Devil May Cry

Started this franchise couple days ago with dmc3 and finished the game today. It was a very difficult but satisfying game to play.
What's your favourite style in dmc3? Mine is swordmaster. I only used that one in my 1st playthrough to be honest, didnt like the other ones.
What are your favourite weapons from dmc3? Mine are rebellion and then beowulf. I like cerberus and agni / rudra equally. Wasnt a fan of nevan though; ı found it a weird weapon to use.
Here’s some 3.5 concept images for Bio 4 that would eventually become DMC.



I know ı'm posting this late but couple weeks ago ı finished dmc4 special edition and ı've been replaying the game these days. And ı gotta say ı liked it a lot, ı think ı like dmc3 and this game equally. I wasnt a big fan of dante's missions being set in the same places as nero's along with vergil, lady and trish's missions being set in the same places as nero and dante's but other than that, ı dont have any complaints. The game was easier compared to dmc3 but still give decent amount of challenge and it had many gameplay improvements like being able to change dante's styles on the fly, being able to grab demons with nero's devil bringer, vergil's concentration mechanic etc. Story was decent; ı think dmc3 had a better story but ı still liked this game's story overall, especially the parts when dante is present and while you are playing as him.
Can ı ask how would you rate the playable dmc4 characters from most to least favourite?

For me;

Dante = Vergil > Lady > Nero > Trish

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
Played DMC1 back in 2004 I believe, it is a pretty good series with top hack n' slash mechanics. I always thought it was a good combination of modern times mixed with the middle ages, like the medieval architecture you see in the castles that greatly alludes us to a Gothic or Romanesque style and later you have urban cities with cars and everyday buildings.
What I mentioned above is also part of the combat since it mixes firearms with swords, another great combination of old and new.

The timeline is a little messy but the series is overall amazing, definitely in my top 5 gaming series and made by Capcom too.

People have issues with DMC2 and that I can understand why, the game feels unfinished at certain parts and the quality is miles below the first one. My biggest gripe with the game is that it barely provides you a challenge, the enemies' attacks are slow and predictable which only leads to very easy battles throughout the game.
My favorite is either DMC3 or DMC4, I really enjoyed DMC5 but there's something about 3 and 4, something about those specific years. I remember me and my friends talking about DMC3 and 4, after we all finished the games we kept talking about them for days or even weeks. Outside of RE, I'd say these two titles in particular marked my teenagehood and I always remember them fondly.

Nero's Devil Bringer mechanics in DMC4 were just so satisfying and stylish with very cool animations. The backtracking with Dante was creative in it's own way, which reminded me a bit of CODE: Veronica with Chris and Claire. I could just feel Capcom's unique touch in that game and that alone already made it a top contender to one of my favorite hack n' slash games. If I remember correctly I have more than 200 hours on DMC4 and 100+ in DMC3.

I was unhappy with the franchise's long hiatus, I thought Capcom gave up on it after 4 years had passed... I never really understood why considering DMC4 was fantastic and with a positive reception among fans and critics. I mean, we had to wait 11 years for a proper DMC4 sequel... Christ.

I'm glad DMC5 brought the series back with the top notch quality of DMC4 (just wished it was a bit longer lol) and that phenomenal gameplay I fondly remember. On top of that, the main characters look so much like their past depictions, they nailed the character modelling for DMC5 and with the same voice actors! As someone who deeply loves character consistency and as a huge Dante and Nero fan I was pleasantly surprised. That made me forgot this is the same company that ruined one of their strongest leads and my favorite character ever lol but I guess we have one specific dev team to blame and not the whole company for it. With a great amount of work and dedication you can always find someone that actually looks like A or B character, this game proves it... That's if you care about consistent quality instead of just putting a character's name out in a cheap excuse to boost sales or fan interest.

