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I feel like in terms of action; this will probably be re4 level which means it will focus on action / combat more than horror / exploration. Since capcom's planning to reimagine re4; they will most likely make both games' designs very similar. ( E.g. both re4 and village have merchant. )

Also anyone wished you could steal monsters' weapons from the game and instant kill / heavily damage them similar to re6's zombies when they are stunned? I know people like to hate re6 but ı thought that was a pretty neat feature in that game. Since ethan's more experienced, ı feel like that could work.
Maybe they can expand on that concept and have you be able to use weapons from enemies longer, rather than for just one auto attack.

It’s more RE7 with a heavy layer of gothic atmosphere, which I don’t mind. The sound design sounds good and the guns sound better than REmake 2’s.

As for Alcina, looks like she will have her own motives outside of Miranda’s. I suspect she somehow became a Progenitor human and has hidden herself from the outside world, as evident to her strength alone. Having more than one villain can prolong the story, which can be either a good or bad thing.

Since this was apparently Revelations 3 at one point in development, Miranda could actually be Natalia-Alex. She would be 20 years old in this game so she would have enough time to scheme up something while being raised by the Burton’s.

Either way I am intrigued and don’t hate the game for being first person again. If a game is fun to play who cares what type of gameplay it is.
So, um, how exactly is this game going to factor into the last sequel in terms of the plotline? Because, I mean, we last seen Chris Redfield killing Lucas, and that was apparently going to set up a storyline about the Connections and this new [blue] Umbrella Corporation. So I really want to know how this game Village is actually supposed to be a continuation of that prior game's plot aspects. It's not going to be linked too much at all, I guess.

Even so. It's a pity that Capcom has once again apparently made a sequel that feels mostly isolated in terms of the plot. It's like they prefer to "play it safe" when things don't go as well as they hoped.

Also, did anybody notice from the trailers that the areas in the castle are uncannily similar to the Baker house? Like, there's a corridor with double doors that looks like the hallway with the telephone and the window where the cop spoke to Ethan, and he gave him a knife. The part with the water in the cellar and the ladder looks the same too, as does the main part where the vampire ladies caught Ethan with a sickle. So I guess they're recycling some assets, which is okay, and all. But the vampire ladies kind of just feels like a repeat of how Jack Baker kept following you around the rooms in the previous, first person based sequel.

I also think that ultimately, RE8 is supposed to be a lighter copycat of RE4 to get fanboys hyped up for when RE4 receives more attention. But it's slightly disappointing to suspect that the story could be unaffiliated to a previous entry, yet again...
Hi! 👋

Thanks to the demo, we discovered that Dimitrescu prolongs her life with a special wine. To make such a wine, she spreads the fungus in the bodies of the victims, then dismembers them in half to put the upper parts in barrels, from where the wine is poured.

I think the fungus is the key ingredient, because the previous story established that this pathogen can secrete a telomerase-like enzyme.

It is commonly believed that our chromosomes have protective "caps", which are called telomeres. Thanks to them, our cells can safely divide, but only a limited number of times, because with each division, the telomeres are reduced. When telomeres run out, the aging process begins.

So, telomerase is an enzyme that can lengthen telomeres in our bodies. Although this enzyme will not solve, for example, the problem of cancer, the use of such an enzyme will be a big step towards immortality.

The fact that an abnormal fungus can secrete a similar enzyme is the reason why infected people can dramatically regenerate and live longer. Consequently, Dimitrescu uses the fungus as an ingredient in the wine to fuel herself with its enzyme.

Although this method has side effects. For example, the pathogen consists of microorganisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye, so it is not surprising that Dimitrescu could drink them together with the liquid. Drinking a large amount of wine could be the reason why Alcina is so big, since she has become a carrier of a very large colony of fungus.

This method also caused her skin to become very pale and pasty, and could also lead to partial blindness and deafness, as the fungus colony gets to the walls of the victim's brain, preventing the visual and auditory channels from working properly. The Bakers had all these symptoms.
I'm looking forward to playing this game in a month from now. The castle looks gothic, just like in 4.

Also looking at the video above, were those zombies in the flooded basement that Ethan was shooting at, or something similar?


I have a suspicion that we may be underestimating Miranda's influence.

