My hope for a new Silent Hill game is still high...

I'm honestly fed up now with all of the hearsay. It's time that Konami just announces that the franchise is coming back, because I'm tired of all of the gossip, with the uncertainty that arises from every post on ResetEra, and the lengthy absence of the series is quite frankly, annoying people.

With all of the sequels and remakes that Capcom has been releasing, it seems strange that Konami wouldn't try to outdo Capcom. Well, maybe not outperform them as such, but you know? They always did get their games compared a lot in the early 2000s. You could say that they were the kings of survival horror. Personally, I never really felt that Capcom and Konami had any "rivalry" going on. The two franchises aren't even really alike all that much either. They both have monsters and you shoot things, and solve puzzles, but they are otherwise drastically different in how they are presented. Plus, the town of Silent Hill is very supernatural, whereas Capcom's games are more so scientific and macho, thus, they can often be way more cheesy.

In my opinion, disbanding Team Silent was a stupid idea. They truly made something special back in the day, and the non Team Silent personnel who developed the post 2004 games were a bit on the average side. In some way, I do think Resident Evil has gone downhill too, because certain developers are gone, and it's like, meh, that sucks ass and all. But it's still kind of an interesting saga that gets your adrenaline flowing, because you still kind of enjoy them and don't stop purchasing them. Then maybe later on, you just say to yourself, "Well, I thought it was a good horror game, but it didn't feel like a Resident Evil game!" But the thing is, you still liked playing it.

Now with Silent Hill, guys; I hope it's NOT going to be another remake. I don't know about anybody else, but it doesn't seem all that original when companies think that they can rely on nostalgia to make a quick buck. It kind of starts to suggest that they don't even have any creativity anymore. Oh, it's like, "Everybody likes the original one, so we can either remake that, or Silent Hill 2 (since that's generally considered to be the greatest one)." I'd hate for that to happen, as while the story can be changed to where it may not feel like a full on remake, it's still not showing that you have in you, nothing but 100% new ideas.

And about the perspective I would prefer to have: I kind of don't dislike first person. However, I'm not fond of playing games in that viewpoint for the whole duration. Like, 4: The Room still had fixed camera angles for the exploration outside Henry's apartment, and at times, it looked like it was over the shoulder in certain areas. So I wouldn't mind if, for like some parts, it was in first person. Although it could play like a traditional survival horror game otherwise, just like The Last of Us, or The Evil Within.

While it's disappointing that Konami has withdrawn from E3 this year, they are supposedly developing some key projects. But I hope if the series comes back, it ain't happening primarily as another money grab remake. Because it's like, uh, why not try to make up something new? It's 2021. Come on. You can do it if you just hire the right staff members!




Played Silent Hill 3 recently and it’s such a masterpiece, that game aged like fine wine. If we can get anywhere near Team Silent level of quality, we’re good. Agreed though, it’s a must for a comeback.
Well, I would like the series to return, but I think I will be disappointed if it's a remake. The franchise has been gone for almost a decade. Personally, I would like to see a totally new storyline.

I know that Shattered Memories was Konami's first attempt at developing a seminal remake, but if all companies can do is remake their games, it makes me think they cannot be bothered coming up with a new story.

Like, some people may not like RE7, but at least it's a completely original game, under what was a then, new engine. The RE Engine ain't terribly old either.
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