why some Russian fans think this way.


This quote contradicts both BIO4 and BIO5:

"But I've sent Wesker a different present, just as the organization ordered. Pretending to work with him was entertaining."

"The giant pharmaceutical corporation 'S' maintains medical and drug facilities the world over. We know for certain that Wesker has been in contact with them following Umbrella's demise. There's no doubt we'll next hear from him there. The organization must remain vigilant."

At the time of the events in Spain, Wesker was running an illegal organization that called itself the "remnants of Umbrella" or simply "Umbrella". It was a group of like-minded people who tried to bring the company back to the public, which led us to Blue Umbrella from Biohazard 7. Ada was a double agent who was ordered by the HCF owner to watch Wesker, so Jack Krauser, who was Umbrella's lackey, didn't trust her.

The letter "S" refers to the name "Seashell". This is the way TRICELL used to be called until the name was changed:


And that's what BIO5 says:

"Armed with these, he rose through the ranks of Umbrella's rival company and acquired status, wealth and honor."

"Surviving that scene, Wesker went underground once again, leveraging his position at a certain pharmaceutical company to smuggle research results, viruses, and funds with him."

And also Kawamura's comment:

"The organization that Albert Wesker was associated with owned H.C.F. (Hive or Host Capture Force), but not much is known beyond that. Using Umbrella's know-how acquired by H.C.F., the organization eventually managed to produce their own line of B.O.W.s, but since there's no mention in BIOHAZARD 5, I don't know if they went out of business or were bought up."

In other words, the owner of the HCF and TRICELL are not the same thing, but I spent a lot of time arguing with people about it. Alas, I did not succeed.

But I'm not writing this to devalue the guidebook. No one is immune from mistakes, but I want to say that maybe the mutagenic abilities of the Plaga parasite were not part of the Biohazard 4 setting.

Anyway, if the Plaga parasite does cause mutations, I don't have the faintest idea how it works, to be honest. Even parasitic wasps use a nudivirus that they inherited from a real virus very many years ago. But since TRICELL could use genetically modified parasites, it is possible that the types acquired mutagenic abilities in this way.

I'm sure if a natural parasite was capable of something like this, it would have been mentioned by Luis:

But he doesn't mention any of that.
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T-phobos article is finally finished by evil resident.


So ı decided to check t-veronica virus analysis again and ı noticed this part:

" It is sometimes stated that the t-Virus created by James Marcus was combined with this new strain as well, which would make t-Veronica a hybrid of three different viruses. "

Where was this stated? A file or a supplemental material? Maybe multiple sources? Does anyone know examples and share them here?

Also this kinda raises more questions due to my curiosity:

Does t-virus' 10% immunity problem still come into effect here? I'm curious about this cause with c-virus in re6 as well as marhawa desire; t-veronica is brought back along with g-virus. The thing ı'm wondering the most is the gas variant which creates zombies.

In tall oaks; other than leon and helena, more survivors can be found in the city as not affected by the virus. I usually chalked that up to simply plot armor, gas not reaching to some areas to infect the victims due to its randomized nature or low volumes not affecting anyone. However after thinking about it; ı feel that those arent the only reasons but rather that %10 immunity chance can also come into effect. Could that be possible?

Continuing on; how cant c zombies still infect others with bites? There isnt any example neither in re6 nor in marhawa desire where a victim who gets bitten by one of the zombies gets infected and later on turns. Ricky gets bitten multiple times but never turns, liz's father who gets killed by his daughter that turns into one never turns into a zombie either. I remember thinking that ray hsu, one of the teachers at marhawa school, turned into one due to getting bitten by one and getting killed but after bindi's revelation of her plan to ricky, ı've come to believe that he turned due to being exposed to nanan / c-16's infection. Now ı'm wondering what caused him to turn into a zombie cause ı'm conflicted again.

Another question is can leon, helena, chris, ricky as well as some tall oaks survivors ( The ones that dont die by turning into a zombie but by other means. ) be considered as being immune to t-virus? ( Which would make them immune to both t-veronica and c-virus as well. )

For leon; it's easy to make the assumption that he could have gained resistance to progenitor based viruses due to fighting against biohazards on many occasions, including more possible encounters not being shown right now, but in re6; it's impossible to avoid the gas on certain sections during gameplay. Like during the plane where lepotica appears for final time before it's launched from it. It releases gas inside and it's impossible to not take damage from that, even at easiest difficulty, from my experience. They still take damage, meaning that virus can still do damage without causing any infection due to t-veronica's part coming into effect. ( Kinda like nosferatu not causing any infection when exposed to its gas but causing poison after excessive damage. ) But anyway; ı doubt leon's resistance to progenitor based viruses could have prevented his death alone and ı think it's more likely that he's one of the few people who has immunity to t-virus.

Leon being immune to those 3 viruses would also support the idea even more that plaga isnt related to progenitor. Since he was infected with that in re4 and showed symptoms before it was removed from his body along with ashley's.

For helena; she's a new character introduced to the game and the files dont state that she took part fighting against biohazards before the events of re6. So unlike leon; her gaining resistance is less likely and ı think her being immune against those 3 viruses would be more likely.

Both leon and helena have a special death scene to lepotica where if they get killed by its gas during gameplay, they die as a zombie with their faces showing the symptoms. However ı think that can easily be dismissed since the death scenes arent canon and more so that it could be an intentional oversight as a way to show a what if alternative scenario. Kinda like jake and sherry's bodies bursting rasklapanje if they got devoured from it during gameplay despite them being immune to virus. ( Jake is immune to c-virus while sherry is only immune to g. But ı got the impression that t-veronica doesnt come into effect for rasklapanje while they reproduce, they only inherit g's potential instead. So ı think sherry's body bursting out one during gameplay is also an oversight like jake's case. )

Chris fought against nanan / c-16 and she released her gas during the battle before ricky activated ventilation to clean the area from gas. Chris doesnt wear a gas mask and despite being exposed to it at short range; he doesnt get infected. Could he be considered as one of the few people who's immune to t-virus due to that?

Ricky got bitten multiple times but never showed symptoms. Could those alone be enough to consider him immune?

I already explained for other tall oaks survivors but ı'm still wondering if they could be considered as immune or not.

But anyway; sorry if ı make mistakes here due to my long reply but ı would like to receive answers.
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" It is sometimes stated that the t-Virus created by James Marcus was combined with this new strain as well, which would make t-Veronica a hybrid of three different viruses. "
Most prominent source of this is the original script for CV, but it is referenced elsewhere too I think.

The 10% thing was only a factor in older strains of the t-Virus. But even so, the C-Virus is implied to just not spread from host-to-host. It's a good safety measure for bioterrorists - if you don't want to get infected, just plan out how and where you release the gas, and don't worry about the virus spreading beyond that point. It would also be useful for the Family, who don't want to create an uncontrollable outbreak that threatens order. They can use it to kill off a population of people, without risking a larger epidemic.

By the time you meet with other survivors in Tall Oaks, the gas has dispersed. So they would have just needed to hide indoors in sealed rooms to avoid it. Or hide underground.
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