Project REsistence Beta Impressions

So its been a few days and I've probably spent at least four to five hours playing the beta as I'm sure others have so let's have a thread to discuss what we think.

So obviously, Mastermind is the most fun part of the game. You get to choose between several map set ups before the match begins that lets you decide where key items are. Naturally, my favorite thing to do is pick small rooms that have to have the door broken down such as bathrooms or conference rooms and then fill them to holy hell with zombies, dogs and lickers. The player controlled zombies actually feel pretty good when compared to how it felt in that bonus mode in RE6 and Tyrant absolutely feels incredible to play as. You feel unstoppable at times. It probably doesn't help that he can infinitely punch without any hesitation so I can see that not being a thing in the final game. Also placing a bunch of enemies and an ivy near the exit of the level has almost always saved the game for me when it looked like I was about to loose.

Survivors aren't as fun as the Mastermind naturally but they do feel fine for the most part. Think RE2 with a little more jank because the game is online. Each character playe a specific role on the team and it's incredibly evident that this is a team game. More often than not, when I was the Mastermind someone deciding to run ahead doomed the rest of the survivors because I was able to take them out easily and the survivors would then begin to scramble to rescue him rather than focus on finding the key items and doing the objective. So one or two bad survivors can lead to the survivors loosing the match pretty quickly. A good squad of survivors however can absolutely dominate and can easily make the Mastermind have his work cut out for him. Unfortunately, at least from what I've played, this is rarely the case. I assume this will change as time goes on and more people get used to what they're supposed to be doing.

All in all I like the game, I've had a lot of fun with it. But it does have its issues. Some balance decisions are odd and the UI is absolutely terrible. I also still can't get over how annoying it is that creatures just spawn out of the floor over dedicated spawn points. Capcom put out a survey for beta players so I already replied with basically most things that people have criticized about on here. Hopefully others do too. I think it's a very cool concept but it needs a lot of work.
Not our Resident Evil, then?

A hard pass. :(
I mean, it's not a new mainline RE by any means but is clearly meant to be a spin off. RE8 (and RE3 I'd assume) are still well on their way. This game isn't taking any development time away from those.

If this isn't for you, that's fine as I'm sure we'll be getting a new proper RE soon enough.
Didn't capcom confirm that they have multiple RE projects in development? (RE8/REmake 3/Project Resistance) that are 3 projects so far...
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