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OT Random Thoughts

Yeah. That does look rather funny. Butt it's a good laugh, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm very suspicious that the Australian idiot who bothers me has signed up yet another account on Fandom called Daniellewiki, because it's really weird how I edited a page about Chris Redfield, and then this account quickly edited it thereafter. He has did the same thing countless times by now.

He does this to tag me. His tactic is to edit the same pages, close accounts, and basically do it all over again. So if anybody edits the same pages, he gets notified, because Fandom allows you to make multiple profiles with the same email address, I think. You're only able to follow a page if you first edit it, so he did that for various other articles I edited or posted, but some barely had any content.

Then the same user left a delete request on a page about me. I recently asked for a page on the Movies Wiki to be erased, more or less because I don't like to promote things about myself when parasites like him are lurking. So I seriously doubt this is a coincidence. He was already screwing about with them elsewhere and adding nonsense, so admins had to suspend editing from non-established members, or whatever the phrase is. But this guy, I swear. He's really sick and sad.

From now on, I'm not going to mention my work as a film extra, because I suspect he was messaging the producers on Facebook, telling them about previous problems I had with various individuals. He was probably doing that, hoping I'd be blackballed.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of these ASBO morons in real life, who nobody likes or cares about, and they just deliberately cause trouble for the locals, so their movements are recorded. Because, yeah. It wouldn't at all surprise me if he was that type. Online, he's always behaving like a tit.
So my mum is probably not going to make it off the sofa for to attend her dialysis this afternoon. Has felt sick from receiving powerful painkillers to treat an aneurysm and looked very frail when I came down yesterday. Hasn't had an appetite and will barely drink her tea.

A nurse visited from the hospice this morning.

I hate to say it, but this doesn't look good. :(
I don't mean to double post, but I don't think it matters, as this forum is normally quiet most of the time.

My sister contacted me earlier on, and it seems my mum has decided to cease her dialysis treatment going forward. This is obviously very heartbreaking news, but my mother has been in poor health more than ever in recent weeks, to the point where she hasn't been wanting to eat anything. Sometimes, she was struggling to stay for the full session in the hospital, requiring this three times per each week.

I am not sure what the next step is; I think she may go into the hospice, or choose to die at home. I'm not sure.

Beyond saddened to hear my mum is soon going to be departing from this physical plane, but her condition has become basically untreatable. I know when it happens, my grandparents will watch over her in the great kingdom in the sky.

The aortic aneurysm has been causing severe pain, got larger, and she has emphysema too, and has lived with kidney failure for over a year. Suffered a heart attack in March last year, and has had a few strokes, and the coronavirus.

Recently, my mum began having significant drops in her blood sugar, which was causing seuzures, and she just feels incredibly drained.

I am absolutely devastated, and don't feel like I can focus on anything but my mum.

Sorry. I just don't have the words...
My family have been notified and are gathering around my mum. :(

I'll be going back to the ward later on. My anxiety was a bit much and it's quite hot today, so I may go see if my friend Frank is in, and let him know the bad news.

Meanwhile, I'll still enlighten you guys with posts. But it's not looking great, and I feel nervous.


My university is gonna start tomorrow and ı want to say that ı'm gonna take a break from biohaze. I wont be able to post as much but ı'll still try to do so whenever ı can. Take care yourselves...



I found this video. For some reason, this additional improvements only seem to apply to phones and switch, not other platforms. Why? It would have been nice to have these on pc.
So today, I went to a shop to try to sell some games that I decided to finally part with. They gave me a lot of money over the last few days.

My sister got £400 for a used copy of Rule of Rose. There was a slight dent on the manual for Kuon, so they wouldn't take that. I also had a sealed second copy of Rule of Rose as well, which they recommended I sell on eBay, as gosh. It's actually worth a lot of dough.
I noticed it too. Just today, though. My connection ain't great indoors either way, so I don't know if it's the site or the wet weather.

I live in a block of flats, so I think the signal just isn't capable of gaining anything above 1 MBPS in any circumstance. Therefore, if there is a problem, I get it worse.

Well, I was hoping to bid on flats in order to relocate someday. I got my email address changed, but I don't have a flipping way of changing my password. They just kept replying with a new recovery link, yet nothing arrived.


