Have you ever gave up on Resident Evil?

No. I have been following this Resident Evil story since I got Director's Cut for Christmas of 1997 with my PS1 and Tomb Raider II.
Never gave up on it per say but significantly cared less after RE6. Revelations 2 and RE7 brought my interest back in full force though.
Wesker’s death made me believe it was all over. When RE5 first came out I used to despise it. RE6 is just silly over the top action that was kicking a dead horse at that point, so I never had any serious grievances toward it like I did with 5.

Now I am more concerned like I was through 2009-2012. With how REmake 3 turned out and the looming RE8 seeming to be very divisive among fans like RE4 was, I will certainly stop thinking about it.

The main story ended with RE6, everything else has really felt shoehorned in and I doubt they will tie up all these loose ends from other games and movies like RE5 did.

So to answer the question, I almost did but I am a sucker and will stick with the series until I die probably.
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I wouldnt be surprised if capcom revived wesker tbh. Umbrella corps somehow hints him being alive.
Hopefully that stays an easter egg, it’s been too long now to bring him back without it looking like a desperate attempt at reeling old time fans back. At some point though, they will have to design him in the RE engine if they ever want to revisit older titles again. REmake 4 would technically be his first appearance in a story driven game since Darkside Chronicles secret ending in over a decade.

With all this cloning and mind-transfer going on, I wouldn’t put it past them in bringing him back in a future title either post RE5.
I think I actually gave up on Silent Hill a lot more quicker, which is understandable. Giving how Konami were idiotic and fired Team Silent, the games went downhill for years after that happened (no pun intended). Since 2012, all Konami has done really, is let these no-name companies use the license for unrelated DLC packs, for games that would otherwise, not sell too greatly without being linked to a household horror franchise. But at least Capcom lives on. Even if they could do better, at times, at least they didn't just outright give up and all.


I can't say I've loved every decision, or didn't question direction at times. But never once did I give up on it. Every single mainline entry has been day one hype for me, whether it paned out or not. Village will be no different, beyond excited.
Douglas also voiced the Grim Reaper in Umbrella Corps, by the way… Of course, when he spoke on behalf of the legendary executive, he played the intonation of Albert Wesker, but still.

The entire Blue Umbrella storyline began in Resident Evil 4. This game established that Wesker was the leader of a rival company's faction when he and some members of the organization wanted to resurrect Umbrella in order to rule the world with its dangerous technologies.

The resurrection of Umbrella is also the root cause of the era of bioterrorism, as Wesker helped various corporations and syndicates become part of this new industry to shift the balance of power in the world. Presumably, with connections all over the planet, his Umbrella was supposed to maintain a global balance. This is a supranational form of power.

This is what Umbrella Corps vividly illustrates. Moreover, the organization's principle of operation is based on the constant rivalry of employees, and this is exactly the experience that Wesker received during his training at Marcus' school, since he was Birkin's rival because of Marcus.

Of course, I don't want to say that Wesker is definitely alive. At this point, it seems to me that the developers were hinting at Wesker, since his image is strictly associated with the storylines of a rival company and the resurrection of Umbrella. At the time of 2006, Wesker had completely taken over the rival company and achieved honor and status there. However, after meeting Spencer, he lost interest in Umbrella and the rival company, so these storylines were abandoned. The choice of 2007 as the year of Umbrella's reorganization does not seem accidental, since Wesker was alive then, so he could implement his old plan.

I think that Infinite Darkness could also help fill this gap, since its events take place in 2006.

Hell, even Village can develop this storyline, as the Umbrella symbol of the four families, Wesker's Umbrella symbol from Resident Evil 4 and Wesker's Umbrella symbols from Umbrella Corps and Resident Evil 7 have their diagonal sides painted over. This can easily be interpreted as a symbol of Umbrella's doppelgänger, since Spencer could once betray the aristocrats who were also trying to find the elixir of immortality, so they founded a rival company and stole a virus from Umbrella to create a fungus that secretes a telomerase-like enzyme.

Speaking of the legendary executive, he may well be an impostor who was made a new Albert by Wesker's adepts, repeating the experiment with Carla.

In other words, I will never give up on the series.
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