Favourite Lines and Quotes in Resident Evil?

Nero Sparda

Let me give some examples of mine:

" Rain or shine, you are going down! " RE4 Leon

" You're right hand comes off? " RE4 Leon

" Better try new trick cause that one's getting old. " RE4 Leon

" Game over. " RE2 Leon

" Hey! It's up to us to take out Umbrella! " RE2 Leon

" We're making the time. " RE6 Leon

" Welcome to the club. You get used to it. " RE6 Leon

" Hope you got friends on the other side. Cause none's going to miss you here. " RE6 Leon

" You want STARS? I'll give you STARS! " RE3 Jill

" I know, you want to ask me out! All the foxy ladies love my accent. It drives them crazy! " Carlos

" What?! Keep dreaming! " RE3 Jill

" They risked their lives for me back in Raccoon City. Guess I'm still just, trying to live up to their example. Never giving up, no matter the odds. " RE6 Sherry

" HELL YEAH! " Jake

" Fair's fair, kid. " Jake

" Sorry, Wesker. I don't always play by your rules. " RE4 Ada

" We're beyond sympathy at this point. We're beyond humanity. " RE6 Ada

" Oh! You must be one of Umbrella's lower level officers if you are in command of a base like this one. " RECV Claire

" Look, you got 2 choices here. Kill or be killed, your call! " Darkside Chronicles Claire

" Yeah! It's payback time! We've gotta destroy Umbrella. Now, let's finish this once and for all. " RECV Chris

" You're going to judge us? Do you get all your ideas from comic book villains? " RE5 Chris

" None gets left behind. None on my watch. Understood? " RE6 Chris

" I can't keep running away. I have to face the truth, accept responsibility. That's the only way I'll ever remember. The only way I'll get my life back. " RE6 Chris

" Complete. Global. Saturation. " RE5 Wesker

" You want it? You are not worthy of its power! " Alexia

" I'm just giving you exactly what you gave me, Simmons. At first, you'll be afraid but don't worry. You're just becoming the monster you always were. You and everyone else on the planet. " Carla

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[chris voice] GOOD STUFF
Let me just casually point at my site tagline, but also:

"It's like a disco ball's in front of my face!" - Chris, Revelations.
"I knew you'd be fine if you landed on your butt." - Leon, Resident Evil 4.

Wesker has a few great lines, too:

"Sorry for my lack of manners, but I'm not used to escorting men." - Resident Evil.
"Oh, little fishy, come see my hook." - Code: Veronica.

There's an exchange not many people know of in Resident Evil 6 between Jake and Sherry during the portion where you hide from the Ustanak. If you're spotted once in the beginning and then once more in the second area, and then hide in a dumpster, you'll hear this dialogue:

SHERRY: Keep your hands to yourself!

JAKE: Hey, you're the one rubbing up on me! Besides, what makes you think you're my type?

SHERRY: Ugh. I would shoot you if I didn't need you alive.

... I like a lot of the campy dialogue, clearly.
Chris Redfield - Resident Evil 5: I've had enough of your BULLSHIT! You're just another one of Umbrella's leftovers.

Chris Redfield - Resident Evil Vendetta: There will come a time when you have to make a decision: kill, or be killed. Doesn't sound very heroic, does it?

Leon Kennedy - Resident Evil Degeneration: You're packing a awful lot of hardware just to go see your brother.

Jill Valentine - Resident Evil 3: You want STARS? I'll give you STARS! [BANG]

Chris Redfield - Resident Evil Vendetta: You belong in a nuthouse, asshole!
Glen Arias: Unfortunately, I'm not crazy.

Ashley Graham - Resident Evil 4: OH! You pervert!

Luis Serra - Resident Evil 4: It's game time!

Ada Wong - Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways: That's a large "thing" you have there.

Krauser - Resident Evil 4: Well, if it isn't the bitch in the red dress!

Nero Sparda

Replayed Revelations 2; might as well quote some lines from Barry:

" I'll always need you. But for now, I have this. "

" Holy fuck! You can't have her, she-Wesker! "

" Speak for yourself. I've had my fill of mansions. "

" Who's the master of unlocking now, huh?! "

One hilarious one from Moira as well even though I don't really like her:

" Come out behind that glass so I can choke a god. "
" Is he always this awesome? " Finn

" I'm the best driver the bsaa's got! " Piers

" No thanks dollface, ı've already worn handcuffs. " Billy

" The name's rebecca chambers but that's officer chambers to you! " Rebecca

" Not this time! " Steve

" Stop it, dont open that door! " Wesker

" Oversee this, bitch! " Claire

" Fuck yeah! " Moira

" That was too close. You were almost a jill sandwich! " Barry

" Well, look who it is! Bsaa's golden boy and doctor high hopes! " Leon

" No more tears. Not until ı avenge your death! " Helena

" Dont get cocky! " Chris
Some cool lines from darkside chronicles' game of oblivion scenario:

" Zombie, zombie, zombie! It's like a damn video game! " Steve

" Alright. Time to have some fun! " Claire

" Are you kidding me? I thought tough girls like you didnt get worried. " Chris
Re6 taunts:

" Check and mate buddy! " Leon

" This is a waste of time! " Helena

" Never had a mission so easy! " Chris

" You're dealing with pros here! " Piers

" Hmph, all too easy! " Jake

" I'm tougher than ı look! " Sherry

" Aw, that was no fun... " Ada

" I'll see you... dead! " Carla

" Come to daddy! " Agent
" Chris... Jill... I hope you survive long enough for us to have our tear filled reunion. "

" My dear spencer. How the mighty have fallen. Your umbrella has folded and now you are fugitive in the same world you once sought to control. We shall meet again before the conclusion of this drama. Then you will learn of the history... I will write for this world. "

Some wesker quotes from umbrella chronicles, foreshadowing re5.
'So... this is what everyone is dying for!' - Leon RE2
'You lose big guy!' - Claire RE2
'A senior moment?' - Leon RE4
'Chris! Stop it!' - Wesker RE1
" There's nothing left to say. For you and ı leon; we're merely different sides of the same coin. "

Krauser's iconic line from darkside chronicles' secret ending.

Plus these dialogue exchanges between him and leon in re4:

" Dont just stand there. Come on, fight like a man! " " I'm not falling for that one. " " Just try to have fun. "

" What is it that you fight for, comrade? " " My past that ı suppose. " " Huh, umbrella. "
When Wesker chokes Chris, Alexia appears on a screen, and Wesker says this...


A toss to a big tube later and he is on his way to fulfill his objective.


With Wesker gone, RE feels really empty now. ?
Some dialogue exchanges in re6:

" Are you ok? " " Compared to raccoon city, this is a walk in the park right? " " Idk, ı was too young to understand what was happening back then. Come on, we should get back; they need our help. "

" You... Have no idea... What would happen if I DIE?!! " " The world would be a better place! "

I really like the story of re6 as well as the voice acting and character interactions in it. It's pretty good and the game is underrated.
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