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Movies Infinite Darkness Spoilers

It's something you always decide. I'm just giving you my perspective on things.
Maybe you need to learn how not to give your opinion on everything, and by the way, there's something called copyright, you are allowed to be inspired from different media but taking straight up a whole concept from another game is just literally stealing and yeah Capcom have years with out being original, they either copying Milla Jovovich movies and saying they don't associate with them, or copy videogame trends to get attention from the current youtubers.
This guy is being a tool over video games related viewpoints. Just ignore him.

It's Capcom's way or the highway, as far as our opinions are concerned.
Even after being asked to ignore me, you still continue to escalate.

If you can't finish this buffoonery, then I will.
Honey, there's no reason to be so hostile, you are just a try-hard pseudo-intellectual, it's ok you grew up in an environment you have to prove yourself worth but you don't have to do that with me.

I'm not looking for fights.
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