Capcom TV RE:3 Stream

Mr. Rod

Rodimus Prime
New tidbits, thanks to cvxfreak and Dusk Golem:

- Capcom is happy with the positive reception to RE3 though the announcement was tough (not said but implied because of leaks).

- RE2 and RE3 were developed simultaneously.

- Nemesis is developed to be a smarter and more terrifying stalker than Mr. X.

- With Resident Evil 2 they tried to stick closer to the original in many ways to capture the spirit of it, but for Resident Evil 3 they are going to make some bigger changes to the game. They even say some story events may be dramatically changed to what we remember.

- One of their big goals with RE3 Remake was to make the cast of characters more interesting, and stand out as an interesting cast you care about.

- Dario Rosso has a MUCH larger role, confirmed he's in and does a lot more now.

- Hunter Beta is confirmed to be in the game, but Kawata hints it may behave quite differently as they've reimagined the Hunter enemy for the modern era and gameplay style, and how to make Hunters more interesting for a modern audience.

- They're working on the second trailer right now, it will feature Carlos and Nemesis a lot more and show some cool things we may be interested to know. The trailer will hit early next year, likely January.

- 14-pages Famitsu article coming out tomorrow will feature a lot more new information.
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