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RE:3 New Re3 Remake Screenshots

Tons of more screenshots below. Warning spoilers for certain returning enemies!

Looks like the Hunter Gamma is getting a heavy redesign and it looks fantastic in my opinion. Seems to have the gravedigger mouth though which is a bit odd. Makes me wonder if the Gravedigger is also getting a redesign? Also very excited to see Drain Deimos back!
I made a mistake. I don't think the spiders are back. At first, I thought that was a spider in one of these images, but I think it's one of those big bugs.
A recent post on Rely on Horror stated they are in the game. I doubt that, as they didn't show up in RE2, so it won't make sense to put them in RE3. Although you can see spider webs here and there, so it's possible.

Anybody that thinks the RE2 remake is better than the original from 1998 is having a laugh. It was cheesy, lacking in enemies, not very suspenseful in parts, and the extra modes were just ass. It was a good game, but not a masterpiece.

I think they probably rushed its development. When Leon and Ada descend to the lab in the tram, I could have boiled the kettle and brewed some herbal tea. Honestly. There was nothing to that section of the game, and even she was spoiled somewhat.

I expect RE3 will be a similarly fun game, although possibly forgettable after the year is up. That remains to be seen, of course.
I think it has been confirmed, that those spider like enemies are actually the Brain Suckers.

I don't like spiders either. In the autumn, we get house spiders getting stuck in our bathtubs in Scotland, as that's their mating season.
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