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RE:3 Don't worry, RE:3 safe rooms ARE safe, confirms Capcom

(If you didn't read the news about Resident Evil 3 (remake) allowing Nemesis to enter even into the safe rooms, you can read the original story from the Official Xbox Magazine.)

This news have been corrected, since the writer of that article mistook the room as a safe room.


"Capcom has confirmed that - despite early reports - the Nemesis will definitely not be able to enter Resident Evil 3's designated safe rooms, and we're all breathing a collective sigh of relief. The big bad of Resident Evil 3 is certainly relentless, and unlike Mr X can and will break down doors in his pursuit of Jill, but thankfully certain areas are still off-limits to the big bully."


(sources: gamesradar.com, Official Xbox Magazine, Twitter )


BSAA North America
That's a smart decision.

There should be somewhere you can relax a little. Nemesis is going to be chasing you the majority of the game. Either way, I feel like the safe rooms in RE2make made little difference in affecting the tense atmosphere and dread outside them. They just served as a temporary means to rethink your strategy.
Maybe he can wait outside. I think if you enter a safe area though, he will kind of retreat a bit, which will give you that much needed breathing space. Still isn't as realistic as it would be in an actual situation like this.
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