How long have you been a fan of the series?

Since the original. My older brother bought the original copy around the time it first came out and brought it home. I was between the ages of 5 and 7 and I remember asking my brother if I could watch him play. Bad decision, I had nightmares for weeks. Especially just from that first zombie encounter alone. I continued to watch despite being scared shitless and he ended up getting RE2. Eventually he gave them to me as a Christmas gift and I managed to gather up the bravery and begin to play them on my own. Fell in love with the series from there and ended up buying and playing almost every new entry since then.
I left school in June of 2002 and went to work in a shop called Comet, the next month. I used my earnings to save up for a GameCube. The highlight of 2002 by far was buying the remake. I then played Silent Hill for the first time soon afterwards, and tracked down other horror games. My interest for the series never really waned much, until a few years ago, when I realized that Capcom was kind of stuck in a rut on where to go next. Now there's hope for the series again. I do think The Last of Us is much better than the recent sequels, though, but I don't know if I want that to become a big franchise, because then what usually happens is they get daft ideas. Sorry, I'll pass on that.


Since the day it released in North America thanks to my Dad getting me it as a gift. I had quite a few of the print ads prior to release hung up in my room as a kid.
funny story my brother was first to play Resident Evil 1 and I was watching him he choose Chris as the first character and when he first saw the zombie scene he got so scared that he threw the controller to me (i didn't know how to play the game that time) and blamed me for dying when zombie killed me.
Chris' change in looks reminds me of The Stepfather horror trilogy. They couldn't get the same actor for to come back in the last entry, so they made it his character escaped and used a plastic surgeon illegally to undergo a change, but the rest of the film was the same as the others for the most part. He'd marry into a new family and bump people off. Chris may have gotten a new look, but he kept on fighting monsters. But meh, Capcom. You aren't supposed to do that to the main hero. He's over 50 now, right? :D


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I was exposed when I was 8 years old. My older cousins would come visit and play the original trilogy at my dads house. At the time, these games terrified me and gave me nightmares. It wasn’t until much later (around 2002) that I beat RE2 for the first time on PS1. After that, my interest in the series was ignited and it never truly went away.

Grievances aside for the later titles, I still regard the original trilogy the pinnacle of survival horror games and what they should be.

So yeah, roughly 17 years.
My grandmother passed away 15 years ago yesterday. She really liked Code: Veronica. I used to take my consoles across the road to her house when I finished work on Fridays in 2002, and she used to say to me that the doors in the games needed oiled, because whenever you had the door loading scenes, the doors made a creaky sound. She also enjoyed Silent Hill. :D

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One interesting RE story I have is with Survivor. I was in 5th grade, almost Easter Holidays and there was this rainy day which prevented my mother from sending me to school that day haha
I didn't complain though, spent all day playing Survivor for the first time, my brother had bought it just a few days before and I was waiting for the weekend to play it. That day I found out we couldn't save the game so I had to only pause it to go eat something, got through it twice that day.
This is one of the reasons why I fondly remember Survivor and honestly enjoyed every second of it.
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