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General Official Conceptual Art

A place to share official concept arts of the games in the series.

I'll start the thread with the ones from Revelations as these are amazing.

a27d24_6cc638ac9d0f44948cbbb5e37f1011a5~mv2_d_1200_1697_s_2.jpg a27d24_ced2bfa4efe04bdaa554194eb02f6ac9~mv2.jpg a27d24_919075975df84cf5afceeb130dbf90d2~mv2.jpg a27d24_547470ed12f74df58910350802a8ef95~mv2.jpg a27d24_a58ff2fee9e64fc8a47968481102d977~mv2.jpg a27d24_3f3a03f2eb3c4b228fb3024b89321a6a~mv2.jpg a27d24_a31b7220bbcb4836a072a7e0cfe0051e~mv2.jpg a27d24_ee9e2fc8e267448fab81d1ddab0944ba~mv2.jpg a27d24_3b08d35d59384041a9517711f1235617~mv2.jpg
Love it.

These kinds of designs of monsters and scenery are what make me love BIOHAZARD.

To those who claim BU was thrown in at the last second to tie RE7 into Umbrella Corps, look carefully at the 6.5 art. They have been planning things for a while...
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