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Virus Did the Lords use their own cadou in experiments and mold adaption

This question hasn't been answered but it would explain alot. The Cadou and the Mold seem to cause the carrier to want to spread it, similar to alot of real life parasites. i think the biggest evidence for this is the similarity of each lords mooks and how different they all are from each other. additionally i think you can tell which lords are the mold equivalent to adapters by their eyes...

starting with the lords and their mook similarity you have alcina and her daughters her claws seem to be a weaker version of what her daughters can do. i think this is because her genetic disorder interrupting the function of her cadou. Alcina's power isn't super strength, all mold carriers can do that, her ability is mold manipulation similar to miranda and eveline. It's how she grows her claws and it's what her daughters use to create their sickles from seemingly nowhere.

from there you have Donna who is the only of the lords we know is directly infecting other lifeforms with her cadou through budding. Additionally her ability seems to be a extension of the mold's ability to communicate VIA biological Wifi. She seemingly infested nearby flowers with the mold likely creating a mutant species that was always in communication with her. Likely she was the only lord who had some form of super sensory perception, which could have driven her insane. her dolls all seem to be extensions of her actual personality as her and her dolls never act at the same time implying that she is literally puppeting them.

finally you have Moreau.
joking it's Karl, because they got rid of the sirens. Karl's Soldat seem similar to all the women who seemingly failed the competition to join the Dimitrescu family. Additionally considering Karl and Moreau, it seems they're the only lords to not create sentient underlings, factoring in all the people who could control the mold only women seemingly have the ability to pass it on without creating "Zombies". There are other possibilities like moreau being incapable of capturing people to infect, but Karl was trying to build a army, seemingly he could've found a way to acquire a viral agent or parasite to improve the Cadou with to build his army, but didn't, nor did he attempt to hire actual trained soldiers. Previously i started a thread about the soldats where several users came to the conclusion that the Soldat use mold generated hydrocarbons to power their implanted machinery. this shares nothing with Karl's cadou ability which is control over electromagnetism.

Now when it comes to The Eyes. I think the Eye glow is a sign of mold assimilation. Sure, some people infected with the Cadou or Mold may become extremely powerful mutants but i think the people who become what can only be described as "Mold Benders" all seem to possess the eye glow. there are however 2 exceptions... Alcina and Eveline for opposite reasons. Alcina has the eyeglow but despite being almost a century old didn't gain mold manipulation beyond her own body, and Eveline lacked the Eye glow. i think this is due to alcina's genetic disorder and eveline being a clone. the Mold seems to be unusually attached to people born with it. i think this is why miranda never simply attempted to just make more children instead of adopting four nobles. it could also be that each megamycete only has one master and that it's control is passed down after birth. assuming this, the mold is selecting people with the highest assimilation, causing them to want to build families, providing them the ability to survive and accomplish this before passing the mantle to the next generation at birth.

if we go further down this path we can assume that the mold is a giant game of king of the hill, miranda was the boss because she was there but the mold had back up in the dimitrescu family, assuming this would explain why donna and the male lords don't have the eye glow, they're too low on the totem pole to be considered possible candidates to control the mold. this would explain why miranda lost her power when rose was reconstituted. Rose was born with the mold and likely had perfect genes the former putting her ahead of miranda by a country mile, which was all spurred on by miranda turning the mold into a marketed bio weapon and kidnapping someone she knew would be powerful mutant.
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