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So ı wanted to create this thread cause ı wanted to let people know on some things.

I want to say that ı no longer care about the entries released after re6 and rerev2 as well as the future, ı dont want to discuss them anymore while annoying some people in the process.

These include umbrella corps, re7, re2 2019, re3 2020, revillage, heavenly island, vendetta, infinite darkness as well as stage plays other than biohazard the stage.

The reason ı'm saying this is cause ı've been too negative in the past, ı want to be more positive and focus on discussing things ı like instead.

I also gave up completely at capcom following anything from re6's loose ends. The reason for this is the director for the game is eiichiro sasaki. Since outbreak games still didnt get proper follow ups storywise with their characters, ı think it's safe to say that the same thing will continue for re6 forever. At best, they will reference the game and forget about it after that. Not to mention shotaro suga passed away and this might be one of the reasons why capcom wanted to change the way they will handle the story scripts. I'm not gonna be satisfied with any future releases anymore and ı just gave up, ı wont be pleased with the results no matter what. Instead of wishing more things; ı would rather try to be happy with the enjoyable things ı have.

I'm still curious about the rumors of jill returning for a mainline entry but ı dont care about anything else.

I asked this to news bot and according to him; it's possible the new project umbrella site might get a forum. If this is the case; then the things ı said might apply there too. I might be discussing the series there as well, ı would like to let people know my opinions on re6 as well as other things. I would rather not join their discord server though since ı dont feel like ı'm welcome there.

Regardless, just wanted to let people know this.
You dont have to talk about anything you dont like. I personally look for the factors I like and try to enjoy the games based on them, but if the negatives outweigh the positives for you then you dont have to like it. Focusing too much on the negative aspects is not healthy, so I absolutely do not blame you.
Thanks! Yeah ı'm gonna try to be more positive from now on. Though ı might still criticize some entries, mainly remake and re4, if ı'm interested to do so. They are overpraised imo while no longer catching my interest as much as they used to.
I am all for new stories but when everything is left to interpretation than I start to lose investment in the series. It’s becoming increasingly harder to like newer entries when Capcom doesn’t care about what’s canon or not. I personally don’t want first person in mainline games, it removes aspects of character development that are not nearly as effective as seeing your character express their feelings and thoughts.

I gave up making sense of the mold by this point as well since it’s all science fiction anyway, it’s basically just MGS nanomachines. I will clap for Capcom if they can make RE9 as ambitious as RE6 but make it even better. Abandoning everything RE6 stood for was a huge mistake. Everything is starting to feel more like a “monster-of-the-week” story rather than be connected to the original lore in a meaningful way.
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Now that the series doesn’t have a main scenario writer either, it’s all just a collaborative effort so nothing feels like it flows together well anymore like the 1998 era, or when Flagship and Shotaro Suga were still around. Instead, Capcom hires writers who had little investment in the series to write new stories, and that is not a good thing in my opinion. It would be like having a new author for every new book in a series. It’s a crap way to tell a coherent storyline.

Disney Star Wars is also a good example of having no plans for the future, just listening to fans is not good enough. Capcom needs more staff with an actual passion for the series who will stick around for more than one entry. Sure, they were passionate for THEIR project at the time but not the series as a whole, which only serves to increase the divide among fans more and more.
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I kind of didn't get it a bit. Umbrella Corps, Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village are perfectly connected and gradually develop one big storyline. Resident Evil 7 established a new pathogen, but the next game did not ignore it, but gave more information, showing a new vector of infection. These are basically the times of classic games, when we had faceless organizations for several games and the same pathogen from game to game with different vectors. Games from Resident Evil 4 have chosen a different system, where in each game the antagonists have their own shadow organizations instead of being part of something big (like Birkin, Nikolai, Alexia, Goldman and so on). No one develops these organizations after the deaths of these characters, because they are only needed to justify their capabilities. This is the same if Spencer appeared in the first game as the main enemy (like Osmund Saddler), and then in the next game the enemies were the founder of the HCF owner (like Simmons) and Wesker with the third organization (like Carla).

And although I respect Suga very much and am grateful that he developed Kawamura's idea about a corrupt America in this way, I simply do not understand without irony why The Family should be more important than Umbrella itself. I mean, not counting personal preference.

Umbrella Corporation is the foundation of the series. At first, this organization was the main evil. And it did not disappear, but simply broke into many fragments around the world, so that Wesker, through the era of bioterrorism, formed an even more powerful Umbrella than they were under Spencer's leadership.

Corrupt America, although it is an important part of the RE world, the focus on it is only a diversion from the main line of the entire series. And after Infinite Darkness, I'm rather sure that corrupt America is not even Suga's desire, but rather Kobayashi's preference, since she has a direct connection with Leon. Maybe it was mutual.
We’ll see if RE9 holds to that and finishes as an actual trilogy unlike RE4-6 storywise. The only real trilogies have been RE1-3 and RE7-9 possibly. I honestly don’t understand why this concept was made up, since CV was the real sequel to RE2 and REV2 was more a sequel to RE5.

After RE5 and UCorps, Capcom literally has dozens of companies and BSAA branches they can incorporate into future stories. If they make the BSAA truly evil in the next game and disband then, then that will be a total wasted opportunity. They have like 12 branches all over the world that have yet to be explored in depth and what kind of BOW’s they deal with in their respective areas. That’s another “monster-of-the-week” take on it but I would rather have that than what we have now with moldy x-men. I am still not a fan of how Umbrella was treated in RE4 and the Wesker Children subplot was the weakest story point of RE5 for me for being tossed under the rug.
I dont blame you for feeling this way. These days I'm not interested in future either. At this point they might as well add aliens and demons to the mix while continuing to waste time.

However I want to still post here cause of the rumored game that features Jill as main character. I want that to prove me wrong but after seeing her being done disservice so many times, I wouldnt be surprised if she was done disservice again.
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