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OT Random Thoughts

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So here's another ranking that ı made.
Mine would be;

1) DMC3 - S for Sick!!!
The epitome of stylized hack n’ slash and the dynamic between Dante and Vergil are top notch here. This served as the blueprint for future DMC games moving forward in terms of combat and feel. The bosses were awesome and the ost had plenty of variety in its themes. I like the snarky attitudes the characters have throughout the story and the way it tells it’s story through dramatic family ties that parallel one another was a masterpiece.

2) DMC1 - A for Awesome!
I love the gothic horror inspirations and otherworldly effects that happen later in the game. It’s cheesy af which I love and this has one of the best level pacings and variety. It has a slower horror feel to it. The revelation that Nelo Angelo was your older brother was shocking for its time. This game is super janky by today’s standards so I can understand why this would be lower on other lists.

3) DMC4 - B for Brilliant!
Nero’s introduction was actually pretty good and playing around with Dante as a villain was intriguing for its time. It has some of the worst pacing in the series but it makes up with its unique enemy design and mechanics. The environments were beautiful and fit the themes of the bosses. The SE edition made the fast paced combat even more deep than it already was; making this have the most playable characters to date. This game has the best combat in the series for hack n’ slash enthusiasts.

4) DMC5 - C for Cool!
The combat was improved somewhat but fell short in others. It took a lot of inspiration from DmC, which bogged it down a bit for me. The story was really whatever and it was never addressed what happened to Mundus. Although I jumped out of my seat when they finally confirmed Nero’s relation. The demon tree environments were boring and looked too similar throughout the game. They took up over half of the levels which hurt the variety in the level design. Combat was fun but didn’t quite reach the refined deep mechanics of DMC4 for me and felt sloppy.

5) DmC - D for Dope
I don’t hate this title as there are some neat ideas, but the combat becomes a bit repetitive when switching between blue and red enemies. It was a nice twist making Vergil out to be a good guy anti-hero for its time and had more level variety than previous titles. The story again was a bit whatever but not many of them have great storytelling anyway. Mundus being reimagined as an evil CEO was too real.

6) DMC2 - E for Embarrassing
The black sheep and a game that had a messy development history. The director for the game was replaced halfway through development and it’s overall a very boring and mind numbing experience. This is more like a shoot ‘em up than a hack n’ slash since most bosses can be killed by standing in a corner and holding the shoot button.

Playing as Lucina and Trish added more variety but by the time most people reach the end they had enough of this game. This isn’t the worst game I ever played but it’s deeply flawed.
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I just got up from a nap, and my head hurts.

It's getting really stuffy now, because of the climate change. Oh, and hay fever will be back shortly. Oh, no.
I watched some gow1 videos during these recent days and people seem to do a lot of skilled speedruns for it in the past. To the point there's an actual history for it.

I'm personally not a big fan of speedruns since ı prefer taking my time and enjoying myself over rushing through the scenario as fast as ı can but it seems that some people like doing speedruns as well as benefitting from glitches.
Not been the most exciting time for gaming news. Everything has been hearsay, so that's not official confirmation on anything. But I hope the summer games festival is going to be awesome.
Elden Ring has raised the bar in terms of game content. Any developer can charge full price for a game these days, even if it has only 4-6 hours of actual gameplay. So I am hoping this sends a message that if these companies want to sell their games, they need to invest more time and not rush development. Games like Cyberpunk, Fallout 76, and RE:3 had embarrassing launches.

It’s why free to play Battle Royals have taken over the market, and they also serve to milk consumers through cosmetic microtransactions. Same applies to mobile gaming. My brother spent probably $1,000 alone on Fortnite. Why be passionate for a project when you can just milk peoples wallets? It sickens me that Squeenix sold off landmark IP’s to invest in NFT’s.

There’s those small moments when a game comes along that shows true artistic direction which I feel has been dwindling away ever since the 8th console generation. Now all games either play or look similar to one another, especially AAA gaming.

One last thing I’ll mention; I am super annoyed with peoples mentalities that games are for kids. It’s usually older people like boomers and gen x people who make these comments. Ok… so by that logic, movies are just for kids as well. They fail to realize it’s another medium of entertainment now, that can tell enthralling stories that most movies today struggle to replicate.
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Very sceptical about the upcoming remake of The Last of Us. I feel it's unnecessary, because the original I'd say is a fantastic game. One for the ages, really.

I think they're doing it to boost the popularity of the upcoming HBO series. But I would rather have seen a new story, and it doesn't have to include Abby or any of the other characters, as they could be reserved for returning in a proper sequel. But I am open to having the universe expanded upon. This could have been a great opportunity to do that. So meh.
I really hope dmc6, if it will ever come out, will have a much better special edition. Running through the same levels as guest characters got really old by the time ı played as vergil in dmc5. I still think it's an amazing game that is a return to form as well as a great improvement over dmc4 and especially terrible reboot but ı'm kinda conflicted between it and dmc3. I cant really pick one tbh. Without vergil, ı might have preferred dmc5 but vergil kinda drags it down.

I would rather wait for the next sequel to get a special edition upgrade before buying it and see if the way it's handled would ever change. Oh and ı also wonder if there's a way to bring lucia back. She seems to appear in dmc5 before the nightmare novel, she deserves another game to shine. Dmc2 didnt do her much justice imo.
I managed to find a trainer for dmc5 that modifies the game in a special way. It's very different from the generic ones found on random websites. It adds extra content and smooths out some mechanics.

The most important one is it adds legendary dark knight difficulty from dmc4 by replacing son of sparda with it. This has a lot of enemies in it and even changes some sections. ( Like removing gilgamesh by replacing it with a lot of knights or removing the 1st encounter with proto angelo and replacing it with a vergil fight. ) I tried this while playing as vergil cause he's really op and ı wanted a lot of enemies to test the mechanics on.

Speaking of vergil, ı also enabled some options so that entering his sin devil trigger no longer requires holding down the button. Instead one button press is enough. Playing as vergil felt more enjoyable this time.

But anyway; ı forgot to say this previously but ı like this theme of vergil:

I'm glad they gave his own battle theme in gameplay. In previous ones; he didnt get his own battle theme while playing his portions.
I've yet to buy a PS5. But oh boy. I think Summer Game Fest could very well make me save up for one quickly. ;)

Oh, come on down, June. Just come on down! :p
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