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General Do you expected these Resident Evil Releases for 2020s

Resident Evil 3 (Retelling) / My Prediction Release Window: 2020-2021
Resident Evil 8 / My Prediction Release Window: 2021-2023
Resident Evil Revelations 3 / My Prediction Release Window: 2021-2023
Resident Evil TVShow / My Prediction Series Premiere: 2020-2023 Highly Liking Colorwashed White Characters.
Resident Evil Outbreak 1 Reboot / My Prediction Release Window: 2022-2026

Caffeine Addict

I'd rather not see remakes as often, as they are just remakes. I just want Capcom to go with whatever story they have left, to further the mainline side of things.

It still sounds stupid that Umbrella is back and with a blue logo, and Chris doesn't trust them. It's an interesting story all the same, because it would be funny to find out if Chris is being played, but I hope they bring back Chris for the next game, or it may end up being kind of pointless if they just scrap all of this and give us a new or different character again. Like, we've had enough of Leon. Honestly!
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