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OT Chat time...

Caffeine Addict

What did everybody do this summer? What are you studying? What's your career like now, and whatnot?

Talk about whatever floats your boat.

I am in a park just now, enjoying some fresh air.

Caffeine Addict

That's Craigmillar Castle you can see away in the distance.

I want to shoot my next film in the woods near there. Most of the trees up the hill are fenced off, likely because of the roe deer, so there is just the pathways. We are pretending that the location is called South Ashfield, although it's actually in Edinburgh.

I wish my mate would hurry up and make a start on this episode. It will be getting too cold before too long, to be changing into outfits in the dark. The darn nettles are a nuisance too. :geek:



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Just picked up a new car with my fiancé, Tesla Model 3. The technology behind this car is ridiculous, a totally different way of life really. The hour and a half drive from Santa Barbara to LA literally drove itself on Auto Pilot, it handles the road better than most drivers. It's ages ahead of anything else I've driven and is truly a smart car. Everything is accounted for, simplified and for the most part automated. The interior is so simplistic, it's just a steering wheel and tablet that controls everything. I can control the car remotely through my mobile app, set the climate, summon it to my location, etc.

It's quite the opposite of my passion, which is actually driving and having the direct feedback from the road and vehicle (my other cars are an NSX and RX7, entirely for leisure). However being the polar opposite is such a breath of fresh air (literally being all electric) for a daily driven car and everyday tasks.

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