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" Mother Miranda had worked with Spencer prior to him starting Umbrella but her research wasn't going as quickly or efficiently or something as he wanted it to so he left took the symbol that the houses in 8 use as the logo for Umbrella.

Miranda in current times then apparently used something called Megamycete that's underneath the village in 8 to infect everyone with The Mold.

With the way TC was talking about things in their topic I don't think they have enough information to properly clear up all the story stuff as they admitted they don't remember much about 7 and didn't know who The Connections were, so, going by what was said in that topic, I'm assuming Mother Miranda is part of, if not the leader of, The Connections, which was the group that created The Mold with help from H.C.F. back in 2000. Which is somewhat humorous to me as that means that Miranda still needed Umbrella's research to create The Mold since that's what H.C.F./The Organization had stolen and was experimenting with at the time.

Also makes it look like H.C.F./The Organization is still the most stable and smartest group in the series since they don't jeopardize everything over whatever new thing they've discovered or created. "

Posting these separately just in case the video gets taken down.
I think that this description is slightly inaccurate and does not fit in with what the files show us. I don't mean that this is your description. You quoted it, of course.

Miranda gave the fungus and her daughter's DNA to the organization that created Eveline, but these people made a defective organism that she refused. Eveline depended on a special treatment that supports her immortality, and Miranda is looking for a vessel that has a good physiology, so she gave up on her daughter, who, ironically, later began to look for a mother and family.

Of course, the organization Miranda mentions is The Connections. It was this crime syndicate that created Eveline in the early noughties. Miranda's rejection of Eveline explains why Mia and Alan were allowed to eliminate the girl on the ship. If Miranda needed Eveline, she would even forbid anyone to think about such a scenario.

But what about a rival company? Why didn't Miranda mention the HCF, since there were two organizations working on the girl? Either The Connections is a rival company, so it and the HCF are the same thing, or Miranda is related to the HCF in some way.

Why do I think the HCF is still involved in the story, even though the user who shared the leaks doesn't even know anything about this organization? Miranda can throw fireballs and transform into different types of arthropods during battle, so she is definitely related to the t-Veronica virus.

Speaking of Spencer, he and Miranda were clearly not in a business relationship. Their relationship was more than that.

I think the developers seem to have dismantled Spencer's castle from Resident Evil 3.5 with its fog, phantom and dolls, and then made these ideas into four "Spencers", that is, sinister aristocrats who create monsters and sow terror under the same symbol. Of course, they are all different and interesting as individuals, but the essences themselves connect them with Spencer at least on a conceptual level. Remember, for example, how long people thought that Alcina's castle was Oswell's castle.

And now we've found out that Oswell E. Spencer himself served Miranda. It wasn't a purely business relationship, because we know how Spencer feels about business partners. Miranda was his life mentor and, more importantly, these teachings began with Oswell's younger years. Yeah, you can find a photo of young Oswell in the game.

Now just think about it: this immortal creature named Miranda is surrounded by the canonical Resident Evil aristocrats. She is the one who "makes" these people, because Spencer's vision could hardly have come from nowhere. Everything has its own reasons, even if they are indirect. Of course, we hardly know anything about his family, but its influence on the founder of Umbrella has never been developed either.

But now we know that Miranda was an important figure in the life of an English aristocrat. A figure he respected and perhaps even loved, if Spencer knew love at all. When Miranda gave him all the knowledge, she predetermined his life, which led to all the events that we know, and also ruined his line.

And the most interesting thing for me is what kind of person this Miranda is. While people are trying to become gods to rule the world, the real god wants to be a mother to her daughter, who is her world. But why does she affect people so much, if we discard her divine image, which is not enough? What had she discussed with Spencer? What knowledge did she give him, for which he was grateful to her until the end of time? It's a very interesting perspective that I'm really excited about.

Most likely, the fungus evolved because of the Progenitor virus, so she gave Spencer a direction to find the key to evolution. And Spencer found this key in Africa.

Why didn't Oswell use the fungus before? To me, it's like asking why Dr. Marcus hasn't spent all his time studying a particular leech, if he has a virus that can make any leech special. The fungus has a very high "entry threshold", so even Eveline, who was observed from the embryonic stage, had defects. Spencer had the key to true immortality, which is much more powerful than the fungus, but he ruined everything.

Of course, at some point, Miranda could have made the fungus more powerful thanks to the t-Veronica virus, because the organization assisted her, but Spencer respected her, so he didn't control her or interfere with her work.

And this addition really explains why Spencer, using a book that was considered anti-scientific, believed in it and was able to predict the key to evolution. This is the part of Spencer's biography that has been bothering some fans, including me. I always felt like we weren't given enough context.
1. Mr. Sato confirmed that Hound Wolf Corps is an elite unit of the BSAA. Chris never left the organization.

2. I am now certain that the fungus evolved due to the Progenitor virus in the wild. This was the starting point for Spencer's search for the key to evolution.

I think the fungal substance is equivalent to the cuticles and glue-like substance that Marcus' leeches had. Notice how the daughters become completely black between the shapes.

Thanks to these features, the leeches could even imitate a person and their clothes without contact with DNA.

Real mold can survive even in open space, so like leeches, it could survive the mutation of the virus. Like the leeches, the fungus gave Miranda the ability to imitate any human.

