Outbreak via OBSRV


Biohaze has always been known for having heavy ties to the Outbreak community. We led many revitalization projects, player databases and play sessions when the games were still officially online stateside and eventually only in Japan. Despite the servers being taken down, we’re thankful to OBSRV for stepping up and allowing these legendary titles to live on and defy time.

The easiest tutorials can be found below and allow players to be online within 10 minutes or so. We’d love to have Biohaze play sessions once more, so please do write below if you’re in need of any help, interested or already active on the servers.

Tutorial for PC:
Also enable the HDD and use HD Loader to format. Then install the HDD game data through the OB menu as per normal.

Widescreen hacks:
Make sure to use the cheats folder that installs in your documents folder, not the emulator folder. This wasted a lot of my time.

Under config > video > plug-in > I do internal resolution at 8x native.

Tutorial for PS2:
I've been streaming Outbreak quite regularly Yama with Sonny Bauer and JC Wesker - if you ever need a fourth man then drop me or the guys a line!
Y'all lost me with the emulation. It is the best way to play these days sure, but I had the console and everyone was loading much faster than me which throws off gameplay severely.

Luckily I put in as many hours as I could ever hope for and I'm happy others get to enjoy it. Hopefully we'll all get an equal platform to play on sometime in the near future.
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