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General Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

Dead by Daylight has been gushing with so much fanservice lately. They are doing gods work having Jill and Claire team ups which I have given up on for the games at this point. Having Wesker and Nemmy being playable as well is so much win. Makes you wonder how different RE would of been if Wesker was kept as a main reoccurring villain.

Also, Wesker stalking Rebecca is way too meta.. now the pictures of her in his desk all make sense! xP
NightCrawler on YouTube is a cool guy. 😜

He's right, though. So many YouTubers do just report on minor updates, so they can feel relevant.

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RE:4 is also coming to last gen hardware. Great news for people without new systems, but this sucks as the game will be held back yet again and won’t be a true next gen experience.
Overall, Capcom delivered today. But that was a surprising announcement about the RE4 remake being released on the PS4 as well. It makes it hard to define the game as being "next gen" in that regard. Although I seriously have to question if the PS5 is more powerful like they say. Unless the PS4 version is to be heavily downgraded.

It's like when people hear "next generation" being said, they expect just that. But at least people who struggle to afford new hardware can still enjoy the game on their classic PS4. Bless Capcom.

So I wouldn't have thought too many people would be that pissy about it.
The Rose DLC does look like it has some spooky vibes to it, I just don’t like the context of it and where it takes place. Even RE7 story DLC didn’t reuse assets that heavily especially End of Zoe. Hopefully it won’t be entirely in Dimitrescu’s Castle and explore new areas. They should of explored more on backstory.
I suspect Capcom is just using the same assets so they didn't have to change something to where it would be entirely new. It's like what they did with SH4: The Room. They can have the same place featured, but change it to where it gets more eerie as the issue takes hold.

Still doesn't feel like Capcom could do better. They basically used the same assets.
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