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General Not surprisingly, the Netflix series is no more!

Oh, GameFAQs is a cesspool. I went back there ages ago, since it's more active than other forums. Screw you, Facebook. But it's a waste of time.

I don't have the best experiences when I talk about Resident Evil related crap on other forums either. I attempted to do it on devilmaycry.org in like, two separate threads. Even when I give proof to reveal what I'm referring to, they either leave the thread unanswered, or they become very snide.

Granted, I'm very socially awkward in real life because of a condition I have. But online, I'm definitely on my game. They just don't like hearing these things, because they probably want Capcom to notice them.
Another swing and a miss, I don't get it. This series has to have one of the easiest concepts to translate into a show. Last of Us is already looking to be a hit
I never watched it, despite subscribing to Netflix a few months ago. To be honest, it looked terrible. So I just couldn't be arsed.

Maybe now, Capcom can stop revisiting 1998 like 6432 times. It's honestly about time they stopped milking the legacy of RE, and well, find other ways to improve upon it. Because it's rather obvious they're gonna do this again before too long.
This ought to finally teach Capcom a lesson. That being, that they should stop going back to 1998.

I mean, FFS. It's 2022. Do something more modern.
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