I have already written about this and it seems that you have read my post, since it has your reaction. šŸ¤”

This is a doll that looks like a live one. The mechanism is not yet clear, but so far I suspect that this is a special technique of ventriloquism. If a colony of fungus is stored inside the doll, Beneviento could control it with some form of external secretion similar to Alexia's and Eveline's pheromones.
Oh, one user managed to tell a few new details of the story before the thread was deleted.

Be careful, everyone, even if these details turn out to be fiction.
Yeah, this comparison is not even surprising, since Chucky and Tiffany are probably the most popular killer dolls.

However, I'm pretty sure that this association was unintentional. The design of Donna and Angie refers to the old macabre genre of photographs from the 19th century.

In Victorian society, it was a tradition to take photos with children and send them to family and friends, but it was considered that the main focus of the composition should be the child, not the mother. Some of these photos were even posthumous, so you can see dead children on them.



Definitely, Angie's face is an allusion to the symbol of the Beneviento family:



Since Beneviento is an Italian surname, I believe that the theme of the dolls may be related to Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio.
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