Waiting for the next title and let's hope we don't have to wait another 11 years.
DMC5 was welcome return to form after the half finished part 4, but I feel like they should have returned to the locations from 3 which were more appropriate in style.
My ranking
1) DMC3
Loved the stylish cutscenes and the brother rivalry throughout the game. Very iconic and memorable.
2) DMC1
Best level design and had some really creative twists. Kind of cheesy by today’s standards but love playing through it. It was the closest to a hack n’ slash RE we will get besides Onimusha.
3) DMC4
The game gets repetitive the second half but shares a lot of the stylish action as 3. Nero brought a new twist to the formula and has some of the best music in the franchise.
4) DMC5
While I enjoyed this game, I couldn’t help but feel it relied too heavily on past games successes, rather than stand on its own feet. All the themes in this game feel more like rehashes and the level design is dull, having the player trudge through a giant demon tree through most of it. You also fight Urizen like 4 times! Dante plays the best in this game but I wasn’t a fan of V at all.
5) DmC
This felt more like a grindhouse game with a reimagined Dante. It put a new spin on the formula and did away with a lot of why I liked the series. It felt less edgy and more immature and sloppy. It was average.
6) DMC2
One of the more mind numbing entries and perhaps one of the worst sequels ever in gaming. You can tell it was a half baked mess with no direction.
Might as well tell my thoughts on dmc1, dmc5 and dmc2 now that ı have time.


I think this game is decent but ı dont think it aged well, especially compared to dmc3. Wasnt a fan of some decisions like those awful swimming sections with very weird controls. Not to mention the game's difficulty is absolutely brutal and you cant replay previous missions to farm orbs just in case you're stuck in a hard part of the game. I played and finished this on normal on my 1st playthrough ( and of course ı died a lot more in this compared to dmc3. ) unlike dmc3, dmc4 and dmc5; ı was planning to switch to easy ( It popped up at some point similar to dmc3 after dying a couple times. ) but due to the game forcing you to use automatic combos for your devil arms ( and after beating the game, ı learned from dmc wiki that in easy, the game removes some enemies which again another feature ı didnt like. ) ; ı decided to continue on normal. Story is ok but feels more important to dmc canon compared to dmc4's story even though ı think dmc4's story is better. Mundus feels like a more threatening villain compared to sanctus but he's still a generic villain imo. Dante is ok, ı liked him more on dmc3, dmc4 and dmc5 but he isnt bad here. Trish is a very dull character imo, she's simply a character created by mundus to look like dante's mom in an attempt to confuse him. I couldnt like her unlike lady. The ending scene also confused me, do dante and trish love each other or is it simply friendship? I liked nelo angelo a lot ( My favourite boss in the game. ) and ı also liked how dmc3 connects very well to this game. The other bosses are alright but ı didnt like the final fight with griffon as well as the mundus boss fights. ( Though the sparda devil trigger for dante is very cool and ı liked its attacks. I'm glad they used a feature similar to this in dmc2 and dmc5 which was executed very well in the later. )


This game is awesome and a great improvement from dmc3 and dmc4 in many ways. Story is awesome, ı liked its twists and how it brings vergil back. ( I honestly still cant decide which game's story is better; dmc3 or dmc5. They are both awesome. ) I also like how it take inspiration from re6's story like 3 characters connecting to each other storywise similar to re6's campaigns and it has a lot of fanservice moments ( There are even some for the dmc anime which ı never fully watched before. Oh and according to what ı learned from tvtropes and reddit; there's a novel and a manga dedicated to the game which reminded me of re6 again since that game had a stage play and a manga dedicated to it. ) similar to how re6 is filled with tons of fanservice in it. The gameplay makes big improvements from dmc3 and dmc4 ( dante's new weapons like faust hat which uses red orbs and allows you to farm red orbs in style, cavaliere which is a motorcycle that you can split in 2 and king cerberus which is by itself a 3 weapons; dante's sin devil trigger which is a reference to dmc2 but executed so much better, nero's devil breakers that add variety to combat, nero having a proper devil trigger etc. ) along with v's new combat which while isnt as good as nero's or dante's, is still fun to play. I think the difficulty is similar to dmc4's though in some parts, it's slightly harder than dmc4 imo. Not that this bothers me, the game is still awesome. Characters, including the new ones are awesome as well. ( Though ı still like dante the most in dmc4. ) V, who's vergil human half is a really interesting character and executed very well in the story. Nico is a pretty cool character who helps nero though ı kinda found her annoying at 1st but ı got used to her as the game went on. Urizen, who's vergil demon half is a very threatening villain ( even more than mundus and is actually an interesting one unlike him. ) who managed to temporarily take out dante, nero, lady and trish while simply sitting on his throne. It really shows when you fight him for the final time with dante since ı feel like he's the hardest boss in the game. I know that you can defeat him as nero but those are optional and he simply has a lot health while the final form has slightly less hp but has access to a lot more attacks. Overall my favourite dmc game.


