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Is there a way to view the old topics? I can only view a few. ( e.g. I've managed to view one called " Does anyone still play bh6? " though only the 1st page. ) I would have liked to know more of people's opinions in the past.


What happened at that time is Bluehost kept flagging our site for malware, though it was something non-existent that had to do with the htaccess file and tapatalk. They locked it from us and made us pay to have the site "secured" professionally, they would remove the "virus" and then allow us access. I paid the fee once just to regain access, save the old files (which I still have) and then move down the road. A few months later it happened again, so we were forced to move on. I came up with a quick interim while getting this more modern site built (which we needed anyway), though the only flaw was it'd have to be a fresh start because while we did back up the old site, the database for the forums wasn't compatible to transfer to this one, or was corrupt. The plan always was to move all the old posts, users, etc. Being rushed due to a mis-flagged "virus" didn't help, but we did our best. I still have the data, though it doesn't work correctly to display. Luckily I was at least able to manually move interim posts, users and the wayback machine is something. It's a regret, but sadly was out of my hands. Bluehost really let me down on this one, but what's done is done. We all had and remember the great memories and time and time again, sites do move on and reboot. I'm just happy to still be here to some extent, especially considering the bigger loss for sites such as this one isn't the loss of stone age data, but the rise of social media and lack of forums nowadays.
From now on, if there's any pages you want to save on websites, I recommend that you use the Internet Archive app. That way, you can save any pages online that you browse, that will be added to archive.org thereafter. You may even be able to view the old reHorror pages on that site. They once had a very comprehensive timeline, but I think you may need to know what the original links were. I'm not sure.
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