Capcom Announcing The Next RE Game At Gamescom?

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"Capcom will be making some type of an announcement during Gamescom and it’s easily speculated that it could be from the Resident Evil franchise as the company has recently sent out emails regarding tester requests. If you don’t recall, Capcom sent out an email to those that were involved with the Biohazard Ambassador program to test an upcoming game. While it’s not been unveiled just what this game will be about, it’s far enough in development to request testers.

What we don’t know is just what the video game will be based on the franchise. If this is a Resident Evil title then it could potentially be the next mainline installment or the Resident Evil 3 remake after the success developers had with the remake of Resident Evil 2. While Capcom is seeking testers from the Biohazard Ambassador program, this Gamescom announcement very well could be something outside of the Resident Evil franchise."

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I'm not sure why they would invite Resident Evil fans though, if it really wasn't anything to do with the franchise. I'm sure it's for this IP.
Please be a new Outbreak, Please be a new Outbreak, please be a new Outbreak!

Curious what it could be. Could this be the game they're inviting people to try out in the Ambassador emails? What are the odds it could be a Dino Crisis game? The fanbases for the most part typically cross over from what I've seen. ?

It's most likely not gonna be RE8 or RE3, those would of been revealed at E3 over this and E3 wasn't that long ago. It either has to be a side RE game or a different game all together in my opinion.
As long as it's not a shooter, I'm not going to bitch about it. Too many spin-offs and sequels are shooter-ish and not atmospheric enough. Revelations 2 may have had the appearance of RE4/5/6, but it had the horror of RE2. At least, I felt it did in my opnion. I hope they keep it up. But to be honest, the game felt a lot like a blatant copy of The Last of Us. Not that I wanna complain about that, because that game is all heart to me.

It's likely gonna rub Naughty Dog's staff the wrong way if they figure out what's going on. Maybe they're big Capcom fans and already know about the similar style. Anybody into horror games would be respectful of Capcom, I'm sure. But I think Capcom needs to stop copying other games and movies, and the time is now. If they can stop doing that and come up with something fresh, that isn't a deviation on the classic formula, I'm more likely to be sold on it. After all, a happy fan is a fan that will keep coming back!
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