I dont think this game is bad; ı think it's simply an ok but extremely flawed game and ı have to agree with most of the complaints. Before playing this, ı was expecting something as bad as reorc / umbrella corps since ı found out that it was made in 4 goddamn months ( Itsuno is a legend. ) but ı found that dmc2 is better than them. ( It's also better than survivor, survivor 2 and gaiden imo. ) Dante's seriously depressed in this and doesnt talk that much. When he talks, sometimes he's dull and sometimes he's cool. He also flips a coin ( which have both of its sides as heads ) sometimes and ı kinda found those moments cool. His design is pretty cool though but ı think dmc4 dante has the best design. Lucia is more interesting in this game than dante and ı think she's a better character than trish as well. I wished the game focused more on her though, the game quickly ends. The game's difficulty is extremely easy save for a few boss fights, most of them also have fake difficulty aspects to them. Combat is kinda crappy imo compared to dmc1 not to mention you cant buy new moves or have access to new devil arms other than new swords / dual swords when playing as dante / lucia, the game forces you to rely on your guns or lucia's projectile weapons most of the time. I liked the devil trigger / majin form for dante and its designs though along with amulet system. Areas are very bland too and unnecessarily huge. Swimming sections are back and while they are slightly better than dmc1 versions, they are still crap. Not to mention you fight an annoying boss which relies on fake difficulty. There's barely any story in this game and arius who's the villain of this game is a joke. One of the worst villains ı've seen in a game and he's so hilariously bad. At some point, he goes " WHEOOO!!! " which even pisses off dante as well based on his reaction to this idiot. I honestly would like this game to be remade along with dmc1.
Been playing dmc3 and dmc4 a lot recently and after spending even more hours on them; ı think dmc3 is better than dmc4. Dmc5 is still the best dmc game to me though. Also couple weeks ago; ı replayed dmc1 and ı started to appreciate the game more. Honestly if ı would change anything from tiermaker image, ı would move dmc1 from b to a tier and dmc4 from sss to a tier. Of course, dmc4 is still better than dmc1 to me.

Oh btw after replaying dmc3 today for another time, ı found this video while randomly browsing through youtube. It's pretty good and reviews dmc3 very well.


Nero Sparda

2nd favourite franchise after Resident Evil. Really glad Itsuno and his team released DMC5 and definitely NOT a sequel to the awful DmC.

Game ranking:


Nero Sparda

Might as well tell my history with this franchise now that I have time:

My 1st DMC game was DMC4. It got me into the franchise in 2008, the date when the game was released. I remember having a ton of fun with that game, especially with Nero.

After spending a ton of time with the game; I eventually got bored and decided to play the previous DMC games.

I played DMC3 first and loved the hell out of that game; it was awesome. Some time after that; I played DMC1. It was kinda clunky compared to DMC3 and DMC4 and it was REALLY challenging but I finished it and enjoyed it. Following this; I played DMC2 and finished Dante's part. It was awful, especially that stupid helicopter; ugh... ( Never played Lucia's part nor that I care. )

I never played DMC2 after that but I replayed other DMC games.

