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RE:2 Memories of a Lost City vs RE2 Remake

Caffeine Addict

I agree, 100% here. The Darkside Chronicles is by no means a great game in general. On-rails games suck, but the remade sections are very well done. Also, I always laugh out loud at Ada's lipstick missle launcher thingy, that wasn't even in the original RE2 at all.

Capcom really kicked us all in the Mummy and Daddy parts with this 2019 "remake" which was really a re-imagined experience completely, that yielded none of the charm of the 1998 version. It was an okay game, but it's a stab to the heart knowing that us loyal fans waited so darn long for Capcom to do the game in the first place, and it was lacking in just about everything we hoped for to see.

I didn't really like the fact that they changed so much from the original source material, and repeated boss fights, and left the gun shop part until much later into the game. When Kendo died in the original, that part was so more memorable, and it actually felt like a horror game. Or an interactive horror movie. Among other things, the game failed to deliver. And like you say, the plants are lame in the remake when compared to the original, a figurine of which you can see in the image below. Despite being referred to as Ivy, I think they are often also called Plant 43. And I also thought the game had a rather annoying Twilight feel to it, and it wasn't as scary as the original, despite the fact that the zombies are absolutely hardcore. Maybe that was to compensate for everything else. It felt like a bad teenage TV drama, with scary stuff in it. Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Charmed. Also, yeah, I know the game is more gruesome. But by the way, I hate the way Leon runs. He looks like Justin Bieber. He's a real fancy pants. The missing enemies is also why I say it's the worst survival horror remake I've ever played. They should have did it like the original remake from 2002 where they just tweaked some aspects of the game, but left it unchanged otherwise. All they had to do was add in some new rooms and keep everything else faithfully similar. But it's a ton of meh.

If you pretend that this game is not a remake, or if you've never even played the original (shame on ya if that's the case!) then maybe some people will rate it higher, but the game for me is worth a measly 5/10 score, and unfortunately, it deserves no more than that. The DLC as well (despite being a free update) is absolutely shite (I'm Scottish, so where I'm from, the word "shit" often has an an extra E in it). Ha-ha.

But all in all, it was a big disappointment.



I watched the DSC cut scenes the other week and was a bit surprised as to how much more in line they were with the original story and such, that's for sure. Despite that though this is reaching a bit to me. I get the idea of cut content being disappointing, relationships and story being better handled in the original, etc. But compared to DSC? I'd play RE:2 from a gameplay, atmosphere and polish standpoint 10/10 times.

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
A Resident Evil game where you have full control over your character is always better but the Chronicles are damn fine for what they are. Both MOALC and RE2 19 omit important stuff but the ending was handled way better in the rail shooter.

Nero Sparda

Yeah. Apart from the lipstick blaster. What was that about? ?
I thought it was simply Ada being Ada lol, what's wrong about it anyways?

On another note, I don't dislike Ada's hacking tool; it's an cool thing, however its execution was really boring and terrible. Especially when Mr. X appears and you need to desperately find the spots while he's chasing you. Plus who thought it was fine to not put some ammo and a 1st aid spray to her inventory?!!
I'm coming back to this old thread after a long while but imo memories of a lost city scenario is better than re engine 2 by a long mile. I used to not care much about darkside chronicles despite liking it but over time; ı've grown more appreciation for it as well as shotaro suga's writing style in general.

In terms of core enjoyment; ı enjoy darkside chronicles' rail shooter gameplay more than re engine 2's which the only portion ı like is claire's 1st run really. I cant stand to other runs at all.

For characters; ı think re2 retelling handles it better than 2019 version.

1. Claire and leon are much more entertaining along with coop which is an important factor that greatly increases the enjoyment. Claire is still worried about her brother while not giving up her search for him and leon's backstory isnt changed unlike re engine 2.

2. Sherry is utilized better in the story since both claire and leon are shown worried about her while searching along with vaccine quest which is expanded from claire a and leon b very well while re engine 2 seems to lean towards leon a and claire b more along with leon not being aware of sherry until the end wihch bothers me a lot.

3. Ada is overall faithful to og game with a very cool design unlike re engine 2 which changes her backstory while making her unlikeable along with boring coat and glasses. ( Her red dress is ok though. ) The kiss scene is also pretty good, even if the execution is silly like og game but ı still prefer it over re engine 2's take on leon and ada overall.

4. Both characters encounter kendo, marvin, irons, ben and annette.

5. Annette is more sympathetic along with phone call files which re engine 2 contradicts.

6. Boss fights are much enjoyable as well due to coop.

With retelling; the things ı dont like are ada not getting enough screen time as well as not being playable, claire and ada interacting which ı see as unnecessary cause ı prefer ada to be exclusive to leon's story, the way irons is handled and lurkers in sewers. I think ı like everything else.

For re engine 2; the only things ı see better than re2 retelling is having more screentime for marvin and irons along with kendo. But at the same time; the way marvin works in 2019 game contradicts the past and irons is still not as interesting as in og game. Still ı like orphanage section with sherry; it's pretty good and seeing her attack irons with a jar of acid which burns his face is immensely satisfying.

I also prefer re2 retelling over og game in many aspects for this previously said reasons. But ı still like both re2 and darkside chronicles equally.
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