I got evil within games for the last couple days. They were sold on epic store where they were on a sale with free prices and ı got both of the games. Couple days ago, ı got evil within before playing 2 chapters. The game left a much better 1st impression on me than any other re engine game, it seems to be ahead of its time much more than re engine direction that started in 2017. I had to take a break from the game due to time constraints but so far, re engine games feel like shattered pieces when compared to evil within with re4r feeling the most complete one as a game but ı still prefer evil within. Today ı also got evil within 2 free and after finishing the 1st game, ı might play that too though ı was also considering to play the 1st game's dlcs.
That's cool, and I am glad you took the time to give it a fair shake.

I was hoping to head down to my sister's house later on to download Alan Wake 2, as doing it in my flat with a weak 4G connection just ain't gonna be a barrel of laughs. It will be available at 5 o'clock in Scotland to download on my PS5.

Well, one other title I didn't pay for yet but it's waiting in my checking out basket, is Stray Souls. I did buy Tormented Souls (no relation) and it's a game with fixed camera angles like many of the old school horror games have, with an obvious Silent Hill-ish hospital and monsters. But I would say, yeah. It is quite good.


That's cool, and I am glad you took the time to give it a fair shake.

I was hoping to head down to my sister's house later on to download Alan Wake 2, as doing it in my flat with a weak 4G connection just ain't gonna be a barrel of laughs. It will be available at 5 o'clock in Scotland to download on my PS5.

Well, one other title I didn't pay for yet but it's waiting in my checking out basket, is Stray Souls. I did buy Tormented Souls (no relation) and it's a game with fixed camera angles like many of the old school horror games have, with an obvious Silent Hill-ish hospital and monsters. But I would say, yeah. It is quite good.
I played 4 more chapters today. Overall the game is quite enjoyable to play. Once again there are a lot of similarities to re engine games, it looks like they are borrowing from evil within from the amount of chapters ı played. A small thought as well but for some reason, you still cant aim your weapon while crouching and this seems to carry over to re4r where despite it being released after 9 years, you still cant aim while crouching. In re6, you could aim while staying on the ground and you could even recover stamina. In evil within, the stamina mechanic feels a bit downplayed but you can still improve it like re6 at least. The sprinting mechanic is also much better than re engine games, including re4r where characters still run too slow. The chainsaw enemy can also decapitate the player unlike re4r where standard chainsaw ganados cant decapitate the protagonists and if you get attacked behind, the chainsaw enemy can drive its weapon onto the character's torso, even before re4r which looks more inspired from evil within than re6 and even rerev2, evil within's behind chainsaw kill also looks inspired by re6.



Ok so ı finished evil within today. Overall ı enjoyed it a lot. It's my favourite game mikami worked and directed, ı even grew positive impression about mikami after finishing the game cause ı really enjoyed it. I took notes after finishing the chapters, ı'm gonna copy paste them here:

" I finished the 1st chapter right now. I enjoyed it though it has no combat. I got killed by the chainsaw enemy multiple times, it looks like this game features decapitations even before re4r. I find it odd that you can get decapitated by a chainsaw in this game but in re4r, you cant get decapitated by chainsaw ganados at all. Also getting killed behind will cause the enemy to drive its chainsaw to you before pulling it apart from the body, re4r's chainsaw death animation from behind reminds me more of evil within than re6 where ubistvo's death scene during the bus part causes the chainsaw to get stuck behind ada's permamently but in evil within, it looks like re4r is inspired by it. Why do ı feel like they wanted to turn leon into sebastian in re2-4r? I'm still gonna continue playing the game cause ı'm enjoying it so far but ı believe they wanted to turn leon into more similar to sebastian in re2-4r as a way to play tribute to mikami or something. Even one of the extra outfits in re2r that need to be purchased look similar to sebastian when leon wears it. "

" I finished the 2nd chapter. The enemies heavily remind me of ganados in re4r, ı guess this is another aspect where re4r took inspiration from. You can burn corpses too, ı guess this is done to prevent them from coming back stronger similar to how burning zombie corpses in remake can prevent crimson heads? I also tried to stun enemies with bottles but the aiming is a bit flicky. There's no laser here. Still really love the introduction of the 1st common enemy which felt similar to the 1st zombie's introduction in re1, ı think evil within has good enemy introductions for the player. "

" Finished the 3rd chapter. Once again it looks like re engine games and even before those, rerev2, are inspired by it. Like the environment heavily reminded me of rerev2 and you get to use a chainsaw as a key item after defeating an enemy that carries it. But anyway the gameplay is really fun imo though a few times ı got myself blown up to some of the traps. "