Despite the madness, the Bakers were Christians, so the talismans and altars don't seem to be characteristic of them. These things may well be Eveline's occult traits, which she acquired from Eastern Europe.

According to Resident Evil 7 and Kaitai Shinsho, Eveline is the completed weapon form and the final stage of the project. During her creation, national organizations jumped at the concept, as they saw the great potential of the fungal girl on the battlefield. More specifically, the game mentions two national organizations: **** and ***. Knowing the chronology and the fact that Resident Evil 7 is Kōshi Nakanishi's game, we can easily assume that these organizations were the BSAA and the FBC.

In the noughties, the BSAA was an organization whose major funder was TRICELL. Even in the days of Resident Evil 5, an additional source in the form of a blog compared it to the UBCS, so it is not surprising that some fans admitted the possibility of the BSAA having a dark side. One of these links could be Albert Wesker himself, since he worked with TRICELL and the HCF at the same time.

If The Connections and the BSAA are indeed connected, then the reasons for the operation to capture the traitor Lucas and send the Winters to Eastern Europe closer to the village do not seem accidental. Such a connection could also be the reason why Chris is acting on his own, since he has always put his principles above loyalty to any organizations. Moreover, the series has always felt like a critique of capitalism, so Chris has had to work for corrupt organizations many times.

I believe that Eveline was created for some true purpose, and the words about the battlefield were a cover, so Lucas criticized Eveline as a biological weapon and, being misdirected, tried to improve the military potential of the fungus. I also believe that this true purpose is a ceremony that is associated with a form of reincarnation, since Eveline's fungus can store genetic information, including consciousness and memory. Since Ethan and Mia have had experience with this fungus, their physiology and Rosemary's may differ in a way that is beneficial to the ceremony. Probably, Rosemary is a full-fledged replacement of Eveline, and Eveline herself planned to escape on a gas carrier, because she wanted to be loved in the family, and not serve as some kind of vessel.

But how can all this be related to Umbrella? You know, I think that the Umbrella symbol is not a symbol of Spencer's organization because of the emphasis on the diagonal sides of the octagon. I can easily believe that in the 20th century there was an association of aristocrats from different parts of Europe who were trying to find the elixir of immortality and of which Spencer was a part, since Lost in Nightmares established that the Spencer Estate was one of the centers of European society.

When Spencer discovered that there was a source of something special in Africa, he could have said nothing to the other families and betrayed them. His complete confidence that his group would find something in Africa seemed to suggest that Spencer had already witnessed something abnormal in nature, which could be the source of a special fungus.

After learning that Spencer had found something somewhere and betrayed them, a Romanian, an Italian, a Frenchman, and a German founded a rival to steal the material from Umbrella, without which Eveline might not have been developed, since her fungus has many traits of a Progenitor virus. For example, Eveline could remotely control the fungus with pheromones, which is a trait of plants and Alexia Ashford. In comparison, Dimitrescu uses a phone to communicate with Miranda, and her mental state doesn't resemble Marguerite Baker, who was obsessed with her queen. This means that Miranda does not have Alexia's traits.

I also have a rather crazy assumption that Dimitrescu and her daughters are Eveline's older sisters, since their names correspond to the order of the alphabet: Alcina, Bela, Cassandra, Daniela, and Eveline. Based on this theory, it is quite possible that the founders of The Connections were only Beneviento, Moreau and Heisenberg, so the syndicate symbol has three lines. The Dimitrescu family has been around for centuries, but Alcina herself may be the equivalent of Alexia, if you know what I mean.

By the way, I have absolutely no doubt that Miranda is an Italian from the Beneviento family. Her Venetian mask, title, and pocket Grim Reaper, which is depicted on the map, hint that the developers may have been inspired by Suspiria or Inferno.

At this point, I think it would be really cool to hear progressive rock during a battle with her:


I noticed this process and took a couple of screenshots. Lycans also go through this after death, by the way.

Some more interesting details that I noticed:

1. If you start shooting in the room with the Duke, he will start applauding Ethan and saying different things, including in French. For example, he will remind you that you need to save ammunition.

2. The player can set the zombies on fire with a hanging fire lamp, which the player uses to solve the puzzle with the light.
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