Claire Redfield Will Reportedly Be The Main Character In RE Reboot


(You might wanna take that article with a huge grain of salt, because I didn't find any sources, other than "according to our source", in the end of the article)

"Claire will be the lead character in the new film. She’ll have grown up in an orphanage with her brother Chris in Raccoon City where children often go missing. Years later, when she tries to convince Chris, who’s now a cop, to leave the city, a zombie outbreak occurs and they soon realize that the children that went missing were experimented on."


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Man, I wish we could get film adaptations that utilize the source material faithfully for once. I disagree heartily with the idea that adaptations need to be different in order to curb expectations.
I prefer the CGI movies. In fact, since I don't play games as much as I used to years ago and since I'm not 100% where the latest games have taken us, it wouldn't bother me if Resident Evil be just CGI movies for now on as long as they keep Chris Redfield.
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