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Translation Albert W. Model 01P


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From Tokyo Marui's Twitter page. Notable information gathered for those who are too lazy to use Google Translate...

1. This will not be a limited run like the original AWM01.
2. The "P" stands for Performance.
3. This is the official handgun of Blue Umbrella.
4. Will be released in June of this year for 22,800 yen.


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So the official BU sidearm doesn't have "Samurai Edge" on it after all?

Looks sexy. Love the Umbrella text and logo, and it even has Wesker's name. Someone likes Albert at BU... *Cough* executive *Cough*


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Google Translate has been wrong before but we will have to wait until someone properly translates it. I do hope that it will come with a booklet with more details.

I'm happy with it though. It fixes the issues I had with the original. Not going to lie, I was extremely shocked to see this.

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
This probably is BU's standard handgun from now on. I'm still hoping that a Samurai Edge style is made for the BSAA with a few customizations and the BSAA logo on it. Also, having one with the words "Captain Chris Redfield" carved on it would definitely be something very cool.

I was waiting to see something like this for the BSAA for quite a while but Capcom never made it... Well, at least we had the modified Colt M4A1 Rifle used by Chris in Vendetta, clearly the most badass Assault Rifle in the whole series.
^The BSAA gets equiptment from BU, as they have superior technology. This might become the standard issue firearm for both groups.

The BU logo being on BSAA guns makes sense, as they create and supply the guns. It's a sharp piece of irony, and adds to my theory that the BU executives who follow Albert want to torment people like Chris Redfield. It may even come to the point where the BSAA is absorbed by BU, and that seems to be their aspirations.

It says Albert because its a model based on his research. And the first prototype was literally based on his gun. Again, irony at the expense of Chris.

In other words, the brand is UMBRELLA CORPORATION, while the model series is Albert W.

I like the slow rise in power they are depicting with BU. My hope is to see them do to the BSAA what the BSAA did to the FBC. It would shake things up in the world of RE, and make the characters underdogs again. It would also give BU a sense of intimidating power and make them a worthy adversary. Even worthy enough for the end of the series, as it is the ambitions of BOTH main antagonists (Wesker and Spencer) combined.


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I did always find that the BSAA not having a gun mascot really odd since other groups have one. Maybe it just shows how bad off it really is. We have seen them use all sorts of weapons throughout the series. So it could add to the fact they are trying any and everything to combat BOW Terrorism.

Even though I still think Umbrella coming back is just the most insane thing ever. I am looking forward to the possibility of seeing a power struggle between the two. I hope they take the time and don't tell us that between RE7 and RE8 that BU took over the BSAA.
Huh, surprised the "P" wasn't "Prototype."


<ALBERT .W. MODEL 01R> The model Ethan used. A precursor mass production examination model of the special anti-B.O.W. handgun. After twice completing the game an all-black body becomes available.

<ALBERT .W. MODEL 01P> A prototype that existed prior to Ethan using it. Similarly the whole body was black. It was created according to Wesker's design and it's said it has special specifications and materials, but the details are unknown.
It’s interesting to note that the Samurai Edge 2 model used by Chris and Jill in Prelude to a Fall / Umbrella’s End was not to reliable as it would tend to jam.



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More information was released. https://www.tokyo-marui.co.jp/bio/lineup/awm01p/

https://www.tokyo-marui.co.jp/bio/topics/news/20180529/ Hopefully we'll get a proper translation but key points taken from google translate... 1. The 01P is a mass produced version of the 01 2. It's mentioned multiple times that Chris loves the 01. 3. The team Chris is apart of in RE7 is called the "Special Counseling Team" or "Special Case Processing Team". 4. The 01P is standard issue for the team. Edit Note- BSAArklay over on Crimson head Elder has informed me that News Bot has already did a translation. So here you go...

"The "standard issue handgun" of the Umbrella Corporation with increased versatility

The existence of the Umbrella Corporation flying a blue umbrella became clear in the game "BIOHAZARD 7 resident evil." The Umbrella Corporation became Blue Umbrella after reflecting on its past as Red Umbrella and harbors a temporary transfer agency named the "Special Case Disposal Team" to support the United Nations-centered anti-bioterrorism unit BSAA and conducts weapons development under BSAA management at the "Anti Bio Weapon Development Bureau." Therefore, the anti-bioterror weapon "Albert .W. Model 01P" was born.

Umbrella Special Case Disposal Team

BSAA elites led by Chris Redfield are assigned to a "special case disposal team" formed within the Umbrella Corporation after it was rebuilt, and conduct various anti-bioterrorism measures."

"The "Albert.W.Model 01P" was adopted as the standard issue of the special case and disposal team. It's a mass-production model derived from the "Samurai Edge " habitually used by Chris Redfield, but it's a performance model in pursuit of versatility and is designed to display performance regardless of the situation.

Because BSAA members assigned to the special case and disposal team have achieved many results, its potential has been proven."
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