How will you play Village on release?



PC? Next-gen Console? Last-gen Console? Controller? KBM? 60FPS? Uncapped? 16:9? 21:9? 32:9?

As we get more advanced within the gaming world, our options and preferences continue to grow. Interested to hear how my fellow series faithful plan to tackle the latest entry on release day.

I was on the fence between playing on an OLED or monitor for my first go, though ultimately decided on PC on a 21:9 ultra wide using KBM. Being a first person game especially, it should feel pretty native. RE7 had disappointing PC options compared to RE:2/3, though I can see RE8 being the best of the bunch all things considered.
On my PS4. I spent $75 on the better version of Village pre-order. When it comes out that night, I'm going to download it to my PS4 and give it a go.
I was one of the lucky ones who managed to grab a PS5 day one and one of the main motivations for that was to play RE8 on it. I do own a gaming PC but I tend to prefer consoles and PS4 was my main gaming hub last gen and I plan to continue that into this gen. Also as pointless as they are, I do enjoy trophies so that's another factor there.

I have my 4k TV and 3D audio pulse headphones ready to go for May 7th. Got the PS5 Collectors pre-ordered at GameStop and already put in for some time off work. Can't wait!
I'm going to advance order the PS4 version, as I cannot afford to purchase a PS5. In the UK, everything is pretty messed up anyway. I don't know if you can even get one right now.

If you get it on Amazon, they give you a few handy items, similar to the "Fighting Chance" DLC that came with The Evil Within.

Hey. Every bullet counts when it's... RESIDENT EVIL - the world of survival horror! ;)
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