Best replay value?

Which RE has the most replay value? I consider RE4 and Re remake with the most replay value. What are your views?
Re6 for me. Played that game for thousands of hours and never got bored. Still play it these days.
RE6 has lot of content. I think it's the longest game if beating all the campaigns in normal mode. There are no options to get rid of weapons which decreases the variation in gameplay. I wish there was a way to store weapons like in RE5 take just what I want. RE5 has lot of replay value. I played RE5 in single player mode too by filling Sheva's inventory all with Grenade rounds. Gave weapons only to Chris. It was fun experience
Yeah; ı definitely agree that the inventory system of re6 could have been better but it's still serviceable for what it is. Plus the huds look very cool.
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