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RE8 MASSIVE RE VILLAGE LEAK - Enter at your own risk

Well, I'll try to answer them. ;-)

I still suspect Dumitrescu is the name of the woman and family who hides Ethan in the village.

One of Miranda's abilities is the ability to turn into a flock of crows to control the village. At some point, she will know that Ethan has been helped, so she will attack the villagers and enslave some of them, turning them into some kind of creatures.

Yeah, and this ritual has something to do with Eveline. The agent in the epilogue calls Rose Eveline as a joke, for which he almost gets punched.

Yeah, that's Miranda. She kidnapped Mia and took her place, mimicking her for a while. This was how she wanted to get to Rose.

Apparently, Chris knew this could happen. According to Mia, moving to Romania could have been his idea.

He searched for Miranda for about 3 years and fell out with the alliance, as his methods were not approved. I guess Chris took some pretty bad risks with the Winters, so he feels guilty and is responsible for something going wrong. And I believe that's one of the reasons Chris started taking care of Rose.

Mia knows something about Ethan that we don't. This may have something to do with the wedding ring or the fact that Ethan was infected in the previous game.

Ethan is still fighting the mold. He even uses the E-Necrotoxin against Miranda.

That's pretty much all I know. Not everything is still known about the game, although there is information in the leaks that was not here. For example, the game will have dolls as enemies, and I also saw a coat of arms with French words.
I suspected a lot of this. As for who the Dragon lady is... someone on reddit translated one of the cutscenes where she is speaking with Ethan (I didn't get to see this one) and he supposedly calls her an "old hag". So perhaps she is also Miranda? Regardless, it looks like she's going to be kickass boss.
I read somewhere that it's going to be released April 2nd. Apparently it was originally planned to be released sooner but the whole COVID thing slowed down the production process and fucked everything up.

Still not sure if I'm willing to fork out so much money for a PS5, though. Looks like I'll have no choice. 😒
I seen a YouTuber called Codeine Margarita having to return his PS5 because of a problem. So I may just get that new Xbox instead.

What's the difference between the Series S and X?
Btw none mentioned this so ı'll mention it 1st.

What's even the point of killing ethan? It wont make him more memorable. Not to mention the game seems to make re7's story pointless by killing ethan, ı mean what's even the point of ethan searching for his wife if he's gonna get killed anyway. Like; ı dont see how this is gonna be a good conclusion to re7.
Btw none mentioned this so ı'll mention it 1st.

What's even the point of killing ethan? It wont make him more memorable. Not to mention the game seems to make re7's story pointless by killing ethan, ı mean what's even the point of ethan searching for his wife if he's gonna get killed anyway. Like; ı dont see how this is gonna be a good conclusion to re7.
Sounds like RE7 will be to RE8 like how The Force Awakens is to The Last Jedi. That’s the pessimistic way of looking at it but we will have to wait and see.

I will be impressed if they can make me shed a tear over Ethan lol.
This is the end of his storyline. Everyone has a beginning and an end.
But it still makes his arc in re7 pointless. Idk; was it really necessary to kill him? Cause of his death; chris even retires off-screen which is a lazy way to handle his character. I mean did the soldiers in re6 including piers die for nothing? Cause of their death; chris wanted to continue fighting but in re8; all of that is thrown into ground and stomped.
Ok but was it still really necessary to kill him? Couldnt the story be finished without him dying? Seems like a pointless decision.

Nothing screams that he will not appear in new games, and his story will not develop in the future.
How can he appear in new games if the devs are planning to retire him? His story wont develop again cause it's finished.

Also ı forgot to say this but ı dont like how chris is against bsaa in re8 as well. He's conducting investigation on his own. Even in re7; he was sent by bsaa to investigate blue umbrella but in re8, he isnt with bsaa anymore. What was even the point of founding bsaa if he's gonna leave the organization anyway?

Speaking of blue umbrella; the leaks dont mention anything related to it whatsoever. Which means the game isnt gonna have them. Apparently re7 not a hero was supposed to focus more on them but it was rushed and it's about chris putting an end to lucas. Why do the same mistake again?

Lastly ı dont mind him retiring but there are good ways to do it and there are bad ways. The way it happened in re8 is a bad way. One of the reasons for this is the game not having claire and jill, they are important characters to chris.

I feel like he should had retired in re6 while passing the torch to piers who should have survived. Another thing that should happened is for jill, claire and merah to be in the game and jill passing the torch to merah as well who also should have survived the events of marhawa desire. Unfortunately though the devs couldnt put jill to the game cause of what wesker did to her in re5. I wished she wasnt captured by wesker in re5, the p30 plot point seems so forced.
The leaks don't say anywhere that Chris has retired.
Did you check the video's description that ı shared? At the end parts; it says " Chris retires in order to raise rose as his daughter. " ( The link shared at the description is a video. )

Speaking of Blue Umbrella, this is not part of the Resident Evil 7 story.
How is that a good thing exactly? Blue umbrella was left as a loose end for re7. This game should had focused on that.

This may be the moment when the series may end.
I dont think capcom's planning to end the series at all. They will probably just make disconnected stories with forced references from now on. I feel like they should have made re6 as an end game for the series but the series is " rebooted " with re7.
Well; that's weird. I guess you could be right for this one. So chris doesnt retire then.

But anyway; what are all the things that mentioned in your leaks, russident? Can you list them all if possible? Also where did you download the archives?
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Be thankful they are not killing Chris off in a lame way. Remember what happened to a certain someone and a golf club?

I’m more interested in the setting and it’s history to the mythos of the series. They said numerous times the village is a character in itself so not sure what that means. Umbrella logos are etched in pedestals so did Red Umbrella manifest here? Is this all tied to Spenser’s lineage? Who TF is Miranda and is she just another one-off villain? How is the werewolf’s, vampires, and shapshifting Miranda tied together or will there be more than 2 virus at play here?

These are all questions I hope the game answers and does a good job at world building like RE5 did.
these leaks dont really add up, firstly it says miranda transfoms into a dragon but we clearly see dimitrescu become the dragon, also we see ethan die, but chris also sees that same body on his phone in his intro scene, if he dies then then surely he wouldnt come in at the final boss, if they killed him twice that would be kinda bad
if he dies then then surely he wouldnt come in at the final boss

Ethan has a unique physiology, so when Miranda ripped out his heart, he didn't die immediately, but used the remaining time to save Rose. Ethan sacrifices himself at the end of the story because he was doomed anyway.
The new spoilers are quite confusing. On the one hand, they perfectly explain some elements from Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 7, but on the other hand, they raise new questions.

Of course, while we do not have the whole context, it is still very early to judge.
Actually, it turned out that only the description was confusing. When the user finally turned on his projector and showed the files, the context formed itself.

I am pleasantly surprised that the story did not fall into the abyss, although it did walk on the edge.

The game explains why in Resident Evil 5, Spencer predicted an abnormal source from an "anti-science" book that the scientific community did not believe in.

The game even seems to openly hint that The Connections is a rival company that runs the HCF.
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