Change of Opinions About The Franchise.


Been saying it for years and I have also read/listened to those comments before.
There was also another video with Jun Takeuchi who talked about how RE6 has a positive reception with fans.

Nice to know you're still active.
I know you get tired of hearing this but I really hope you can update the interview database, since it's a quick and easy way to confirm a lot of things, especially the magazine scans for issues that are long gone.
It's far more informative than any "wiki" page.

4 years worth of interviews might be intimidating, especially since Google isn't very cooperative in finding old news sometimes.

This is a very recent interview with Shinji Mikami which might make a good addition to your collection.
Thank you for this Miakmi interview, excellent stuff. Not sure how I missed this.

The Archipel videos were also awesome, in case anyone missed those.

The Archipel videos were also awesome, in case anyone missed those.
Those were informative.

I've been trying to tell people that the fixed camera angles of Resident Evil were nothing more than forced decisions due to their hardware limitations, as well as lack of experience with 3D at the time.
But as long as those were only proven with text interviews, people kept denying them.
It's nice that it's now a video interview, so deniers can finally shut the f*** up.
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