Negative opinions from YouTubers re: Resident Evil Village...

I can't say I disagree, and I wish I had the editing skills that they do, sans a few of them who just recorded while playing a game.

But I'd rather judge it when I'm playing the game next year.

I'll just be glad when they finally go back to third person for future sequels, as opposed to first person, which I would be happy to see in side story games instead.

I didn't watch all the videos, but some of them brought me a lot more negative emotions than Umbrella Corps.

"Only idiots think it's good."


It seems that some people just can't stop following the series, let it go, and find another hobby. I am particularly struck by people who only recognize classic games and think that they exist in a vacuum, so they seem to believe that one day developers will make a game that does not take into account the "bad" games.

But it doesn't work that way. Even Resident Evil 7, however much it reverts to horror, draws on the legacy of Resident Evil 4.

"Is this your Resident Evil?"

Hell, yes! If for someone Resident Evil is a gameplay from Alone in the Dark with specific characters and ideas from the Hitchcock and Judge Dredd movies, then it's high time you forgot about this franchise. I believe that the series can experiment with different mechanics, elements of body horror and Gothic, on which it was built. The formula is determined by the meaning, not the form like the presence of a zombies or the camera's perspective. Monsters can be any, the camera too.
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RE4 to me is like a double edged sword. It's not a good RE game, but it's a good game in general. The same with 7. They ain't the worst games a person can play. The thing is, they try to connect them to the old games in a terrible way, with little references, just so it feels like it's still a sequel somehow. But outside of that, it's really not. Even with how they constantly change how characters look, it's not easy to not be mad about it. Like, Chris being in 7 felt random. It takes you a while to even accept that it's him, because he's so different, doesn't sound the same, and quite frankly, didn't feel like Chris at all. It's like casting somebody else in a role previously taken up by an actor who had did the part so well for years. Going from Roger Craig Smith to that other guy (who did not resemble Chris whatsoever) was strange.

The problem is, I think Capcom is too busy catering to mostly fans of a certain genre and every game they do now is like an experiment, but sometimes it doesn't pay off unless you take it for what it is. Like, there was no need to remake 2 and 3, but for us hardcore fans, we only get enjoyment if we act like they're not remakes. Surely people can get a PS1 dirt cheap these days and just play the originals. But it's the same with movies. They're constantly remaking just about everything well known.

The original Dracula is in black and white, and while that's considered a classic from the good old days of Universal, it may not appeal to kids today. The same with the 90's games. But they should just move it ahead. There's no need to remake every classic title, but RE4 is an extremely odd choice for a remake. But Capcom does it for the dough. We already know how they function as a company by now.
These games are reboots. Soft reboots. Like a normal reboot, but without changing the continuity of the lore. This is what they are: they set a new direction, a new approach to game design, new mechanics, and new storylines.

People talk about Resident Evil 4 being loosely related to lore because they unfairly look at this game in hindsight. It was Resident Evil 4 that closed Umbrella, Resident Evil 4 that gave Wesker the goal to restore Umbrella, Resident Evil 4 that connected Wesker and Seashell, Resident Evil 4 that gave the games new mechanics, and Resident Evil 4 that introduced new characters and a parasite. All future games were based on the Resident Evil 4 approach and developed the ideas that this game established. This is a fundamental game (like the very first RE), without which the next games would never have happened in the form in which they came out. I'm particularly struck by situations where people play The Umbrella Chronicles and say that the story about Chris and Jill in Russia should have been Resident Evil 4. This story was created in the future and with Resident Evil 4 in mind. What are you talking about?

The same thing is happening now with Resident Evil 7. As the Chronicles series retold 2 and 3 games in the style of Resident Evil 4, so the new remakes did. Just as The Darkside Chronicles set a retcon about G-zombies that are mentioned in Resident Evil 6, so now the Las Plagas parasite and NE-α parasite connection may be part of Resident Evil Village. It's just a new cycle, a new angle of view.

At the same time, absolutely all of these games (absolutely all) are built on the canons of Resident Evil: body horror, Gothic horror, survival horror, bio-organic weapons, storylines, biology, mechanics and characters. Only the visions and accents differ, but these games are Resident Evil games. I'm genuinely tired of all this "true" view of the series. Especially from people who love CODE: Veronica with the vampire from the t-Veronica virus and Resident Evil 4 with trolls and the castle, who scold Resident Evil Village for the castle, vampires from t-Veronica and folk creatures.