Most likely, the strain of the t-Veronica virus came later, when the organization began to assist Miranda.
So ı asked this to someone on youtube and it's indeed true that chris apparently retires due to ethan's death to take care of rose.

I dont like sounding negative but this decision really baffled me. I wished ethan didnt die and chris stayed with bsaa. It's too early to retire him right now, we havent even got a game that stars all main characters ( Chris, jill, claire, leon and ada. ) together canonically.

Also saw this comment on youtube and gonna copy paste it here:

" Game takes about 14 hours to beat on first run.

Fully upgrade magnum to unlock the infinite ammo purchase in the bonus content store.

You only play as Chris for about 20 minutes total.

There’s about 90 achievements.

Despite the earlier trailers, Elena died the same as the demo and there isn’t a lantern cave part.

Chris portion is a call of duty style gameplay.

The only enemies in Moreau’s reservoir is a lycan fight and Moreau himself. Disappointing I know.

The giant fish we all saw in early trailers is Moreau himself.

The o my enemies in house beneviento is a creepy baby that roams around trying to find you and some stationary dolls that attack if you stay too close to them for too long.

Moreau stalks you before the main fight while you try to complete an objective on boat.

Hiesenberg mutated form is a bunch of scrap metal builds upon him making him look very much like machinery or a robot.

Miranda’s final fight has different forms: woman, mutated woman, flying woman, mutated woman spider (switches between all during the fight) After defeat she rises with the megamycete in the end cutscene.

House beneviento has an optional boss if you bring the stone from the graveyard on the outskirts

The order that you will defeat the four houses is:

1.Dimitriescu 2.Beneviento 3.Moreau 4.Heisenberg

The final fight against Miranda is far better than the underwhelming fight against Eveline in RE7

After lady D, you get the 2 winged key. To get to heisenberg, you need the 6 winged key. Theres 2 keys inbetween those 2.

at the end of the grown up rose cinematic, it tells you the fathers time is over. Id say it nods towards the daughter since she appears to have "abilities'

miranda supplied the mold to the connection and they failed with Evaline. Miranda helped them gain a form of control over her and let it be. this is according to files found in game

Alli can say is Mirandas daughter, Eva, died of the spanish flu and some documents show spencer writing to miranda stating that hed love to see her but her eternal youth wouldnt suit his withered face.

All bosses in game: 5 main, the 3 sisters, 2 urias fights, 2 large human/monster fights, werewolf, optional werewolf, 2x werewolves, the big tree branch thing It really comes down to how many fights could honestly be called a boss or mini boss "
I dont like sounding negative but this decision really baffled me. I wished ethan didnt die and chris stayed with bsaa. It's too early to retire him right now, we havent even got a game that stars all main characters ( Chris, jill, claire, leon and ada. ) together canonically.
It's perfectly normal to disagree with some decisions. And I can understand why some fans might not like this idea if I look at it from a certain angle. However, my fire has been extinguished for quite some time, so the main characters of Resident Evil no longer excite me as much as they used to excite me. I still love them, don't get me wrong, but I wanted to say that it's easier for me to say goodbye to them, even if that time of farewell comes today.

I feel like Chris Redfield's journey ended back in Resident Evil 5. And it seems to me that Chris himself and the developers of Resident Evil 6 felt the same way:


Chris has not stopped fighting bioterrorism, but his entire story in Resident Evil 6 is written in such a way as to replace him with a younger character. However, the developers changed their mind at the last moment.

When Chris appeared in Resident Evil 7, I felt the cost of this decision, because Chris lost direction as a character. He no longer had a global task to complete that would put an end to his journey. Now Redfield is forced to appear in random incidents and professionally clean up the mess. And even his death in one of these random incidents will be meaningless and unsatisfied. That's what I thought at the time.

The new game is the solution. With the intention of putting an end to the immortal being that created the Spencer-like villains, Chris endangered the family that considered him a friend. And I'm sure Chris feels guilty about it, so when the doomed Ethan gave him his daughter, he couldn't refuse his request to teach her to be strong.

I don't know if Chris really retired, because I don't think he became Rosemary's father. He could train Rose in a similar way to Ethan, combining it with work. However, if retiring is really the case, I won't mind. I don't think that in order for Chris to retire, developers need to show Claire or Jill. I don't think it's necessary. These fan requests are like some kind of religious ceremony that can't take place without certain preparations, but I don't share such a great love that borders on a cult, so I don't need these formalities at all. This comparison may seem provocative, but I'm not trying to be disrespectful. I write what I honestly feel.
So Ethan still has no head to speak of.

Poor guy. I was kind of hoping we would have the opportunity to see what he looks like.

I think he will still be remembered fondly by some of the fanbase, nonetheless. 😬
OK. Why does Ethan's hands suffer so much animosity? That werewolf type thing chowed down real good. :D

I did get to see the first 30 or so minutes of the game earlier on YouTube, but I won't leave a link, as you know that Capcom is doing the rounds with the takedowns, and we'd end up with a lot of dead links.

I do like the graphics, but it can be on the dark side a lot in the dimly lit up areas. And that first living room scene looks a lot like the Baker's house. LOL. The TV and the kitchen counter and other stuff seems like it's in the same positions, which suggests assets are just used again, and altered somewhat. Rosemary's room looks pretty much just like the attic that Zoe took Eveline to in the previous sequel, before she went all psycho on her family. :p
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