I travel for my event brand almost weekly during busy periods so have very little to moderate. I'll consider some active new moderators for sure, even if for spam duty solely. I tried a bunch of new automatic methods and they seemingly still come up short. Going to make thread on Xenforo for further help on this even if I have to pay someone.
Lets also not forget the profile posts created by bots. There's an insane amount of them. Not sure if they could be deleted though.
Bots are on an attack again. This weebly site is getting spammed over and over. Does anyone ever check latest activity on biohaze? So many bots spam profile posts.
I remember having random Philippines spamming my website and I figure it was them because Ive had a tracking Ip app, and it was so strange why they would spam my chat.
Well for biohaze, yama figured out a solution as of now. Though he said to me that he's planning to upgrade the site more as time goes on. We shall see what happens really.
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