Wow, nothing in the new trailer says it's Resident Evil.

This is the first thing I saw when I visited this forum. If anyone thinks that, they don't know a damn thing about this series.

I still talk to people who didn't agree with the different directions that Capcom chose. I understand that, too. The player feels connected to the series, so such changes may seem like a betrayal. But this is a large and massive franchise, and it will change with the market. This is not bad or good, but something that always happens. And if someone can't accept this and enjoy the new games, it's better to let go of the series and move on.
I think the action style is what puts people off. They like a fine balance of both scariness and gun action. RE4 etc have an overwhelmingly high amount of cheese and action. So the tone is a bit off when compared to the more horror tone. Not that RE4 isn't without the horror. It's just so different. Like going from having Graboids to Shriekers in the Tremors series kind of put people off a bit when they changed things up. It's a logical continuation, but instantly, people think it's not faithful. But it still is.

Also, I think people wanted a conclusion to the original mythology in the style of the first four games, as opposed to an on-rails title. It's a very different style of game. Maybe that's why people say that RE4 killed the franchise.

Sooner or later, they needed to try something new. Franchises would end up stuck if they didn't. But RE4 is definitely a very unusual game.
I think it's stupid that people are hating on a game that is still in development. But haters will hate.

After seeing the trailer a few months ago, I'm actually looking forward to it. If it does releases to the PS4, then I'll get it, but if it comes out to the PS5, then I'll just watch it on YouTube rather than spending money on a system and just the one game.
Here's a few more videos I could find, although some are actually quite informative, especially anything from The Critical Drinker.

I don't know - I think RE8 is gonna be good, but they really should go back to third person eventually.

I laughed when this DGK guy called me a "slurper" before, for saying he mispronounced Konami - because everyone knows I ain't one.


As far as I’m concerned this series has always suffered from an identity crisis. Almost every game has been directed by a different person, which makes it that much harder to stay invested in a storyline that has no ultimate goal. It’s like Disney Star Wars where they had no plan on a coherent story for the trilogy. They are making it all up as they go along, which can create plotholes and retcons.

Besides that grievance, it’s cool that we could possibly be exploring the area where Spenser and Umbrella originated from, but why is that important? At least the Progenitor Flower in Africa served as a critical moment in the series in RE5. This is what worries me most about RE8. I don’t really care about Ethan or The Connections unless this game can prove otherwise.

We will ultimately have to wait and see how it plays out when the game releases next year.
They're just gonna make the series even more confusing with each new entry that comes out. It's kind of a giving. Because, well, I play them every so many years when I can be bothered, and I'm thinking, "Well, what about that story aspect, or that person they never brought back?" They never really resolve anything of the sort, or they just don't want to. Like, a new game comes along eventually, and it's something that feels quite external. You know? They may bring back classic characters, but it's like... why does any of this even matter when the rest of it is just so unrelated to what occurred already? The plot is just a mess, really. It's so disconnected and all over the place, to be honest. But they know if Chris is in the game, it will have people talking. Look at what we are doing now...

Everybody more or less agrees that the RE4 remake could be a rush job, and it's from M-Two, which already has my interest at an all-time low. What Capcom needs to do is blank 1998 and 2005, and so on. Their focus really ought to be on the more modern side of the lore. Hell, where's the Code: Veronica remake? Will that even happen? It's not impossible, but CVX is not as well loved as RE4 is. Sadly!

Now, RE4 is a big money maker, but CVX is NOT, unfortunately. I'd rather not see any more remakes, considering how watered down the previous two ended up. There's still opportunities to make spin off games, and if they fail, at least they are just side story games. But bad remakes are just bad, because of the reputation of the originals. And I agree with what this one guy on YouTube was saying, when he said RE4 and 5 are the same game in terms of how they function, as are the two recent remakes. People are inclined to crap all over one game, but excuse the other one, like that's even good logic to have. Although I do also agree that RE4 is a fantastic game, though. It's just nuts to treat it as a proper sequel. Maybe it's what we'd call, the John Cena of sequels, in that it's so polarising.

but why is that important?

I know that many people didn't like the retcon with the parasite, but I actually agree with this decision.