Eventually I learned a new DMC game was going to be released. I was very happy with this until I learned that it was a reboot which completely drained my happiness. Not to mention the game was making fun of the franchise which still pisses me off to this day. I still played the game and found the game even worse than DMC2. Like you had many weapons and a variety with you unlike in DMC2 but most of them weren't really fun to use. If I remember right, only the giant axe felt good; the other weapons felt piss poor. Not to mention weird enemies with weird designs. Only one boss was designed good. The story was extremely atrocious and disrespected the other games in the series, especially DMC3.

Oh and who can forget the game's good voice acting?

Awful, just awful. Similar to DMC2, never touched this game again.

I was really disappointed with Capcom for killing the franchise and left the franchise for some time. Until I saw DMC4 Special Edition trailer. I was really excited, thinking that DMC4's flaws could be fixed...

But unfortunately, that didn't happen. The game was still a half game and it was barely changed; all Capcom did was to add more characters, that was really it. Vergil and Lady felt really fun to use however Trish was really underpowered, she felt like a nerfed Dante. This kinda decreased my positive thoughts about the game and during the replay of DMC games; I started to appreciate DMC1 more than DMC4.

After a very long time, Capcom finally announced DMC5 and my motivation went to incredible levels. After playing and finishing the game; I found the game very awesome and a great love letter to the franchise with great fanservice moments and an awesome story. Nero and Dante felt improved compared to DMC4 as well as V being an interesting take on the franchise. I hope Capcom will make a sequel to it some day.

Nero Sparda

What's your favourite style in dmc3? Mine is swordmaster. I only used that one in my 1st playthrough to be honest, didnt like the other ones.
Swordmaster > Gunslinger > Royalguard > Quicksilver > Trickster > Doppelganger

What are your favourite weapons from dmc3? Mine are rebellion and then beowulf. I like cerberus and agni / rudra equally. Wasnt a fan of nevan though; ı found it a weird weapon to use.
Rebellion > Nevan > Beowulf > Agni / Rudra > Cerberus

Can ı ask how would you rate the playable dmc4 characters from most to least favourite?

For me;

Dante = Vergil > Lady > Nero > Trish
1. Nero

Feels better designed to the game compared to other characters. He's simple but very effective and bustering demons and bosses in the right time never gets old.

2. Vergil

He's improved from DMC3 for the most part and the motivation gauge that rewards you depending on how flawlessly you play is cool. However his attacks do too much damage even if you aren't motivated and acquiring SSS rank is difficult due to it.

3. Lady

Gunslinger Dante on steroids. Her mechanics are pretty cool and fun to use. Though she gets more repetitive to play compared to Nero and Vergil and lacks variety.

4. Dante

Unpopular opinion but gameplaywise I think DMC4 Dante is a major step down from DMC3 Dante. Sure style switching is nice but his weapons feel really nerfed compared to DMC3 and lack some of the special touch that game has.

( Like in DMC3, when you do a real impact; you can perform a special spinning kick in air. In DMC4; you can't do this and the distortion mechanic isn't as cool as that awesome attack. Or DMC3 Dance Macabre where you can stab the sword to ground and literally spin around it. Meanwhile DMC4 version; where he simply performs more powerful swings and isn't as cool. )

You also can't quite customize your loadout like in DMC3 and instead; are forced to carry all weapons with you. You can't switch weapon places either like what if I want to immediately switch to Lucifer while I'm equipped with Rebellion.

He faces new enemies in the game that Nero doesn't fight ( unless you play on harder difficulties where it becomes more fun to fight those enemies with Nero since he feels better designed to the game compared to Dante. ) and I honestly only liked fighting Blitz. The rest was boring.

Also I wished we could fight Credo as Dante; he was the best boss in the game IMO.

5. Trish

Dante but heavily nerfed. Not to mention her weapons don't feel that unique ( Like they could have given her Nevan and Air Raid so that you could fly in air. ) and she's really underpowered. She also doesn't have a stinger for some reason which is really weird. Oh and why does Pandora's laser form consumes 3 freaking DT bars?
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