Outbreak PC: Easiest Method (4K,HDD,16:9)


Outbreak in 2021 on PC is incredibly simple to set up and thanks to AliTheZombie13 there is a single pack that does most of it for you in a single click. In addition, we'll add instructions for widescreen, HDD loading, etc.

First step (overall setup): Super Easy Guide on How to Play Outbreak Online (2021) - YouTube

Second step (widescreen):
  • Unzip widescreen.rar and drag the PNACH files to PCSX2 1.7.0\cheats_ws
  • System > Enable Cheats
  • System > Enable Widescreen Patches
Third step (HDD):
  • Config > Dev9 > Plugin Settings > Enable HDD > Options > HDD Size 10GB > Apply
  • Unzip HDLoader.ELF into the PCSX2 root folder
  • System > Run ELF > HD Loader
  • Select yes or whatever options it gives in order to format the fresh HDD, close forever
  • Load OBF1 or OBF2 and select HDD Install from the Menu
Enjoy the ultimate Outbreak experience. I'd recommend Discord for voice and screen watching if you so choose.



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