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RE6 Archon's RE6 Clips

Caffeine Addict

I can tell you really like this game! :D

You're right. They should have continued this storyline. 7 didn't feel like a bad game, but they managed to screw up their newly found success anyway. RE8 was dumb, in my opinion. They had the right idea to make RE7 more like their golden age. But then 8 just said cheerio to all of that.

It was like exploring a fairytale world. I honestly thought the merchant in RE4 and a lot of the enemy types in that game were not reminiscent of typical RE games. Then RE8 somehow made that ring even more true.

I get that Capcom wanted to try new ideas, and I guess this is considered to be canon too, unfortunately. But it seems like Capcom makes up stuff as they go along now. Not sure I like that though. They're really unsure of what to do with RE today. So they just think up whatever silly ideas they can.
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