Ethan's Day Job


What do you guys think Ethan did for a living?

my money goes to lumberjack because of the way he sized up Jack with a chainsaw and how he handles the circular saw with such ease.
According to the Kaitai Shinso guide, he's a system engineer from Texas. He was also born in 1984, is 5 ft 11 in, and weighs 170 pounds (75 Kilograms).

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
Pretty much what EvilResident said.

Joe Baker is the character I would like to know more about, we know for sure that he was a war veteran but not the war he fought.

Maybe Vietnam?
Actually no guys.

The Kaitai Shinsho guidebooks drop the ball too often with improper information.

They fabricate stuff that developers never stated such as the crossed pills logo of H.C.F. means it’s a pharmaceutical company.

you won’t believe this (newcomers) but these guidebooks have even mentioned Rockfort being in Europe.

We just cling to them desperate to get info on topics that aren’t covered anywhere else but their full of errors like this one unfortunately.

Thus we can carry on with this topic and have fun with it if we want (-;
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