IGN got the chance to play RE:3 some hours. You can read the full story on their site here: www.ign.com

Some stuff got my attention:

"the quick step, a dodge button that lets you side-step almost all incoming attacks. The original featured something similar, but simplified to a counter that only worked when timed just right. In the remake, the quick step allows you at any point to make a sharp movement in any direction. Frankly, this move is your new best friend. It also has a timing element: by hitting R1 at the right time, the action slightly slows down and increases the distance of your dodge. Once mastered, it’s the ultimate avoidance tool."

So this sounds... odd, but interesting. All these time-slowings fits more to games with something magical or supernatural.

"No longer interrupting your escape with menu screens, the game allows you to grab that precious herb while still maintaining your velocity."

OK, thats good, at least to me

"I’m not allowed to talk about the specifics, but he also has a couple of new tricks up his sleeve that make avoidance even more of a nightmare than it was in 1999."

Oh, shit.

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