" I finished the 4th chapter. I found this chapter incredibly boring. At one point a 4-legged female monster appears where all you can do is run, which ı found annoying, especially since ı got killed to that once. Then that hood thing appeared while on stairs where ı died for another time but after managing to avoid that as well, the chapter ended with sebastian falling from a long height and somehow surviving. Why does that hood thing remind me of hookman from one of re4 builds or even saddler just cause he wears hood? There was also a lot of hallucinations which made me feel dizzy a bit. That female monster also reminds me of alex's mutant form in rerev2 or marguerite in re7. Baby in revillage too, particularly that since you're supposed to run away from it while with alex and even marguerite, you can fight them even though you also need to avoid marguerite in re7. "

" I finished the 5th chapter. This chapter was so much better, you get to fight that female monster you even spend time with joseph and kidman. I personally liked joseph a lot, the team-up sections with him are pretty good imo. Kidman is also nice but ı cant say that ı like her as much as sebastian and joseph. Overall much better than the 4th chapter by a large margin. "

" I finished the 6th chapter. It was even better than the 5th one. Overall really liked this chapter, particularly dog-like thing boss. I also found a sniper rifle here which was fun to use. I feel like one of re4r's quests is meant to be a reference to that dog boss. There's also a special plaga infected dog you can kill as a request. "

" I finished the 7th chapter. This one became tricky at the end where ı died to ceiling traps multiple times and figuring out a way to escape from the gas was also tricky but ı didnt die there. The boss reminds me of pyramid head in silent hill 2 from what ı've seen. It also reminded me of ironheads in rerev2 or those ganados wearing cow masks in re4r. "

" I finished the 8th chapter. This one was too short and ı died once to one of the traps due to not inputting the stone properly but it still was too short, even more than the 4th one from what ı remember. "

" I finished the 9th chapter. This one also came off annoying a bit, mainly due to ruvik as well as those bloodflies which reminded me of alcina's daughters in revillage. It seems that evil within is more of a game where avoiding is pushed upon the player, more than encouraging the player to fight the threats more akin to 4-5-6. The ammo is also much more rare, more than any other game in re series. It's different from re4r where that game felt much more action oriented than every ots perspective game combined but evil within feels the opposite so far. "

" I finished the 10th chapter. I liked this one much more. The boss fight with that giant monster during the streets was quite enjoyable. I still got killed a few times, once to that blade trap, once by getting myself burned and the other 2 times to that giant monster. "

" I finished the 11th chapter. This one takes place on a destroyed ruins of a city which ı liked quite a lot. That being said, ı found swimming sections boring, particularly the part where you need to avoid a monster which from my understanding cant be killed. You team-up with kidman at various points which is nice but then you separate shortly which disappointed me fast. Then there's that factory which ı once again liked cause shooting guns or causing explosion causes the factory to get blown up which reminded me of that part in remake where you need to walk slowly to carry a key item that can blow up if you run, use weapons or get attacked. "

" I finished the 12th chapter. This one started much more exciting than ever before, particularly during an on-rails bus sequence where you shoot a giant bug like thing to defend kidman and joseph. You even get to control a turret to shoot more enemies later. They also make you control the bus at the end, until ruvik gets encountered where he somehow makes the bus go sideroll to make it crash. Overall pretty exciting chapter. "

" I finished the 13th chapter. Overall this chapter wasnt anything new other than the traps where ı got killed 3 times, 2 to those spikes and 1 to acid shower after the drone's explosion pushing me to the range where the victim's face gets burned by acid. There was also the fights with that metalhead thing that carries a hammer. I found the fights quite tense. "

" I finished the 14th chapter. Overall not much that memorable other than the boss fight as well as the puzzle which reminded me of one of the puzzles you can do in re4r during island. For some reason though the nurse disappeared after finding out that she's one of the missing people as well as checking the newspaper. "

" I finished the last chapter before completing sebastian's story. It was overall interesting, mainly the story which led me to assume that the nurse would appear as a monster but she just disappears. Overall really like the gauntlet of enemies as well as the obstacles that are supposed to be solved as " puzzles " . I thought they were clever overall. Ruvik's final form however is a bit disappointing cause you go through setpieces only to attack the monster with a scripted turret sequence before finding a rocket launcher out of nowhere where you need to shoot it while being impaled nonetheless multiple times. And that wasnt enough so then you follow it up with a single shot from handgun to ruvik which destroys the monster and the game ends. Still the presentation and overall cinematics are good and all but it would have been nice if the final boss fight was given more freedom to fight. I would say evil within is my favourite game mikami worked and directed overall. "
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