I think this is partly due to the fact that fans have suspected such a connection for a long time. The remake of the first game established that the G virus is a retrovirus that originated from a combination of the Progenitor virus and the NE-α parasite. Ever since Luis told Leon that he saw the virus and Saddler showed his G-eyes, people haven't stopped theorizing about this connection. The dominant species was created using a Progenitor virus? I think the fossils of parasites in Africa only added fuel to the fire of this theory. So why not?

I think the design and mutations of Nemesis were redesigned with this information in mind. You know, even some forms of tyrant resemble Birkin or Simmons, and the transmission of parasites resembles the act of reproduction, because Birkin and Nemesis even do it through the same hand. Maybe I'm digging too deep, but I think that's what they were trying to do.

Speaking of the new game, I will definitely be interested if the authors explore the origin of the NE-α parasite more deeply. We could learn more about the French, about Spencer's connection to all of this. This is an interesting topic when you think about it.

I also hope that the connection between the syndicate and the competing company will be developed. I don't want to theorize, but it seems to me that Kolya's connection with a rival company in the last remake was also made for a reason. You know, Wesker said in the report that the company was looking for a way to find out about Nemesis. The embryo from the new game is not only connected to an organism resembling the Las Plagas parasite, but also made in a similar way to Eveline. A rival company was looking for a way to repeat the success of the French? There is a possibility.

Beyond all that, I believe the game won't just dig into the past. Maybe Alex will come back. This is definitely a new and dark stage in Chris and Ethan's life. So I think the game will offer something new that is related to the current storylines.

We'll see.
I'm not sure why, but Michael Does Life seems to be in an awfully bad mood these days. He actually deleted all of his streams from this past year, after the Apple event in September. Last night, I donated via that chat thingy, as I always do. Well, I guess he didn't like the interruption, and he called me a simp. I'll chalk it up to him just having a bad day, but it's not nice... when I've donated hundreds to him.

All in all though, YouTube is a cesspool of haters, that just can never seem to agree to disagree. If you post your honest opinions, even if it's just your own personal thoughts distinct from everything you're hearing throughout the Internet, they think you're a hater or a shill, or that you're just some tosser that's trying to be different. In my case, I'm just being me. Nobody holds my hand and tells me what games to play. Anybody that knows me knows I actually like other modern horror games more than Resident Evil, presently at least, because the series isn't quite up to standards. That doesn't mean I'm not a fan of it, but I do think Capcom is quite awkward in general. Or if that was the case, why am I talking about it online with other fans? You know?

I definitely want Alex Wesker to come back. The saga needs another long term villain, and who better to do it than an actual Wesker? Now, I think Revelations 2 is a huge copy of The Last of Us, but that game has atmosphere, action, a fantastic villain, a great crafting system, optional co-op, and so on. Yet I think it's underrated. It was better than the remakes of 2 and 3. But I think all of these amazing games like Days Gone and The Evil Within 2 are vastly ignored, but I think they've did more for the survival horror genre. That's just my opinion. Capcom didn't make those titles though, so that's why nobody enjoys them. It's like, it has to be Capcom made this, Capcom made that. It's always coming across to me that Capcom is generally just always going to be people's flavour of the month, no matter what.
So, after the announcement of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, I remembered an interesting artistic parallel.

As you know, old Eveline is based on grandpa Sawyer:


What's interesting about this situation is that grandpa Sawyer is an interpretation of a vampire: grandpa lived for more than 100 years, looks grotesque, and feeds on human blood. And this is not the only reference to vampirism in the film: even before the very first murder, one of the characters says that Sally's grandfather's house is similar to the place where Bela Lugosi was born. As you know, Bela Lugosi is an actor who gave the world culture the film incarnation of Count Dracula, which, although different from the old man with a long mustache from the novel, but which has become for most people the canonical interpretation:

As you can guess, an interesting artistic parallel is that Eveline is most likely from Romania, and the images of her alleged sisters are also associated with images of vampires:


I think that if the link between the mold and the t-Veronica virus is directly confirmed, the virus created by Alexia will rightfully become a form of vampirism in the universe. Thanks to Alexander Ashford, who laid out this Gothic trail.
Yep. I'd say they are quite vampire like in how they behave. I know it hasn't been confirmed yet if the lady is Alex Wesker, but I hope it's her.

