So ı wanted to create this thread after thinking about it. The main reason for this is ı couldnt forget of something in my mind no matter what and it started to bother me more and more. Not to mention ı'm tired of seeing " ignored " word when browsing through biohaze forum. This needs to be fixed.

1st of all; ı've been called a " kid " in this forum by someone here. I normally dont post real life stuff but this might be the 1st exception. My age is 21. I'm from turkey and ı'm muslim. I know turkish and english, especially the latter which ı've been studying since being a small child. My real name is mert though ı decided to use " murat balamsa " when browsing through youtube cause ı've been too scared from internet when creating a youtube account due to being a shy person in real life so ı decided to come up with a completely made up name instead.

My 1st re game was re6 back in 2013. I was very small at that time and ı wasnt aware of anything. I've played the game for 2 years without getting bored before getting curious about the franchise and wanting to play more entries. The game is very special to me and when ı learned the truth about it, ı was extremely depressed. One of the reasons for that is my family. My mom divorced twice from both of my dads and since then; ı've been living both with my mom and grandmother alone. Our status is alright, we live a decent life but my mind has been depressed due to not liking any of my dads as well as re6's toxic reception which ı couldnt express carefully cause ı wanted to know and study the franchise as deep as possible. Another thing is re6 chris. I saw him as my real dad even though he's a fictional character and ı saw piers as myself. Since chris' campaign in re6 was the most unfairly bashed one in the bunch from the most unfairly bashed mainline entry, you can pretty much guess my depressed thoughts.

I want to solve this problem by joining to project umbrella re:digest server even though ı said ı didnt want to and discussing it there since there are more people and they might be more helpful. However ı need to 1st ask this to news bot 1st and see if he wants to see me there. There are some thoughts in my mind and ı'm not scared from asking there no matter what. I cant keep running away.

Hopefully this will be solved and this forum might get better. I will also personally discuss this with yama after this is done so that things might get better for everyone.

After posting this thread, ı will share this to news bot.
1st of all; ı've been called a " kid " in this forum by someone here.

I'm not hiding from my words. If you want to tell me something or discuss the current situation, there is no reason to run away from it. This does not necessarily mean that we should conflict or ignore each other.

I understand (although this is not my favorite game, it is still understandable, because everyone has favorite games and things that are associated with something personal) your love for the game and respect it, but this is not the reason why we came to this situation.
All right. So ı discussed some aspects of the franchise with russident. It was alright. But ı've come to the conclusion that we should just continue staying as being ignored from each other. Cause our opinions are different in many aspects. Again it's just a preference. Though ı will still continue staying true to my beliefs about re6 as well as others...
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