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Outbreak Outbreak


While we all hope for an official remaster or reboot to the overwhelmingly underrated series, it is currently playable in the best technical state it's ever been in. This site has always had strong ties to the series and community. Let's use this thread to discuss the series as a whole, matchmake if you're currently playing and help others get set up. Feel free to ask any and all questions.

The game looks and plays absolutely stunning at 4K 60fps 16:9 with HDD loading, the best it's ever been.


Best tutorial to get set up within 10 minutes:

Beyond this I'd suggest setting up 16:9. Here's pretty much the entire PS2 library converted in 500kb.
Make sure the pnach files are under the PCSX2 cheats folder found in your documents, not the root directory of the emulator. Also enable cheats and cheat ws on PCSX2.

I'd also suggest enabling the HDD. To do this under DEV9 enable it for 8GB, then load the HDLoader ELF file. You'll only do this once, you're not actually using HDLoader but instead using it to let the "system" see the HDD you just theoretically installed and format it for use, takes 10 seconds or less. Then install the HD files via the Outbreak game menus, once for each title.

That's it, you're up and going. For 4K make sure to set the internal rendering resolution to max, I think it's 8x. This is rig dependent. Huge thanks to our friends at http://OBSRV.org for making this all possible, they're the best.

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
The game truly looks gorgeous Yama, props to the people who kept this online experience alive. Too bad I'm a console gamer and I don't know if my laptop is good to play videogames anyway.

The best thing that could possible happen is an official Remaster released for PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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