Do you watch Michael Does life? I may stop donating to him now. He has a bad attitude nowadays. He removed all of his Resident Evil rant streams anyway. What a complete waste. All he does now is whine and complain about not having enough viewers and whatnot, when the guy has plenty of followers. Damn, I wish I had 2000 people following my butt on YouTube. Sure, people take the piss out of him, but that's his own fault in some ways. He brings that on himself.

The thing is, when I donated Super Chat after Super Chat to him last night, he didn't even really acknowledge many of us. He was acting so mental too. Like, the dude removed all of us as moderators. Some guy donated $50 to him last night, so he made him the sole moderator. What the hell? I've personally donated hundreds to him. Even if it's only like £2 per comment, that all adds up. And he apparently enjoys slagging people off on welfare, and refers to them as being autistic. That's a bit low, in fact. He also called me a simp. Now, what exactly is a simp anyway? Someone who sucks up to people? Nah, dude. If he doesn't appreciate his so-called Millionaires clan any more, then it may be better to forget about supporting him. I'll just go somewhere else.
I dont have any high hopes for re8 either due to not liking re7 and the reimaginings but some of the opinions ı've seen for the game are ridiculous. Things like people complaining about werewolves when the series already featured crazy monsters and stuff like suits of armor controlled by a parasite and salazar statue that activates cause why not. People cant articulate their opinion well and instead waste time with dumb nitpicks.

But anyways; ı just hope re8 will fix the mistakes of re7, especially storywise which re7 was really poor thanks to its disconnected nature. Oh and werewolves sound more interesting than practically all monsters of re7 tbh.
RE4 really jumped the shark, though. At least the older games all had similar enemies and a related theme. RE4 doesn't really boast of having any of that.

I agree that the knights are stupid. In fact, RE4 as a whole, is stupid. RE5 to me didn't feel as corny or dumb with the ideas. That game has a better story. It wasn't really a great horror game, and continued the trend of Action Horror, unfortunately.

The remakes never happened, in my eyes. Save for the original remake, that is. Those games are a pile of cow dung. Those God awful spin off games are right up there with them. We can just pretend they don't exist either.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a very good game, but Capcom basically enjoys copying other people's work. They essentially made a clone of Naughty Dog's masterpiece.

The Last of Us. How sad is that?

You know? That's called plagiarism. How about, Capcom, you try to come up with your own ideas? Don't steal stuff from rival companies. That's just bad in general.
That's called plagiarism. How about, Capcom, you try to come up with your own ideas? Don't steal stuff from rival companies. That's just bad in general.

It seems to me that this is impossible. It also seems to me that this is even pointless, since Capcom and the entire Japanese video game industry have always worked this way. Clock Tower, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid and other series are reproductions of other people's ideas. They don't have many ideas of their own. If someone thinks otherwise, most likely, this person is simply not familiar with games, movies, and other works from which the authors borrowed ideas.

I agree that Revelations 2 could have used some of the ideas from The Last of Us. I agree that Revelations and Resident Evil 6 use some ideas from Dead Space. I even agree that Resident Evil 7 used some touches from Outlast. But, you know, the very first game in the Resident Evil series was a much bigger plagiarism of Alone in the Dark. As someone who has played the entire classic trilogy of this series, I will say that many players greatly underestimate how much Capcom has borrowed. This is not just a fixed camera and two-dimensional backgrounds, believe me. Even the dog that breaks through the window came from Alone in the Dark.
I'd rather have bad Resident Evil games than no Resident Evil games, but that doesn't change the fact that Capcom frustrates their fans.

I hope people who are upset, realise that those things in Resident Evil Village are technically NOT supposed to actually be werewolves.

As you said, the villains can act like vampires without actually being genuine vampires. That's kind of how the whole genre works. I think.
I watched some of that interview and...

At 29:45 did he just blame re5 and re6 for umbrella disappearing at those games when it already started to disappear with re4 thanks to that game's intro?

There's also 13:12 where mikami says re4 doesnt have tank controls even though it does.
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At 29:45 did he just blame re5 and re6 for umbrella disappearing at those games when it already started to disappear with re4 thanks to that game's intro?

Yes, I thought it was very strange, too. Unless he was referring to Wesker's Umbrella, which was ignored.
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