An Idea.


An idea that ı had in my mind.

Does anyone else like to see a re game that has claire, jill and ada in it?

The characters are claire, jill, sherry, jake, ada as well as 2 experienced new characters that are partners of claire and jill.

Hunk is the main villain and the game is about putting an end to him once and for all.

It's an action game that is as action oriented as re6.

It has no qtes or vehicle sections.

The game features 3 bioterror outbreaks just like re6.

The game has 4 campaigns that connect to each other, it even has a moment where all 4 campaigns connect, something re6 didnt do with its campaign connection sections.

It has an insane combat system that's improved from re5 and re6, like more unique melee attacks that are more similar to re5's, it's very dmc like.

Thoughts? Personally ı would like to see a re game like this, especially one that has both claire and jill in it.
Yesterday, I made a similar post on GameFAQs. I explained how I want the loose ends to be tied up, even if they involve multiple characters.

The problem is, they never think about providing that for the fans who care about these characters...
I always wanted a Jill and Claire team up. There are so many possibilities with those 2 interacting with one another, it makes my head spin. This could work for a Revelations 3 if they decide to not bring Rebecca back as a lead character.

Capcom has it all wrong if they think the fans only want horror and less action. There needs to be a balance. If introducing 100% horror into mainline titles means abandoning beloved characters we grew up with, I don’t want it. The majority seem to only gravitate from one extreme to another.
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Yeah. About Jill. I'm missing her so much...

Capcom rarely acknowledges her anymore. And no. Remakes don't count, because they just rehash the plot of the original games.
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