Best Version Of Wesker?


In your opinion; what is your favourite version of wesker in canon entries? Imo umbrella chronicles has the best version of wesker.

In re1; he came off as dumb and childish due to voice acting.

Recv brought him back from the dead. I personally prefer the way he's utilized in og game version over x version. The new cutscenes seem to be added for pure fanservice, they are cool but at the same time; they dont have much meaning to me. He acts inconsistent in x version.

Remake improved the voice acting from re1 but wesker came off as dull at the same time. I'm also not a big fan of how the game doesnt explain how wesker got his powers.

Re0 was alright. I like his interactions with birkin, it's cool to see them interact.

In re4; he was interacting behind the scenes while giving orders. His cameos are cool for what they are.

He was an important character in umbrella chronicles. He was retelling past events. I dont take him that much seriously when he's recapping past events but ı like the way he's utilized in the story, especially extra episodes. This is also the 1st time dc douglas voices him and his voice acting is iconic. And the game finally explains how wesker got his powers.

He also appeared in prelude to the fall manga. Chris and jill encounter him, his appearances are cool there. The manga's events are referenced with chris' " He's still out there. " line at the end of umbrella's end scenario in umbrella chronicles.

Re5 was meant to give him a conclusion once and for all. While ı like him; at the same time, ı feel like he could have been utilized better in the story. I'm not a big fan of how uroboros was handled in the game not to mention his final mutation causes him to lose his charisma to me. I prefer to see him as not being mutated. I think he should have been killed in a different way as well. The devs seem confused whether to kill him or not.

He had cameos in darkside chronicles just like re4. I prefer the way he's handled in recv retelling over og game; ı think it just makes much more sense. His cameo at the secret ending is pretty cool imo.

So to sum this up; imo umbrella chronicles has the best version of wesker.
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What does this have anything to do with your blog exactly? Not to mention you dont even answer my question.

You also repeated someone's else post in other thread. Was that intentional or an accident?
Hm... I would have to say the movie version. Jokes aside, my favorite Wesker is the 5 and Lost in Nightmares version. It reveals that while he had worked to free himself from Spencer's shadow, in the end he became enslaved to it, and ended up working to fulfill Spencer's ultimate goal, though with him out of the picture. I like the rants he goes into as well, as they offer a look into his thought process, though like Chris says at the end, he comes off sounding like a generic villain. The first game and its remake are a good second place as we see a decent amount of him there when compared to other games, and Code Veronica X is my third. The 4 cameos made him seem somewhat bland in my opinion, and very flippant. Zero didnt really dive into his story, though UC made up for that. The CV retelling was pretty good, though it does leave out Wesker saying he could save Steve, if I recall correctly, so I think I prefer the X version, especially considering thats the version I have.
I think Wesker was at his best in Code: Veronica. Wasn't too fussed on him in RE5, due to the stupid one-liners he was spouting. Then they killed him off, which was disappointing, because Wesker was one of the characters who made you want to come back to RE. :D
His redesign from REmake 4 concept art looks sick. I like how his arm is burned from Alexia from CVX. I won’t share though because D.C. Douglas could get into hot water.
It's already been shared though. I created a thread about it.

Once it's out there, then there's little use in Capcom trying to essentially censor the Internet. We don't want another Naughty Dog situation on our hands. Although Capcom did suffer a leak with RE8, 6 or 7 months before it was released.
Guess D.C. Douglas doesn’t give a rats ass what reprocussions this will have leaking this. He’s already facing sexual predator allegations and now this.

What is this world coming to..


Off topic / on topic, I really wish RE:2 took an RE4 approach showing him BTS more, such a wasted opportunity.
Off topic / on topic, I really wish RE:2 took an RE4 approach showing him BTS more, such a wasted opportunity.
It would be unnecessary imo. Re2 and its darkside chronicles retelling dont show him either. I dont like re2 2019's story so showing wesker at that time would only make me dislike it more. And ı dislike his cameo in death's door scenario of ada, it's unnecessary.

Though re2 2019 shows ada talking to someone on the radio and ı guess you could theorize that she's talking to wesker. I personally think the call ada makes is kinda pointless so ı dont like that.

But anyway; ı wish ı could have time to create more threads to talk more about other characters' appearances with more detail imo. I told elsewhere that ı would do this but re6 is so addicting to play, it never gets old.
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