Name five things you currently hate about Resident Evil...

No I haven’t touched it since the day it released. I am hoping the coming DLC will bring me back to it but right now I really don’t care about Ethan’s story or how they are handling the BSAA. Everytime I watch a streamer play and they get to the factory I am reminded of why I disliked it so much. Exploring the village also felt cumbersome and restricted due to invisible walls and when it locked me out of certain sections I was fed up with it.

I’ll get the platinum next year probably but I will need alcohol to make it through this one…
What do you want dlc to be? Do you have any wishes about it?
Anything story related to make me care more about the game like RE7 did but longer I hope. I doubt they would hire Ada’s actor for a free DLC so I imagine it will be related to The Duke, Lady D, or Miranda. As for most hated SH, at least back in the day SH2 faced heavy criticism for not being a direct sequel to 1 and being its own thing. People also didn’t like the monster changes and felt the game was empty.
I think the new Umbrella is still good and the plot with the bioweapons in 8 was to throw us off the scent... :D

Just a strange feeling.

Well, I don't blame you or anyone for such feelings, but the intentions of the developers were not understood.

Umbrella never died. Resident Evil 4 established that Wesker is the leader of Umbrella, which went underground, and The Umbrella Chronicles explained how this happened. Albert stole the "essence" of the company, so the baton passed to him.

Even the era of bioterrorism in the series began to justify the resurrection of the legal side of Umbrella. Further games will simply show how the organization will grow against the background of other events and "nationalize" the bioweapons market. So "Blue" Umbrella is not another organization. Both plot-wise and legally. It's exactly the same Umbrella, just reorganized.

And it's not even that important who runs the company now. Spencer was never mentioned in the first game, and he wasn't even in Iwao's script. Wesker was also not established there as the founder and the person behind the organization.

Umbrella is a whole character. It is a faceless organization and the main antagonist of the series. It just hasn't gotten its climax yet.
Oh, I think it's a lot easier than many people think.

The core of the Resident Evil series is the fight against Umbrella. When the organization is destroyed, the series may end.
I see your points but ı'm still not so sure how capcom's gonna progress the series. Like which characters are gonna come back if there's gonna be any? Is it just gonna be chris? I also dont know if capcom's gonna give a good ending to the series with the virus being scrubbed from the face of the earth.

Speaking of umbrella; ı've never been the biggest fan of umbrella like many people are. It might be due to me starting with re6 but regarding antagonists; ı've been a bigger fan of government corruption and neo umbrella rather than umbrella and its founders and followers. If capcom wants to make villains win, then ı would prefer carla to emerge in victory rather than others. I already explained my reasons why.
I was very interested to see where the blue Umbrella story was going after RE7. But then with RE8, Capcom wanted to play "Happy Families" instead.

I did enjoy RE8 a bit, but I would have preferred an actual follow up to 7 that made more sense. Some aspects of Village feel forced. It's a good game, but I think it's one of the stranger entries the franchise has received. But I know it's part of a planned trilogy, so I hope RE9 does a better job of linking it to 7.
1. New lovable characters such as Sheva, Moira, and Keith never returning or even making a cameo in future games.

2. Characters being redesigned and tweaked to not look or act like they originally did.

3. The ending of the RE2 Remake

4. Every remake except for the RE1 Remake

5. Everyone hating RE6 for its heavy action focus but ignoring how RE4 is also primarily action.

6. RE7

7. Modes like the mercenaries/raid mode either being cut or not as good as in RE5 + 6

That's about it for the most part I think.

So ı created this as a test some days ago. In re6 steam discussions, there's nothing but negativity about the game most of the time. So ı gave this positivity a try and this is the result.

I dislike survival horror fans with a passion. They know nothing about the franchise along with their lives being full of misconception and lies.
Like ı dont really understand. Why are they spending their time on a game's forum that they dont like? Their whole life is one giant misconception.

It's just a fact that re6 is a masterpiece with a lot of passion put into the game and the haters are blinded by nostalgia. I understand that it doesnt have to be people's favourite but it still feels better designed than other re games.

It's been 9 years since the game's release and there's still negativity or people trying to downplay the game.
To be honest, I know there isn't a rule saying RE needs zombies to be successful. But with these newer enemies, the series has lost a lot of the spunk it originally yielded. Just doesn't feel the same when the characters get different actors either. 🤨

Roger Craig Smith and Julia Voth certainly grew on a lot of people. Then RE7 came along. Uh! What were they playing at there, when they hired that dude who looked nothing like Chris from before? 😩

So, so glad that RE8 at least rectified that issue...
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